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Why Do I Suddenly Have A Noticeable Bald Spot

Why do I have have a bald spot when I'm only 16?

A bald spot and hair loss have nothing to do with a person’s age because:Sometimes, bald spots and hair loss are purely genetic and hence they will appear/occur despite you trying all possible methodsThere is a possibility that there is some protein deficiency or irregular diet routine which is causing it.You have not been maintaining your hair well, some bacterial or fungal infections have thus cropped up and hence you are losing hair.In all probabilities, the solution to this bald patch is possible.You can eitherFacilitate hair regrowth by the procedures such as Growth Factor Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy ORGo for a hair transplant using either the FUT/FUE treatments or DHI.For more information, you can visit

I have a tiny bald spot on the back of my head, and I don't know what caused just suddenly appeared?

Have you been stressed out lately, stress can cause hair to fall out in patches. If stress is ruled out it could be Alopecia Areata.
Patchy hair loss in children and young adults, often sudden in onset, is known as alopecia areata. This condition may result in complete baldness, but in about 90% of cases the hair returns, usually within a few years.

The causes of alopecia areata, a disease that often strikes children or teenagers, remain unexplained. It is thought to be an autoimmune disease, meaning that the immune system revs up for unknown reasons and destroys the hair follicles. In most cases the hair grows back, although it may be very fine and possibly a different color before normal coloration and thickness return.

How to hide or get rid of a bald spot?

Im a black 16 year old male.It all started a few weeks ago when I felt a sorta stinging pain in my head.Then the pain went away.All of a sudden yesterday(monday) my siblings started laughing at me because I have a bald spot in that place of where I felt the pain.I also believe its a size of atleast a dime.I need help and school starts thursday ): All answers are appreciated.

Why do I have a bald patch in my beard (18 years old)?

Yea I had the same thing when I was your age too...kept trying to grow a goatee but it wouldn't connect the whole way around there was a empty patch on the side. Can't remember when it started growing...i think when was about 22 or 23 maybe. Didn't do anything different...well...i started shaving more during college and then when i decided lately (25 now) to grow a beard it worked lol I've heard when you cut hair it grows back fuller, so i think maybe shaving it often caused the microscopic hairs to grow after awhile?

You're still young, give it time...I have seen older guys with patchy beards so really it's just genetics I believe...good luck :-D

Am I going bald?

Ok I am 18 and have always had really thick hair. well last month I started noticing on the front it was sorta thin and when combed a certain way there was a really noticeable spot on the front that was really thin and it kinda worries me that I might be losing my hair. Its most noticeable where my hair parts down the middle of my head. My dad has kinda thin hair on the front and my grandfather on moms side was bald ( I hear that is a good clue to see if you will go bald) anyway its like all of a sudden Im losing hair. Im probalbly just extremely paranoid but I need opinions on this. I know people go bald young sometimes but I hope its just like my dad and will be kinda think on the front but not going away.

16 year old males hair thinning?

Hey, Im a 16 year old male and last november after getting a hair cut i noticed my hair was really thin on top. I had fairly long hair so i guess i never noticed until i got it cut. But it seems weird that it happened so suddenly since i started growing my hair out. I did wear a hat almost every day all day (for my job) for a couple years and i know that is the reason, but i figured it was something i would notice years down the road. I don't really have any history of baldness in my family, My dad is, but hes 69, My great grandfather died at like 90 with a full head of hair and my grandfather was a little younger but had a full head of hair. So im not really sure what im asking, but i mean im 16, and having thin hair is a pretty big thing at my age. Guess its just really been bugging me, its depressing . I know there's no "magical" way to just make my hair thicker, But i was hoping maybe someone knows some hair products that work good.. Or maybe some good hairstyles that make it less noticeable, besides shaved.. maybe vitamins or something. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thank you! :)