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Why Do I Switch Letters And Words

What is it called when you switch letters around in a word (except the first and last) and we can still readit

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It may be because you remember pronunciation through spelling and you happen to have some words misspelled in your head. However, it’s more likely just a slip of the tongue. It’s quite common for people to switch sounds or syllables in words when they are speaking; these instances are called spoonerisms. You may have heard some before. Here is a more detailed explanation: Spoonerism - Wikipedia

The reason is because when we read words (i.e process them, which is the underlying foundation for production) our brain does this thing where if it’s a word stored previously in a our brain we read it as a whole. For example you konw taht tirck taht poelpe lvoe to demonstrate that they can read words when the letters are jumbled (it gets shared all the time on Facebook). It’s that phenomenon again where we understand each word in the context of it as a whole. And so, when we are writing words, our brain is thinking of the complete structure, rather than the individual components within it.

Is it possible to change/edit the letters/words in a doc or docx. and if so how is it done?

Yes if the extension is doc then it is a 2003 Microsft word file if it is docx then it is 2007 Microsoft word file. Either way you will need office 2003 or 2007 to edit the content of the file, to edit it just open the file you want to edit highlight what you want to change and just type in something different. to save the file i would use save as, so if you get it wrong you can still go back to the original file.

The only other option is Open office it isn't bad for free, but nowhere near any of the Microsoft office programs.

Letters switched on keyboard how do I fix it.?

Use the MSKey Keyboard tool to test your keyboard. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, click Run, type mskey, and then click OK to start Microsoft Keyboard Diagnostics.
2. On the Device Information tab, select the device that you want to test, and then click the Input Monitor tab.
3. Press the keys on your keyboard to determine whether the keyboard is working.

Run Control Panel and choose International.
2. Change your keyboard layout to any layout other than:

• The current layout. -and-

• The layout you ultimately want.

3. Change your keyboard layout to the one you want again.
4. Choose the OK button.
5. Restart your computer to update the last known good system configuration.


Switchwords are the WORDS which can quickly switch your energy from one dimension to the other dimension. All words can become switchwords. All words have some power to become switchwords. So it is very simple to understand that those WORDS switches your energies are called switchwords for you.Switchwords are seed (beej) mantras in English. EC means ENERGY CYCLE Energy Circle (EC) is a circle created to accumulate energy to send to a particular person, place, thing or event by your own intentions. You can use switch words, switch phrases, batch flower remedies, positive affirmations, mantras, prayers, gratitude, numbers, symbols and much more

Why do i skip some letters when i write?

I'm not exactly sure why, but i have theorys.
I do this myself, and it is usually only when i write.
i do more of the opposite thing than you, i write the first letter or so of the word and then leave the rest out.

For me i always figured i was getting ahead of myself. Like for instance my mind was moving faster then my body and wasnt going to wait on my body it was just gonna make my physical being skip ahead.

If you find an exact answer, please tell me, i'd like to know.

Not sure, but this plagues me, too. I'll hazard a self-laudatory guess that it's a sign of critical thinking, also known as noise in the system. It is, after all, noise in the system that kicks your ideas, your thinking, 'outside the box.'Shoot, some days I can't even FIND the box!;-)PS how often do you notice someone reposition a defect as a virtue? Look around - it happens all the time.