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Why Do I Feel Like I Am Being Watched

Why do I always feel like I'm being watched.?

I can go anywhere, but for some reason when I go to the bathroom to use the restroom it feels like I'm watched. Whenever I go to my door to look out the glass I suddenly shut the covering like there is something that saw me.

I can sit anywhere else but that bathroom just bathers me for some reason.

Why do I feel like I'm always being watched?

I always feel like I'm being watched by someone, or something. But rarely things. And it's not like I feel some presence around me. It's usually fictional characters, but sometimes it's people that I really care about. It's like they are somewhere, not even near me, but somewhere, and can see everything i do and know everything I think. And its really bad with photos. If there is a photo where someone is looking directly at the lens (or at me, basically), I have to cover it up. I flip magazines over in bathrooms. I won't change in front of the posters in my room. I'm careful what I do, all the time. I never feel like I'm truly alone, that no one will know what I'm doing. I feel like if I do something odd, whoever is watching me will judge me. And sometimes its good. If I'm upset, I think of like... Edward Elric. And know that in all of his hardships, he has found a way to keep going, and it helps me. But most of the time I'm just creeped out, and if I screw something up or do something odd I say something out loud just to make it seem less weird. I talk out loud all the time in hopes of fooling whoever is seeing me into thinking I did it on purpose or something, unless they know what I'm thinking. It's strange. I always have to have something do keep my mind stimulated to avoid thinking about it. I've been this way for as long as I can remember, and it makes me wonder what I'm really like.... I feel like if I had some alone time to just BE ME, I would know who I really am. But I don't. It's like I'm always sort of trying to change myself, or give off a certain image, to whoever is watching. But what if that doesn't work, what if THEY know who I am because they're in my head, and I don't? And I'm pretty sure nobody's gonna know what's going on, but I figured I should ask, if there's anything i can do... I'm a 15 year old girl, if that helps...

I feel like I'm being watched?

For as long as I could remember, I have always felt like I was being watched by someone or something. I sometimes feel like someone is watching me by hiding in my closet, under my bed, secret cameras, from my windows. Sometimes, I even feel like the mirrors in the house are two-way mirrors and someone is watching me from the other side. Sometimes, since I think i'm being watched, I feel like I need to put on a show. I mean, I act like I'm in a TV show, then start talking to myself, feeling like I'm in a TV show. I don't know what it is. I might just be going crazy or something. Is this normal? I'm 13 if that helps.

Why do I feel like I'm being watched while I sleep?

This is a long story, but PLEASE bear with me!

A few months ago I awoke in my new house to an overwhelming feeling that I wasn't alone. I tried to ignore it, until I clearly felt somebody walk to the end of my bed, step over me until they were standing directly above my chest, SIT DOWN on top of me, and pull the sheets tightly over my face. The moment I began to panic, the feeling went away and I found it surprisingly easy to fall back asleep.

I hadn't thought much about the incident until this morning, when it happened again. I woke around four, as my boyfriend was stepping out for work. Shortly after I started to drift back to sleep, I felt a presence. This time it was different, I felt threatened. So much so, that I found it hard to breathe. Once again, when I began to panic the feeling went away and I fell back asleep.

What I'm asking is: Wtf does this mean? Am I dreaming, or this something supernatural happening? I'm a pretty normal chick, so why am I experiencing this? And can anyone relate?

Why do I always feel like I'm being watched?

Without being critical in any way, You have a common malady of youth, natural born and in need of no psychological intervention. It’s called narcissism and it’s natural when you’re a tyke because one so small must have mechanisms in place to get needs met, otherwise they might be ignored or simply forgotten by caregivers, then where would he be?This normal narcissism gradually resolves itself as the subject is acclimated to life and the reality that he isn’t the only person on the planet. He finds out as an adolescent that his peers make a wide birth for his huge ego and he is alone a lot. He discovers that he isn’t special. Others gather around and he becomes part of a peer group.Others aren’t so lucky and somehow miss this period and stay stuck at an earlier time when their narcissism was still in control. This means that the subject believes that he is still special and the whole world is monitoring and acknowledges his every move.The remedy is to seek out friends and to be more social and let the world into the private, “special” world that becomes its own trap. It’s an easier way than psychotherapy  to develop more realistic views of the world,relative to the self and how the world sees the subject—not special but unique and that’s a good place to be.Thanks for the question.

Why do i feel like i'm being watched constantly?

Acute awareness of others is really a symptom of low self esteem. Your fear other others watching is the fear of their watching and judging, which is really a fear that their assessment of yourself is stronger than your own.

Awareness of others is really an acute awareness of 'other', of the realization that one's perceptions are singular and unique, thus uncommon. We each may share some commonality in general (a group of people who like the color green) but as we add more aspects of ourselves to the equation, our group of shared experience diminishes more and more. A bunch of people may like green with us but if we add a desire for thai food, some of those people disappear because they like something else. Add a taste for classical music to the mix and that group diminishes even more. Each difference separates us more and more until there is only ourselves encompassing our totality.

Fear of being watched is also related to loss of control. You feel as if people are looking even when you don't want them to, which also reflects a lack of self-esteem. Being a computer expert can make it worse because the more aware you are of how surveillance can occur, the harder it is for your mind to not make the illogical conclusion that some smarter person isn't using that technology against you.

And you can't fix an internal problem with an external solution. If you can't be comfortable enough being yourself and others seeing you, then every physical attempt you make at 'blinding' them will only end up feeling hollow. You can't control everyone else's perceptions so your only recourse is to develop the skills in order to withstand them. Being seen is inevitable, feeling exposed isn't.

I keep feeling like I'm being watched?

ok. i have been there done that.

a few years ago i was going through the same thing. the more scared I was the worse it got until it completely took over my life. It was hard to sleep, or do anything. I started having anxiety attacks and would freak out cause I let the fear take over my life. I would think about all kinds of different situations and make my plans on how I would deal trying to prepare myself just in case so I would know what to do.

anyway what I had to do is tell myself what ever happens happens don't think about it anymore deal with it if it does. and I started to expose myself a little everyday to the things I was scared of, after i got through it and seen everything was fine it started making me feel better.

I thought I was going crazy but realilze I was driving myself crazy. its all good now

Why do I get the feeling of being watched even if I'm alone?

Hmm, so, you always feel like somebody's watching you?And you have no privacy.Tell me is it just a dream?When you come home at night, do you bolt the door real tight?People call you on the phone you're trying to avoid. Hmm, can the people on T.V. see you, or are you just paranoid?When you’re in the shower are you afraid to wash your hair?'Cause you might open your eyes and find someone standing there?People say you’re crazy. Just a little touched. But maybe showers remind you of"Psycho" too much.Who's playing tricks on you?Who's watching you? Are the neighbors watchingWho's watching? Is the mailman watching you: do you not feel safe anymore?Oh, what a mess. I wonder who's watching you now, the I.R.S.?

Why do I feel like I'm being watched or recorded in my home?

Because you are. We all are. I remember the 1st time I found out my phone calls were being recorded or listened to or whatever. It was 2002, my best friend and I were chatting on the phone about some music business. Some type of way we veered off of business to something about dating. It was a totally harmless conversation. I mentioned that one of our friends was very nosey and always seems to be watching like the government. We laughed & joked about how nosey this friend was for another few minutes or so. Then I said something like, “let me stop joking about the powers that be before they get upset and terminate our call, ha ha ha.” At that very moment — click! I kept saying hello, then I looked at my phone & the screen had CALL ENDED on it. My friend called me back around 2 minutes later & asked me why I hung up. I told her I didn't hang up, I thought you hung up on me. So, we went over what we were just discussing & came to the conclusion that somebody was listening to our calls. The same thing happened a few days after when I was telling a different friend about my call being terminated. There was another incident when my sister and I were in the living room talking about how delicious cheese is & wondering how many different types of cheeses there are. So I told her to Google it. Well, she was moving way too slow and after 5 minutes, had never even picked up her tablet so I grabbed my cell phone and typed “how many” and the auto-complete gave me a few different choices but the 1st one was “how many different types of cheeses there are”. I found it odd. I didn't even type out a third of my question and Google already knew what I wanted. I could understand if I had googled that question before but I hadn't. There are several more instances where something like that has happened to me & I've heard similar stories. I feel like I'm being watched too and I believe we are.