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Why Do I Feel So Emo Right Now

I feel cheated..... i feel so emo right

dont go on suicide. dont ever hurt yourself. for only God have the rights to take our life.
Nothing wrong being Homosexual.I am a homosexual too and Ive been in your position that really made my heart crushed into pieces. But I moved on,now I am happy. I know youll be okay too..

I feel sooo emo right now...?

well usually i am actually really kinda preppy which i hate about myself but i am (i wannna be punkish and tomboy) but last night on aim i told one of my friends that i liked him..and omg at the same time my friend jenny relized she must tell him that too...and he picked her =( he waz gonna say yes to me but then she came....and i feel emo cuz i waz cyring all day at skool and wanted to kill her and kill alot of other people too i hated almost my whole skool, i need to find a better way to express my anger, i still luve him sooo much and usually her relationships last from 2-10 days soo i gonna give it another chance until then please help....

Poll: Who's feeling "emo" right now?

do you mean the no one understands me type feeling? That's how I feel, my daad wants me to stop eating cheetos, but I like them, he doesn't ever listen. My mom wants me to be a nurse like her, but I want to train bears in the circus. My "emo" friends don't want me to wear golfing prep clothes, but maybe sometimes i want to. My teachers think I'm too smart to be in the circus, but it's my passion. A girl at school wants me to go out with her, i like her brother better ;) My dog turns away when i want his attention, yet humps my leg when i want privacy. Nobody ever understands!

I'm feeling emo right now?

There has to be somethings you're good at but just haven't discovered yet. If you're feeling emo try writing poetry (jk). But seriously, if you love something, do it (even if it is writing emo poems). You're probably just judging yourself too much.

I used to think that I sucked at everything. But I opened my eyes and found out that I felt that way because everyone thought I was perfect and I was trying too much to be perfect because I knew I wasn't and I wanted everyone to think that I was. Someone would say that one of my drawings was awesome and I would think that it sucked and would have spend a day or 2 fixing it or making another drawing and take a week drawing it. Or the one time I went anorexic for about 6 months because people would tell me that I looked skinny and then I would think that I looked fat. I wanted to be perfect skinny. (My parents found out and threatened to take me to therapy. I immediately stopped.)

Don't be perfect. Be yourself. People make mistakes, but it only shows that you're human. The "perfect" people aren't really perfect. =)

Why do I feel this way?

Often the dead at funerals have been treated with chemical preservatives.
Inhaling these fumes can make you ill.
If you can smell this odour and feel ill then it is possible that fumes such have these have built up in the area somehow.
Ventilate the area.
Remove yourself fro the area while it is ventilated.
These same chemicals are often used to treat fabrics during manufacture so new clothes or bedlinen that has not yet been laundered could be giving off these fumes. So could garments that have been drycleaned.

Why do i feel this "dark"? (im 24 so please no "emo kid" talk)?

there are 2 spirits in the world, holy spirit or the spirit of the world.

You seem to have the spirit of the world pulsing through you, the spirit of the world is from the wicked one and his angels. A lot of people have this, it results in greediness, anger, feelings of emptiness, swearing, impure thoughts and things like these.

The holy spirit on the other hand, I'll let the Bible answer this one

Galatians 5:22 On the other hand, the fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, 23 mildness, self-control. Against such things there is no law.

The way to be filled with holy spirit is to oppose the devil and cling to what is good. Prayer, works, meetings and preaching the truth to all we meet.

Spirit Creatures—How They Affect Us

What you love now and like is possibly because that is all you know, you find comfort in what you know and that is the area you feel okay in. However change is good, looking beyond where you are.

Jehovah is Gods name and here is the reason he allows suffering...

The Bible tells us about a time in the near future when earth will be restored to paradise and the wicked will be no more. God's Kingdom will be ruled by Jesus Chirst and 144,000 in heaven over earth and will rule to time indefinite, that is something we look foward to. We have strong faith in this because we have already seen and coninue seeing Bible prophecy's happening all around 1914 and WW1 was the Beginning of the last days so we know we are now near the end.

Jehovah's Witnesses offer free home Bible studies to all who will listen. If you visit us on and click yes on free home study one will be arranged ASAP.

Hope this helps

Peace :)

I feel emo right now. Haha so weird I tell you?

(Almost everyone on YahooAnswers
are strangers to each other. <--majority.)

My best friend and I go everywhere in the summer. Whether it may be walmart or the mall or a bar. We just like to hang out in places.
Ok so heres my deal.
Guys always tell her she's pretty and stuff.

I don't really care if random stranger dudes tell me stuff. I'm actually glad they don't.

Finally here's my issue thing. One time, some guy at school said I was probably the ugliest peice of fat.

That pierces a girls heart :( to hear that.

Ok so since this site is composed of strangers, I want to know.

Do i really look that bad?


I'll try to help you understand what it's all about :)

----The Emo music scene originated from a form of punk/indie/post-hardcore music before the 2000's. It gets the name "Emo" from what the genre is most known for, and that stands for EMOtional. I'm not talking about the whiny, crying type of emotional (as MANY tend to think it is)...But as in a type of music that shows EMOtion. Many of the lyrics in 'Emo' songs are bold, aggressive, and tend to show much more emotion than most other songs and bands do in different genres. Screamo is also what Emo music is known for, as well.
But, people mistakenly tend to label certain people (along with bands) into the 'Emo' genre because if the way their hair looks, for the way they dress, or simply just misinterpretation of what Emo truly is.
"Emo" has also began to be turned into a popular style/trend within the past few years. How it got started? I believe the style originated from the the trend-setter band members in the beginning of the whole 'Emo Scene' years back. Their style reflected on all of their hardcore fans, and that's pretty much how the style got started. In every genre of music, everyone has their own style; (Rap, Pop, Country, Rock, Metal, Emo...).
They all are very much different when it comes to the way they look. So, I can see how the Emo style came about, which is from the form of music...Just like any other genre does.

Yes, I am feeling very content with life. I have achieved a great balance between work, and personal, family and social life. For example, just today:I had a coffee with my wife, spent an hour shopping and coffeeattended meetings related to work for a few hoursspoke to staff and ensured all issues were looked after and metrics on track]I went and bought a new print cartridge for my 16yo son who is studying for his final exams and I needed the printer to print some exam answers. Whilst there was no rush, I know he did want it, so he could get on with his workMy 12yo needed some tlc as he was feeling a bit sick, and I hung out with him for a bitI played table tennis in the afternoon for an hour with my 16yoAt 6pm a frined picked me and we went to watch some live matches of a soccer tournament under floodlightsI came home around 10pm, had a chat and a coffee with my wife, and she will soon go to sleep.I will finish answering some questions in quora, may watch highlights of the weeks top soccer games and snooze….there is no rush, I have no urgency to get up tomorrow…I am not in the rat race any more…..

"Nothingman"once divided...nothing left to subtract...some words when spoken...can't be taken back...walks on his own...with thoughts he can't help thinking...future's above...but in the past he's slow and sinking...caught a bolt 'a lightnin'...cursed the day he let it go...nothingman... nothingman... isn't it something?nothingman...she once every story he had to day she stiffened...took the other side...empty stares...from each corner of a shared prison just's left inside the well...and he who forgets...will be destined to remember...nothingman... nothingman... isn't it something?nothingman...oh, she don't want him...oh, she won't feed him...after he's flown away...oh, into the sun...ah, into the sun...burn...burn...nothingman... nothingman... isn't it something?nothingman...nothingman...coulda' been something...nothingman...oh...ohh...ohh...