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Why Do I Like Fighting

Why do it feel like fighting?

You're not feeling secure in your surroundings. You need an outlet other than fighting. Get involved in sports or exercise. A good jog may relieve the tension you're feeling. If none of that works, talk to a professional in the medical field. A general practitioner is a good start, a doctor that would see you for a cold or flu. I hope you feel at peace soon.

Why do I feel like fighting?

I have had this feeling for quite a while now, wishing for a chance to fight. I don't know why, I don't know how but this feeling has gradually started penetrating my mind. Everytime I see someone fight I start shaking; not because I'm scared, not because I'm angry and not because of fear for my life. But because I wish to fight too. I wish to bash them down and roar like a lion and show my dominance, my strength.

There used to be a time where I was bullied, looked down upon, and sometimes when I was pushed far enough, I would attack. There was no control, no reasoning, just pure anger and madness. Nothing seemed real just then. But as time went on, I started to grow. My strength, height and intellectual increased. But my sadness also grew. For each and every day it felt like a piece of me died, and perhaps that was the truth.

Living in perpetual melancholy I feel like life is not worth living. It feels like an never ending cycle. Get an education, get a job, earn money, start a family and pay your taxes. Every day is almost the same, except some variation. I've even considered suicide, since it seemed to give me the fastest way out of this hell. But I then realized that my death might be spoiled by myself, because I would be the reaper of my own incomplete life. I choose to live on, and thus the feeling of fight started to emerge. To live under pressure and bet my own life as a reward for succeeding. To break out of the cycle and rise from the pieces as a new man, with a new life.

I want to live life, strong and mighty, not bask in the shadows of society. Why do I want to fight? Why do I have to fight?

Why do i like fighting so much?

In advance, please try not to misunderstand me, feel I am putting you down or insulting you in any way.

In my experiences, I have known quite a number of people, just like you. Every single one of them had one of two personal issues in common. In some cases, both issues were a factor. These issues were internal anger and/or an inferiority complex. What do these two things mean? 1) something is pissing you off, inside, and you feel a severe need to express this rage thru the destruction of self or another. 2) Many such individuals feel that one way, to allow themselves to fell better about themselves, is to defeat another thru physical force. It is, to him or her, a way of saying, "See, I'm not as bad as you think.. I'm better than you.. I just kicked your butt! I'm in control. I'm in charge."

Either or both of these things are very serious self-esteem and societal issues. Should these issues go unchecked they can lead to some serious problems down the road: incarceration, extreme physical harm, ostrasation from family and friends, massive depression and a few other things. None of which, you'd enjoy.

State sanctioned anger management programs very seldom work. In fact, most people who need them feel it just makes matters worse. However, the fact remains, this issue does trouble you enough that you actually wrote about it and asked for an answer to this problem. In my opinion, you should seek some form of one-on-one councelling, before it gets way too out of hand and you lose everyone and everything you have ever known or loved... including yourself.

Councelling does not mean weakness. It means that you are strong enough to care about yourself and do what it takes to assure yourself of the best chance at a successful future.

Because one on one fighting is the purest form of competition. It's one combatant's body and mind, versus another combatant's body and mind. It's appealing in its simplicity, whether regulated as a sport in a ring, or unregulated on the streets or in a bar. From Gladiators to UFC Champions, our societies have glorified hand-to-hand combat, sometimes even with weapons, so it has become an okay thing to watch. Russian's have invented something called TFC, or Team Fighting Championship, which pits 5 men vs. 5 men in cage style fighting, which needless to say gets pretty ruthless pretty quick once the bout becomes 5 on 4, then 5 on 3, etc. Kind of barbaric, kind of awesome, what can I say? Witnessing domination is exhilarating, quite frankly, in the same way powerful dunk or knocking a home run out of the park; so people like seeing someone get knocked out for the same reason. We like to experience the win with the winner.

Why Do I Love Fighting So Much?

I completely understand and ask myself the same question. Being a boxer and a black-belt I grew up learning to love it. The adrenaline rush is just invigorating. Unfortunately, being a girl I am always told that what I enjoy is not respectable.

Here are some suggestions:
Try out hockey, the down side is that it is an extremely expensive sport. It has contact, and it can tire you out very quickly. You still get that rush.

Try working out at home, if your tired out, you wont WANT to fight. Buy a set of weights.

Fight, but not at school. Most schools have some sort of karate club. You will get your behind handed to you for a while, but it will help you channel your anger, let you fight, and you will get the adrenaline rush still. The good thing about karate, tae-kwan-do, and other styles is that it is a relatively cheap sport to engage in. You will be in a controlled environment so your parents will have their worries suppressed as well. If you take it as a club or in a rec center, it is a hundred times cheaper than taking it in a gym.

Find a new hobby, or make more friends. I'm not saying that you are a loner or don't have any interests.
If you make more friends, then you will be giving up more of your time to go and hang out with them. Better yet, go to the gym with them. Ask them to go a round of offense-defense with you. Offense-defense is when one person can only defend and one person can only attack. Then switch. You wont that that much adrenaline going to you, but it gets rid of your anger in a good way. Also, you wouldn't want to kill your friend, so it would be a controlled match.

You may be less aggressive after puberty. During puberty your body is changing (how many times have you heard THAT), and so are your hormones. The fluctuating hormones are increasing and decreasing your testosterone levels in waves. That's why you have urges to fight, then don't want to. Once they get stabilized, you most likely wont have those urges as often.

Hope I helped.

That is your way of having fun.I’ve seen people who do the same. Some people do not like it and might get irritated by you. So do so if you feel but see who is comfortable with your fun way and who is not.It might also be that you’re expressing your anger as fun through fighting with your friends. It is you who has to identify this. If you do it because you are angry and want to put it in fun way by fighting, then stop. Because your anger can take a toll on that if any of your friend hurts you in fun way which will end up in a serious fight between you and your friend.Thanks for A2A :)

Why do people like fighting so much?

Fighting is a waste of energy, I've always been shite at it anyway so I've never been intae it. I canna be dain wi these meathead arseholes that offer ye a square go cos ye allegedly glanced at his burd.

Or they boys that say 'do you ken wha eh am...'
Is there a right answer to that question falgee? A boy once said that to me in the Mardi a few year ago, I said back to him 'I do actually you're from Stobie, you were in the year above me at school, your names...........' He didn't know me but I was right. He still punched me, even though I got the correct answer. Thinking he's hard in front o his meathead mates.

Or 'whar are you fae...' thats another ane. Lets face it pal it doesn't matter where I'm from, you're gonna punch me anyway aren't you. Fuckin ****

Why do people enjoy fighting?

I don't fight, I spar. A little different in that I'm not trying to essentially hurt the person, I'm scoring points. But a well placed side kick to the ribs hurts no matter what. However I do love it.

Why? Well, it's a challenge and a rush. It's not a brawl, it's calculated. It's as much a mind game as a physical game.

Fake a low kick to bring down the guard and switch it into a roundhouse to the head. What will I do next? I now know how they react to things. Ah, I think a quick stance transition to scare them into thinking it's a kick, bring down their guard and jab to the head.

All this while they're trying to do the same to me, and there's no hard feelings at the end. The sweat feels good, the adrenaline rush is indescribable, and landing those clean hits just feels good.

But what I think I love most about it is the day after. Call me crazy but I love the soreness in my muscles. The pain of the bruises on my upper arm from a shield block. It hurts but it feels good at the same time, I don't know how to describe it. It just feels rewarding.