Why Do I Feel Tired Most Of The Time

I feel so tired all the time?

The best ways to have more energy during the day are to make sure you are getting enough sleep each night(don't try to run on only 6 hours of sleep every day) and to eat healthy. I know when one is very busy, it's hard to make healthy choices but do your best because it makes a world of difference. When choosing food, ask yourself, is this going to cleanse me and give me the energy I need or clog me? Fruits and veggies are wonderful in place of unhealthy snacks such as cookies and crackers. Oh another thing, DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST! Even if you don't have time, or you dont like a meal early in the morning, a little something is better than nothing.

Why would my eyes feel tired all the time?

Disclaimer: Not meant to be medical advice. Medical advice you get from your doctor after she examines you.Most common causes of patient complaint of “tired eyes”:Dry eye syndrome. If our eyes are dry, they “feel” tired. They want to close. Why? Because then they can’t dry out anymore. The surface of the eye, particularly the cornea, can get so dry that the surface epithelium develops tiny punctate defects, making the eye feel tired, and sometimes like it has sand or grit it it. Burning and a “scratchy” feeling are also common complaints with this2. Ocular myasthenia gravis: an autoimmune disease that can weaken the muscles that hold the eyelids up, making them feel tired and heavy. The extra effort of trying to keep the lids elevated can also causes fatigue and well, a tired eyes feeling.3. Strabismus (weak extraocular muscle(s); a eso- or exo-phoria: The effort of trying to keep the eyes straight tires them out, and the person also.4. You are tired: Not enough sleep, exhausted, depressed.

Why do I feel so tired, numb, and depressed all the time?

Don’t you really mean “…so tired, numb, and SAD? And is it all the time, or just when you sit and stew in your negativity? This is your problem, alone, and it is up to you to fix it. You may be exaggerating, now, but you will get to the condition you complain of, if you don’t get started.There is a simple fix that usually works. Our health and survival, over millions of years, have depended on our muscles, and the evolutionary, most ancient, part of our brain, at the top of our spinal cord, gets signals from our muscles. “It controls the body's vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance. Our reptilian brain includes the main structures found in a reptile's brain: the brainstem and the cerebellum. The reptilian brain is reliable but tends to be somewhat rigid and compulsive.”Control is by way of hormones, for the most part. Stewing in your sadness will eventually lead to a stressed condition, and that reptile brain senses stress as danger, and sends cortisol and fight or flight hormones to help you escape the danger. Unless you move your muscles, it senses that you’re not escaping, and sends another cascade of hormones. You feel this in your breathing, your heartbeat, your skin, and it is confusing and scary. You may feel is as making you “depressed”. Unless you move, it gets worse, and you will find you can’t cope with everyday tasks and people. Mistakes, confusion, and fear = disability (Depression).Though it may sound too simple, it works. If you get up, when you feel it stressing you, and move, esp. those large lower body muscles. Walk, climb stairs, do isometric exercises, and that should stop the emotions and stress. By exercising your muscles, all of them, all those symptoms will disappear and you will feel good, all the time. The reptile brain that tries to protect us will sense the muscles doing their job, and will be satisfied; might even send you a few treats in the form of hormones that make you feel happy.

Why are most people tired all the time?

Your question is framed from yours or your social circle experience. The fact is not all people are tired. Yes, when someone over exerts, it is time to go to sleep at the end of the day, they feel sleepy/tired, and the body is done for the day that is part of life. However, it isn’t experienced as being chronically tired.People who speak of being chronically tired are experiencing, mental/emotional and physical distress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise or lack of adequate sleep, taking prescription and OTC drugs saps your energy and numbs your senses, are all possible culprits.Evaluating all levels of your health would need to be done to access the cause of tiredness.An appointment with a Naturopath will discover what needs to be adjusted to regain your energy.I am here only to be truly helpful.

Why do I feel so tired, sleepy and lazy?

I eat healthy for the most part, I'm not hitting any gyms, but I am constantly on foot and try to sleep good, but nothing helps. I feel tired in school, sleepy at home and this has made me very moody and cranky. Is it due to the spring changes and are there any ways to help these feelings? It's destroying my learning process and it leaves me burnt out on life.