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Why Do Good Things Happen To People Who Don

Why do good things happen to bad people?

Maybe I should have asked why are people rewarded for bad behavior? I see people who are unfaithful, who abuse others emotionally--they go on to be prosperous and happy so it seems. Maybe they are pretending, I don't know. The people who have been wronged learn to forgive and spend so much time to repair the damage emotionally, but the person acting badly shows no empathy. They have even more popularity and attention from others. Some who know that they act bad are afraid to stand up to them so the person never learns what they do is wrong.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Good and Bad are individuals opinions based on some knowledge.
I believe in one concept:
What ever happened, happening and going to happen are all good for me. Based on my inner nature what ever I/GOD decided to happen is what happening. When some problem comes, we may feel that we are suffering. But the inner consciousness of ours made it which is the best choice by all possibilities.

Why do good things happen to bad people ?

Whether you believe in a higher power, justice or plain old Karma, why do you think good things still happen to bad people ? From getting away with ill deeds to furthering selfish desires, why do you think good things still happen to bad people ?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Bad things do happen to good people. It maybe a test from God. A test to check out if how good he is. With Steve, living doesn't necessarily means its a good thing. Sometimes death is a gift. A gift to relieve a person from further pain and sufferings. Life is full of happiness and sufferings. With Steve still alive, it doesn't necessarily mean that he is happy. The worst thing that can happen to a person is having a life with pure sufferings. I don't think Steve is currently living a life that can be describe as carefree and happy. His life is not a legacy itself and a very pitiful one.

Why do good things happen to people who don't deserve them, while people like me are left empty handed by fate?

Well firstly, it sounds like you've got a nasty bit of narcissism and entitlement going on there which I'd do my best to stamp out ASAP.I suppose my question to you is “what makes you think you deserve good things more than anyone else?”. If you answer with anything like “I am kind. I am a good person. I am honest” etc, then you need to stop pretending you are like that for the right reasons. If you are not all of those things without any desire to be rewarded for being them, you are not truly kind, honest, etc. You've seen it as your solution to the question “how can I get ahead?”.I know this because I was like this myself. I couldn't understand why people didn't want to help me as much as I offered to help them. I got resentful and bitter about it, and pretty soon cut off ties with good friends (rather pettily I might add) because they didn't give me the same attention I gave them. Looking back, this was such a stupid way to act. It completely ignores the fact they may have had a thousand legitimate reasons for not getting back to me.I think you might need to realise a similar thing yourself. It is probably very understandable why the person who had the good thing happen to them had it happen to them and not you. If they got a promotion, maybe you didn't see them working late because you went home on time. If they got a job, maybe they outperformed you in the interview. If they have a lovely partner, maybe they are much better in relationships than you give them credit for.Point is, it is far better to be comparing yourself to who you were yesterday instead of what someone else is today. They are over 7 billion of us and we are more connected than ever before. Do you think comparing where you stand to the 7 billion would be useful at all? No. Is it useful comparing to others generally? Maybe, if you can learn lessons from them by asking them, but otherwise no.

Why dont bad things happen to bad people?

It just kept me wondering for years on end. People who are bad and are always jealous of other people, back stab them so they lose their jobs and professional standing.

How come the good ones have to suffer and the bad ones are left all happy continuing their plots on the good people. Why is it the the only questions always asked is "why do bad things happen to good people?" I dont want to hear any more answers to that, bec its all passe. I want to know, why bad people are always left unpunished.

Why is there no way in society, or in religion, to humble these people?

Sometimes you just wonder.. if they are treating other kids or other moms negatively, they should be better off with a huge share of their own and their child's problem. But still turns out, they have better kids, better lives, always happy, keeping up with the jealousy and the back stabbing no end.

Its just very overwhelming to realize that our morals with the help of religion, have always pointed out that bad things happen to bad people bec of bad karma, hell baby, I think the world's status quo has just reversed it self upside down.

I have, for some reasons been looking for an answer to this question for so long. Just seeing the good people around me get kind of beaten up by the bad guys just makes me feel like its a whole bunch of lies the world have actually teach us - to do good, love our neighbors, or get punished for some reason or the other. Or the more threatening dogma that God will humble the evil and the wicked for that matter...

I really hope to find some really good answers on this one bec this is serious business for me right now. I used to ask around if there is really karma, I never really get any good answers for that.

Why do evil things happen to good people?

They don't. It depends on your perspective and how positive you are. My mom always taught me to fight in a plight.Some examples from my life:1) I had a professor who did not grade my lab experiment because the practical readings were very different than theoretical ones. He knew it was the out-dated instruments' fault and not mine. I had diligently done the experiment. I could have got angry and spoiled the situation for myself. But I took it as a test of my patience. He eventually corrected the experiment after 2 weeks of harassment and gave me a B. That taught me to never misuse power when I would have it at some stage in life.2) The first girl I truly fell in love with rejected me. It taught me to take rejection, move on in life and let go. Seriously, she is one of the people i'm very thankful for.3) Getting bullied once taught me to be so tough in life that no one will ever mess with me, and now they don't dare to.4) Some of my batchmates made exaggerated public hate comments on me in a situation where I was in the wrong. They could have made me understand that in a polite manner. That taught me to accept mistakes, learn from them and that jealous people just look for a chance for you to screw up somewhere. Ignore them. Your true friends know how you really are anyway.If you look behind at every dog that barks, you will never reach your destination. I live by this. Don't take bad things happening to you seriously. Thank them, as they change you for the better in some or other way. You need to find that way.

Why do people say "good things happen to good people" when it is clearly not true?

To claim that its "not true" you would have to know ALL. There is a story that comes to mind. There was a farmer who was poor and had one horse. The horse died. The villagers came to him and said "So bad that the one and only horse you had died" He just said "What's good what's bad, who knows?"The farmer's uncle died and left the farmer 20 horses. On hearing this the villagers came and congratulated him on his good fortune. Once again he replied "Whats good, what's bad, who knows?"Because of the workload his young son of 18 years had to help out. He fell off a horse and broke his leg. Once again the villagers came to offer support on his bad fortune. The same answer was given "Whats good, what's bad, who knows?"Within a week of this incident war was declared. His son was not enlisted because of his broken leg.

Is it true that 'good things happen to good people'?

If you're really asking are those sayings like, the good die young or what goes around comes around, or good things happen to those that wait or good things happen to good people are those sayings true? Sadly of course the answer is no, they are not true. They may happen which would be great but they also may not. As George Harrison said, what will be will be. It'd be nice to think they are  true but really they are just wishful thinking and a way to try and find something positive in amongst all the unfair and cruel things that happen to people.