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Why Do Guys Think All Women Want A Rich Man

Why do women only want to marry rich men?

I'd have to disagree with that. Some women want to marry for the money, the gold diggers. Most who want a guy won't care if he's a mechanic or the CEO of Citibank. Actually she might think if he's the CEO of Citibank, he's ruthless, sleazy, and likely will let her down some day. So its best to marry humbly.

But I digress. What you're describing is a subset of women called gold-diggers. Not all of them are that pathetic. Many are just looking for a guy who will be there for them and any children.

Do men want to date rich women?

It depends upon the man. I’ve met two in my life when I was making an excellent income. One wanted a sugar mama to take care of them, were lazy and feckless, and actively looked to date up so they didn’t have any responsibilities. You have to be careful to not fall for the soft soap sales techniques that come with that.The second is very comfortable in their skin, really doesn’t give a rat’s patoot how much you or they have, and would be perfectly happy being rich, moderate or broke, so long as the chemistry, personalities and goals match. These are much fewer apart.I found it better not to throw around how much you made, just because in general if you are much above average, others may be intimidated, and who needs that?

Why do women like rich guys?

Because rich men, for the most part, are well mannered, driven, smart and confident. It takes these traits to become rich. Women aren't so much attracted to the money, but to the person that makes the money. It takes a certain type of person to be rich, and women love that kind of guy.

I want to date with rich men, what should I do?

Look. You need to become successful yourself if you want a rich guy to take you seriously. That is the honest truth. You don’t have to be a millionaire, but you do need to be successful at whatever you are passionate about. A friend of mine is a millionaire and is married, and has been married, for over 10 years to an extremely smart environmental scientist. She has her degree and is successful and passionate about what she does. They make a beautiful couple.But my gut feeling, if you are like most of the other girls on Quora, that asks this question, is you don’t want to hear that. You have been told how beautiful you are and you have had mountains of male attention since the time you were a teenager. And you figure you are going to marry a rich guy and just live an easy life. Well, I will be honest with you. A TINY percentage of hot women end up marrying a rich guy and living happily ever after. A TINY percentage.The lions share of hot women who decide to go down this path, like 95% of them get to meet and date rich men, but rich men are smart. They almost NEVER take such bimbos seriously. Yeah, they will date such women. Sleep with them. Buy them gifts from time to time. But don’t deceive yourself. The guy is using you like you are using him. Commitment is almost certainly off the table NO matter WHAT he says.One of my unmarried rich male friends, used to play this game every day all day. Despite being a 4 out of 10 himself, he has dated the hottest of the hot women in the world. Think Playboy playmates, Penthouse Pets, random centerfolds, etc. Would he ever MARRY a hot gold digger? No. No way. In fact most of these women end up getting into their late 30s, early 40s, marrying a regular guy and dreaming about what could have been in the “good old days.” And as to the men that marry these women, they must be completely insane. Why marry a woman that has slept with hundreds or even thousands of guys for money. Why marry a whore no matter how attractive she is…And as to the unlucky women? They end up getting older and losing nearly all their looks — I know one woman who played this game, she was a 9/10 in her 20s and 30s, but years of very hard living made her a 4/10 by her mid-40s. Now what does she have? Nothing. All that money from the rich guys is gone. She has no skills. Even halfway decent men are not into her. Why not marry a 6/10 who DOESN’T have all this baggage and HASN’T been a hooker.

Why do beautiful women like rich guys, but not the guys who work 9 to 5?

Because they are trying to be superior through the men superiority. Why bother working hard and risking your money on become rich as a woman when you can just use your beauty to get it easy. This women are low quality and should be treated as such. Rich men should use their money and status the same way beautiful women use their looks. But, unfortunately most men are idiots when it comes to women and they get played. The woman fall in love with man’s status and money not with the guy himself. This is very simple to test. If you are rich and just normal looking just go to a social event where nobody knows you and see how women treat you. I promise you they not gonna bother much about you. Such women will drop you once they find a guys with more money and power. I have nothing against such women, it’s just annoying how stupid some rich men are when it comes to women. Prime example is Mr. Elon Musk who married two times the same chick who obviously is not into him as a person.

Why would most women never date or marry a poor guy?

.Face it, money is important. Love doesn't pay the bills or put food on the table. I make enough to support myself, set a little aside, and have a little extra to "play" with. Why would I want to date or marry someone who was living hand-to-mouth (or worse?). He doesn't have to be rich, but I've been in a relationship where we both worked 2 jobs, and each month decided which bills would get paid that month, and which would be's not fun. There's little reason for anyone to be poor (in the US). There are tons of opportunities for jobs and education to make enough money to support at least a simple lifestyle without wondering if you'll make it to the end of the month on food and gas, because that's when you get paid again.

Nope, I have no desire to date someone who isn't at least as well off financially as I am, and I don't make all that much money. Most men still make a higher wage than most women. If he's not making much money or so badly in debt even a high wage isn't enough to keep his head above water, I'll pass him by. I'm just not interested in being poor again...been there/done that.