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Why Do I Have Back Pain

I have back pain and im 16?

Ok so for a couple of weeks when i sit or stand to long my bottom back hurts bad and the only way to relieve the pain i have to lay down on my bck on the floor should i be worried

Back pain? dancer?

i have lower back pain on my left side of my back...close to my backbone. i’ve had problems with my back for about 4 years now... i injured it somehow in tumbling class i’m not sure how. i stopped tumbling since then and started ballet. my back sort of healed after i quit tumbling but it still does hurt sometimes. when i do a back cambre in ballet there’s some discomfort. also i recently started tumbling again and everytime i come up from a backbend it hurts. i’ve never got this checked out...any ideas what this could be and ways to help heal it?

Why do I have back pain after sex?

I can't tell the gender of the person asking a question.Reverse cowgirl can be very good for a woman. She can apply pressure to the roof of her vagina this way, which should allow stimulation of her G-spot region. If the male can sit upright somewhat with his back against the headboard or wall, his hands will be much closer to her. All four of our hands are free to play this way. It is likely she would love to feel your hands on every inch of her from her toes to the top of her head. If the relationship is about trust and intimacy, don't be surprised if she gives you a good hard grinding this way. Neither partner should have any back issues doing it this way.We also enjoyed me laying on my back, with her back laying on my front. No pressure on anyone's back, and four hands free to roam. (Neither of us are overweight.)I often favored my wife lying on her side with her bottom leg extended and her upper leg bent at the knee. This allowed me full penetration and took any pressure off her back. I would be on my knees. I would support the weight of her bent knee with my thigh. This position also allowed me two free hands and her two hands-free to help her along to hopefully a mutual happy ending.About the hands. The missionary position can take the males hands out of action. The best sex to me is when both partners can communicate. Some women can be reluctant to go all out. US society, the ignorance of the double standard, and the Puritan ethic have gotten in the way. I always encourage a woman to bring herself along with her hand. She knows best what she likes, although I'm happy to do that for her as well. I believe the best way to get what we need is to ask with kindness and a gentle or sexy voice. Something like “I would love it if you would ________. “ As opposed to, “Why don't you ever ______” or similar statements containing anger or disappointment. Encouragement and kindness go a long way to get what we all need. US women are often not comfortable verbalizing their needs. Men need to look and listen for their subtle clues. Google can help you with this as well.Google can show you a number of positions that should alleviate back pain. Be specific in your search. Gender, location of back pain, sexual positions should help you find answers.Aside from BDSM, pain after sex could lead to eventual brain issues regarding the enjoyment of sex.

Why do i have back pain after taking AZO?

This is why over the counter drugs should be non-existent. What you are taking is a urinary analgesic. Think of it as tylenol for your inner pee-pee parts. You have an infection right? Does tylenol take care of any infections anywhere else? NOPE. All you are doing is allowing bacteria to travel to your kidneys pain free. The pain you feel, and I am assuming here because I have not see you in clinic, is probably the bacteria causing problems in your kidney (pyelonephritis). Do you have a fever?

How do I cure my lower back pain?

I am a 17 year old boy who plays Soccer very frequently. I'm about 130 pounds and fit. I don't know when it started, but I do know when it happens. Whenever I sit down for a long time, I tend to feel pain in my lower back on my left side. It always happens in the same area on the left of my lower back. The pain I feel, is like a pressure sensation. Like for example, recently I've come back from my vacation in England and had to sit on a plane for about 8 hours. After 4 hours in, suddenly my back started aching severely. It hurt so much, my back felt like it was burning or really really stiff. Whenever this does occur, the only cure I know of is to lay down for at least 30 minutes. So naturally, I couldn't do anything except apply pressure from my hand for the next 4 hours. So does this sound like maybe an injured spine? Should I consult a doctor?

Should I go to school if I have back pain?

Back pain isn't a reason to miss school. Do what the Dr. told you to do so it gets better, make an appt. with a chiropractor if it isn't helping. They can try adjusting your back & most the time that helps. But I don't think missing school because of your back hurting is a good idea!

Back pains before doing poo?

some people have pains to tell them when to "go" maybe it's just your body signaling to you "it's time"


Why do I have lower left back pain while cycling?

As a former triathlete who hated gym workouts, I can say the most likely cause is weak lower abdominals. I sufferd from back pain as well while cycling. Once I realized the importance of gym workouts and focused on getting my lower core strong, I saw my pain disappear. Trust me, I am not the only one. It makes complete sense that if your lower abs are weak, then you put too much pressure on your back when you ride. But if your abs can support your posture, your lower back no longer needs to work as hard and won't hurt. Many people would say, “you need to strengthen your lower back!” While that may not be a bad idea in general, the opposite is true here. You need to strengthen your lower abs to take the strain off your lower back. Start with planks and “dead bug” exercises and progress from there.