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Why Do I Keep Screwing Everything Up And Such A Walking Disaster

What can I do to stop messing everything up?

Whatever you did wrong… :Don’t do the same mistakes again,change yourself,your attitude.Listen more to people when they tell you are wrong.You need to accept that you are wrong,just like everyone else.If they tell you so,take some time to figure out if you can change something in that particular situation.Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you want to know something about people you are dealing with,that could help you achieve your goals.Respect people’s decisions.Be helpful to people if they ask you so or if you think they need your help.Be honest to people about what you know that could also help them grow.People treat you the way you treat them.They are your mirror,they show you exactly how you are.

I keep making mistakes over and over again. What can I do about this?

Unless you plan on passing from this world anytime soon, mistakes are inevitable.Sure, you might have more time in between moments where your mind interpreted something you did as a mistake, but how else do you expect to learn anything unless you are learning from mistakes?And that’s what you can do about the frequency: Learn from them.But as for their inevitability, nothing you can do about that; and trying to is not only counterintuitive but is just a symptom of making yet another kind of mistake, the one where you consistently think you have to be perfect.Mind you, you can go a life without making a mistake — in your own mind. But it will only be in your own mind, making your actual mistakes all the more glaring to others.Find a balance between being Mr. or Ms. Perfect in your head on the one hand and a walking disaster on the other.You can ask me questions on my YouTube channel, PermanentWavesTV, or through #AskDrunkJesus and I will answer them directly.Thank you and please Subscribe to stay tuned to answers to your questions! SaranamMulti-award winning author of God Without Religion:

What does flirting with disaster mean?


Why am i such a screw up?

i mean, that's all i am to my mom.
so if she's supposed to know everything i can't help but to think that myself.
so after another brutal yelling at, i'm left here to cry and wonder am i really that dumb?
i mean to a lot of people my grades would be amazing to have especially in ALL HONORS CLASSES.
everything is weighted higher so technically every grade i have in honors is a letter grade higher.
so with all that said, are these grades really that bad?
honors english- 95% A

honors spanish 3- 86% B

honors geometry- 80% B-

art studio- 88% B+

intro. to law- 88% B+

honors biology- 71% C- [yes, my worst one]

health- 75% C [eh this one i'm pretty mad about but my mean teacher wouldn't even let me show her that i had an assignment on my laptop which i bring to school and gave me a zero even though i had it]

honors history- 89% B+

My GPA is a 3.2 this marking period. I'm not really proud of it but I'm trying and I'm under sooo much stress I just don't know what to do.

Why do I keep messing myself up mentally and how do I stop?

Quora is not a therapist. One vague question is not going to get you the help you need. You feel like you're messing yourself up, which indicates self-blame, but without more information, there's no way to help. Get off of the computer, put your phone away, and seek real help from a licensed counselor.

After you shoot and field dress a whitetail deer do you hang it "head up" or "head down" when butchering?

If you're only butchering, it really doesn't matter either way (unless like scout said, you have a trophy then you want to hang it head down to minimize any damage to the cape). Personally, when I am butchering, I like to hang it head up because I find it easier to remove the hide that way. I just cut around the neck and start peeling down. I find it easier to start with the larger, solid piece of hide that the neck area provides than splitting along the legs and starting with two smaller pieces. When cutting the deer up though, hanging it head down has the advantage of leaving the larger, heavier hind quarters suspended in the air after you cut them, which can be a huge plus if you are working solo.

However, if you are aging the deer, I recommend hanging it head up if at all possible. I do not know about other people, but I wash out the body cavity to get the dirt and any vegetation out. If you hang the deer head up, it allows a way for any excess water, blood, and moisture to drain out of the deer. If you hang it with the head down, any water, blood, and dirt are going to flow into the chest cavity and stay there. If conditions are right and you are hanging the deer in an area that is not temperature regulated (I used to hang them in a detached garage as I do not have access to a walk-in), the moisture can create a great breeding ground for bacteria.

I guess it is just a matter of personal preference.

Why am I such a bad Christian? I feel like the biggest failure in my church. Why can't I stop disappointing God and screwing up?

I write this with due apologies to the believers and members of the church who may not relish the idea of a non-christian or say an infidel giving advice to a christian. But can’t help it because I feel the feelings of an agnostic, to which so religion he may belong, are the same, for the conflict as contained in the question ‘to believe or not to believe’ is the same for all. The best way out of this dilemma is to understand basic principles one has to follow to attain the path of God. My limited understanding of the the old and new testaments and the personality of Jesus marked by his steadfast adherence to truth in the face of adversity, his humility, his forgiving nature and his act of atoning for the sins of humankind in general by sacrificing himself are in themselves enough for me to have great faith and respect for Christianity, and i feel that the basic tenets of all religions including mine are the same.As far as the issue of your failing the church is concerned, I feel that all you have to do is to understand the essence of your religion and analyse yourself, and find out in what ways you have failed to practice the principles of your faith that make you feel so guilty. I have no doubt that help will always be available from your own people including the church. All that you have to do is ask for it. There is also the possibility, I am sure, that the acts that you consider as transgressions are only minor mistakes that can either be set right and/or are preventable by making small corrections in your attitude or actions. So, you don’t have to feel that you are the only doomed and damned with no deliverance, for Jesus is, in fact, for and with the damned. Do I really have to remind you about Mary Magdalene or the blind man or the lepers? Don’t they signify that there is always hope for the worst and the damned? Therefore, close your eyes, pull up all your thoughts, and open them again. You will see the path of light.