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Why Do I Need Friends

Do you need friends??

yes you need a friend lets say you were living alone without any body to help when you needed cause no one knows you very well and as you ask someone something you keep talking and talking until you know the person

Why do I feel like I don't need friends?

Most likely you are a very healthy body and unyielding mind person and found out early on to be independent.Most likely you figured out at the end of a day you are on your own.It is also possible you found: when you laugh the world will laugh with you and when you cry, you cry alone.It highly likely you are incredibly focused and result oriented person, and you make every minute count in your life.It is also possible you have a tremendous amount of hobbies; you are alone but not lonely.May be found out early in your life: It is better to be alone than in a bad company.May be you are very high achiever to find people of your caliber is hard.My two cents: I always believed more than five friends is a waste, you need four for your Pallbearer, and one extra if one calls in sick. Rest is a crowd and waste of time.

Why do people need friends.???

they need someone to tell them they are not crazy even if they really are.

Do you need friends?

If you don’t express yourself and interact with others, you might be suffering some kind of mental dissorder or something. I’m telling you from my own experience that you will get bitter and sick if you don’t talk to somebody. What about you?. Do you need any friends?. Do you have any?. Your parents count as friends too and relatives, if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t find someone to talk to, your parents are the best option you need because friendship is true love and you are going to be 100% sure that advices will come with the best intentions.

Do we need friends in life?

I don't know how one defines a “friend” anymore. One thing I have understood for sure is that friendship is a phase, it ends one or the other day(by end I just mean people move to places or change colleges and are no more a part of your everyday life) and there is nothing to be sad about it because that's how it is.Most of the times you may fade away from each other's life but if you are lucky enough you might have few people with you who are just a call away from you and will listen to you patiently not just to give a reply but to understand your situation and what's going on in your life. And those are the kind of people are that supposed to be kept. If you call such people as friends then, hell yeah! you need to have friends. As long as such people help you grow, support you emotionally, understand your thought process and give you advices that genuinely help you become a better version of yourself ,you definitely need friends.If your definition of friends is a group of people you want to do drugs with,discuss people and not ideas,gossip about “that girl” or “that boy” etc I would say no you don't need friends. Because these “friends” will never help you grow.Solitude is another friend who doesn't pressurizes you to please him(I already apologize to feminists for using him) or keep him entertained. You can learn a lot from solitude,like loving yourself, exploring your capabilities. It's a savior when you need peace of time. The best thing about it is that you already know your problems and your situation so you don't have to spend time in doing the small talk before the actual talk! But solitude doesn't provide you with it's perspective so it's just you and only you.Human beings are social animals so it would be unfair to say that xyz great leaders and inventors liked to be alone so should you. For the tiny amount of time I have spent on earth I have learnt that there will be various occasions where you will either need someone desperately or want to be left alone to heal by yourself.So,do we need friends? It really depends on your definition of friends and your situation. But they do come in handy most of the times,so we need to choose them wisely.Hope that helps.

Why do humans need friends?

First human needs friend because we also feel the need to be needed too..whether conciously or not.
No one could ever be happier if he doesn't want to have friends or he does.
If we are living all by oneself then the real aspect and value of life could be forbidden. From wars we rise. As from victory we fall. Then from those effects we emerge out stronger and as learned souls.
It wasn't really everybody's assumption of needing a friend just to be happy.
Only fools firmly associate being a loner as a lonely person..
And you maybe can feel be happy too, I came here voluntarily and sought your thought. Now as a friend with the sincerety of an answer.

And yet YES, Let us try to think happy. Thank you!!

Why do I need a social life and friends?

So I'm 14 and I moved a few months ago, and I don't have any friends. Everyone in my family that lives where I moved from keep saying you need friends! And I feel that I don't. I feel this way because for me its just to stressful to make friends because I get like anxiety before I meet people and I'm just not outgoing. I haven't started school yet here and it will be a while until I do, because I homeschooled the year we moved(which is a long story to explain, but I've been doing homeschooling for a year now). So for the 2 yrs. I've been without new friends and a lot of socializing with people my age, I feel that I've evolved more and now that people aren't influencing what I like, I've learned to start liking thing because I like them not because other people do. So anyway my family is EXTREMELY worried about me and I really don't understand why they think that it is sooo important for me to have lots of friends. I know that to grow and stuff I need "social interaction" but I just don't like the people that I meet, usually because stuff that I now like is so different from mainstream stuff. So could someone help me???:)

Why do people need friends?

Friends are what people keep them socially "alive". People get lonely and want a person to confide to, and do activities with. Usually, a person has a natural instinct to be social, so thats where friends come along.
I really am not a social butterfly, so I know how you feel. I don't like people too, as most people are idiotic, brats, or drama queens.
That's why I have few friends :D.
It's just what you me and some other people aren't born with.
We're not born with a social instinct.

Do we really need to have friends?

You don’t need any kind of a friends. All you need is you. You are enough. You are best friend of yourself. No more in a high school after all!Often people need friends or relationships to fill the void they may have. Some people feel lonely, very lonely at a times, when sitting alone.Now. We all want friends, but I recommend this. Drop all acquaintances and keep only most reliable friends. This way you’ll have time for you too.Do you have too much friends? If you can’t find enough time for every friend, maybe you’ll have too much of them. Drop anyone who fits from Facebook too.Why you need to know what a friend from a high school is doing if you never seen him in a decade? Just delete, delete all of them, and keep friends.If you have just one friend, it could be you as well, you have enough! Alone you can grow. Alone you can over grow all your old friends who left!You’ll be stronger than them. Remember, you are fine without anyone. Most people fear anything like that. They just can’t sit still a second on their own!Most are friends because they need you. They need you for companion when they have no one. As soon as they get better friends, you are burden for them.People are just too narcissistic nowadays. They only think about themselves and never actually spend a minute a day caring about their friends.In my opinion people do friends just because it’s what other people want them to do. Everyone can’t wait to post a friend gang selfie on their Facebook.You just can’t wait to do that. To tag all the people in. I was depressed using Facebook, so I deleted it. Now I don’t look these pictures and feel content.My life is good as it is. I have only one friend and he is my love also - we are young men. And we are happy. We support each other. We will never leave.This kind of a friends you want to have. Or maybe just be one.This way our world will be a better place to live.Thank you!Related videos: