Why Do I Get Sick After Sports Season

Why don't Westerners use surgical masks when they get sick, like Asians do?

Thanks for the A2A, I’m pretty sure I’ve answered this questions already but you’ve added more details and I’m in an airport transit lounge with time to spare.In my experience, not many westerners are obsessive with Asian culture. Those who are are generally expats living in Asia.Anyway, in the case of the Japanese, I would attribute this to the regimented culture of selflessness which means that the surgical mask is a symbol of courtesy to other people by making an effort to contain any viruses and bacteria.As for the Chinese, being quite the opposite in this domain, the mask is more to safeguard their own health whilst they are ill and vulnerable, moreso than caring about others.In Thailand where I live, surgical masks are popular too, generally for people in situations where they are exposed to unhealthy air, toxic atmospheric conditions.Alluding back to my previous answer, the reason the face mask hasn’t caught on with westerners is that we generally have quite strong immune systems and are not so paranoid about bacteria. Perhaps the lax attitude towards hygiene and germs has helped create a strong immune system.

What do gamers get sick of hearing from non-gamers?

Aren’t you too old to be playing video games?A:Can’t you pause this game of [Smash Bros/Splatoon/Mario Kart]?A:[in the middle of a soccer match between friends]Can’t you pause this soccer match?Long Answer: Sometimes no and sometimes yes. It’s like the difference between taking a break from soccer practice and abruptly pausing the first game of the season. Or practicing piano vs. the big recital. If the game is singleplayer, outside of cutscenes and some key story events, yes, you can usually pause. During online multiplayer, no. And I’m not going to be an ass to my entire team or to my opponent and get myself kicked from the online servers for a while by disconnecting just because you can’t wait 5 minutes to tell me to pick up the [insert object here] I left on the floor of [insert room here].YoUre RotTiNg YUoR BrIaN!1!!!!!A:Yep, and every time you glance at a TV, check your phone, look at the screen of an electric piano, check your watch, go on your computer at work, post insane sh*t on facebook about how much of a pearl clutching overprotective antivax Karen you are, and do anything else involving a scree, you’re rotting your brain too. Right? Right?no, seriously. come up with something better if you want a reason to get someone off their games.If you just sit on your screens like that, you’ll never have any friends!A:*opens discord* see this?*opens Google Hangouts* see this?*opens clash of clans chat* see this?*opens Nintendo Switch friends list* see this?Most of the people I know in real life I keep up with online. And I’m not about to put off interacting irl for games. I guess your reasoning is I’m not going out and meeting people? But who goes out and is set on making a friend? People don’t go out for the purpose of making friends. They go places to form better bonds. Which gamers do. However, unlike non-gamers, they also strengthen those bonds online.I don’t like [insert game here]!Then don’t watch me play it! I don’t have a problem if you have a problem with Smash, Splatoon, or Mario, [although if it’s the first you probably need to see a doctor], but don’t yell at me about how it sucks!Hope this helps.And any non-gamers lurking, please please please don’t say these things.

On sims 2 season when you have plants and they start dripping what does that mean?

I love my sims 2 seasons but when I went gardening I started to water my plants, my cucumber plants started to drip and I don't know if that means that they are being over watered and then I watered them again and they started to get better and then with in two minutes they started dripping again and turned sick. I don't know what to do and if there are any other tips on gardening it would help me out so much. Also how long does the harvest take to grow?

Can you get sick from the flu shot?

About 30 percent of people will experience cold-like symptoms 24 to 48 hours after getting the flu shot. This is the body mounting an immune response. But it’s a whole lot better than 2 1/2 weeks of the flu. It takes about two weeks after vaccination to get immunity. Meaning, it is possible a person can be exposed to the influenza virus shortly after getting vaccinated and consequently become ill with the flu. Symptoms often start about one to four days after the virus has entered the body.

Some may also experience flu-like symptoms because the vaccine didn’t provide adequate protection. This is most common among people with weak immune systems or people 65 and older.

My parents never let us do sports. They say they want us to, but they procrastinate, and let season after season go by without even a try. They even blame it on us sometimes. I am 15, and I am sick of this. I just want to do sports. What do I do?

One thing that no-one has pointed out yet, is that sports can be expensive. My kids do sports, and as a single parent it can be a real struggle financially. I think it would be great, in an ideal world, if kids’ sports were subsidised. It would help to tackle the problem of childhood obesity too. It could be that your parents are struggling financially, and don’t want to burden you with that by outright saying ‘we’re broke, forget about it!’Another point is that if your parents work all week, or even weekends, some people just don’t want to sacrifice their little spare time at a tennis court or footy field (I’m not saying that parents shouldn’t make sacrifices for their kids, but nevertheless, it can be a factor). If you think this may be your case, see if you can go with a friend who does the sport, and perhaps you can car pool or alternate, so that your folks don’t need to sacrifice every weekend.There’s also the possibility that your parents aren’t social people, and may find the idea of socialising with heaps of new people overwhelming. This is a part of kids’ sports that is pretty hard to avoid (and trust me, I tried- I hate meeting new people!).In the end, if this is something you really want to do, it’s time to have a nice sit-down with your folks, to express just how important this is to you, and come up with solutions in a way that benefits everybody.Good luck!

Why do I always get sick playing basketball?

I have some friend that the same thing happens to, but they are smokers, I certainly hope you are not..................not even one, now and then. It is a very bad habit to get into and very hard to get out of.......anyways......could be your system is TRYING to adjust to a quicker exchange of oxygen, at a sustained pace. Do you drink enough GOOD SPORTS drinks beforehand???? With vitamins and minerals?????...........THINK ABOUT IT........Paul G.

Do Spaniards ever get sick of seeing the same two football teams - Real Madrid and Barcelona - dominate La Liga year after year?

Not really.The spanish league is the only big league where you don’t know who is going to win until the last day.La Liga2013/2014 Atletico Wins Barcelona second Difference 3 points2014/2015 Barcelona Wins Real Madrid second Difference 2 points2015/2016 Barcelona Wins Real Madrid second Difference 1 pointPremier league2013/2014 Manchester City Wins Liverpool second Difference 2 points2014/2015 Chelsea Wins Manchester City second Difference 8 points2015/2016 Leicester Wins Arsenal second Difference 10 pointsI am not going to look the rest of the leagues because they only have had one contestant for the title in recent years (Bayern, PSG and Juventus)We loose diversity but at least their is excitement in the whole season.I am being a bit biased but La Liga is the less boring of the big leagues, is the only league where errors are not admitted.

Why do so many professional athletes and coaches get hospitalized because of the flu?

Looking at it a different way here but professional athletes are paid millions of dollars to play during a season.  An athlete (and owner) can't afford to take a week off to recover from the flu. They're still paid but those missed games could mean less wins, less attendance for games (if the player is a superstar), less merchandise sold, etc. We generally don't hear of athletes checking themselves into a hostipal during the offseason for the cold or flu.   It makes sense that owners invest tremendous money into players and want maximize their investments.  For an athlete,  it means missing valuable games which could lead to the playoffs or missing the opportunity to play for a larger contract in the next season.