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Why Do I Take Panic Attacks When I Stand For Long Or Take Long Walks

How long do panic attacks usually last?


right well panic attacks last from a few munites to quite a long amount of time
there isnt a normal lengh for a panic attack

heres some ways to handle it :

Some people have anxiety attacks if they are in an uncomfortable position ect but some just randomly have them any time

+ you need to have a way of relaxing instantly (see below)
Try at home then out in public
Then if you feel it coming on anytime

1) Stand or sit as comfortably and relaxed as possible
2) Take deep breaths to count of 5 then breathe slowly out
3) Mentally tell your muscles to relax
4) Repeat 2-3 times
5) Keep the breathing going but also imagine you’re in a pleasant and safe situation such as walking along a beech or in a beautiful garden
6) Repeat this until you’re feeling better

Also try to take regular exercise as it diverts the mind... 30 mins jogging 3 times a week is good
Avoid junk high caffeine and sugary foods and eat more wholegrain cereal, veg, fruit, lean meat, fish, and low fat dairy

all the best x

How long do panic attacks last? and will they go away?

When you sense the 1st symptoms then assure yourself that you have survived them before and can do again. Try slow, deep breaths as it helps relaxation. Try meditation and exercise such as regular walking and running. I hope this helps.

How Long does Anxiety attacks last?

an anxiety ATTACK is an unbearable feeling like you're going to die - - you cannot do everyday things and talk to people reguarly durings a panic attack. no, an attack itself can not last a week. it's rarely recorded as lasting even an hour. just because it's not an anxiety attack, however, doesn't mean you're not suffering from constant anxiety - - which could cause all the symptoms you listed. Doctors aren't very good with those types of thing -- if it's not physically caused, they don't care. Try seeing a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist (title matters depending on whether you're seeking mediation)

I can't STAND my puppy any longer. Help?

Your dog is not the worst dog in the world, she is a puppy. She is stealing things and eating them because she is bored. Here's a tip... buy her some toys. While I'm sure you have some, it may not be what she likes. Try different things. My puppy was obsessed with socks, and yes he even ate one. What worked for him were pig hooves. They helped with his teething, and really occupied his time.

If you don't want the puppy to be as rambunctious, take her for DAILY long walks. It'll tire her out. I

f you can't keep an eye on her keep her in a crate, (but do not keep her in the crate all day). This way she will not be destructive. You can also use baby crates and crate her off in a room.

Also, try training your dog. It seems as though you have no patience with her, and she is only going to get worse. Take her to some obedience classes, and praise her when she is good. If she's chewing on something she isn't supposed to take it away, tell her no, and replace it with a chew toy.


What should you do when outside and having a huge panic attack and can’t even walk?

One of the first things for me is to regain focus. Anxiety causes my mind to be all over the place. This causes even more anxiety. I have had anxiety attacks while driving many times. I was not always able to pull off the side of the road. My first order of business is to regain my focus enough to intentionally breath, then I begin to calm myself by breathing intentionally and purposefully listening to the sound of my own breath. This causes my mind to focus in on one thing. However, I must still drive defensively.Once my mind is more focused and I am more calm, I can either pull of the road if I still need to; or I can more rationally reason things out or talk with someone (if that’s possible). At the same time, I’m praying.

I have a long haul flight and I'm afraid of having a panic attack mid flight, what can I do?

Inform the crews that you're a nervous flyer.Go on, we don't bite. In fact, we are more than happy to be informed. This means we will not be getting sudden surprise by you panicking during meal service.Additionally, you may carry your meds but ensure you're allowed to do so. Custom checks are a bitch sometimes and they might confiscate your meds.If you start feeling nauseous during flight, our DFAK (Daily First Aid Kit) includes motion sickness tablets. You may want to ask for one to reduce your jumpiness. It allows you to rest comfortably while the flight is cruising.If you start feeling restless, stand up and take a walk if the seatbelt sign is not on. Maybe ask for a ginger ale (if it's available) from your crew.If you start breathing heavily, take one vomit bag and use it as an "oxygen" bag. Put the bag over your mouth and nose and breathe into it. Remember to do so gently until your breathing cycle returns back to normal.If you need more than that, we carry portable oxygen bottle. Get the attention of a crew and let them know. Just a caution, we don't always administer oxygen as to preserve it for other medical emergencies (heart attack, asthma, angina pectoris) or sudden decomporession, but we are train to coach you how to breathe calmly and normally.We may take you into the galley and assist you.Safe flight.

I have been recently having anxiety attacks where I mentally feel pinned down or suffocated when I lay down.?

I have to stand up or walk around to relieve the anxiety attacks. Sometimes when I watch TV that has anything to do with tight space or claustrophobia my anxiety attack is triggered. Sometimes in the middle of my sleep I wake up feeling pinned down triggered by an itch in the back that I couldn't reach. Sometimes when I feel pinned down I am afraid of laying down to sleep although I am very tired. This feeling is horrible and pure hell to me. My first attack happened to me 10 years ago in a relationship where I was in love but felt insecure about the other person. After the relationship ended I occasionally encountered during my sleep. Now, I have been having this almost everyday for the last 3 weeks. I have researched about anxiety attacks and none of the symptoms about "feeling of being pinned down" is listed. I am not sure if my anxiety attacks are linked or triggered by my claustrophobia. I am claustrophobic but not severe. Lately, if the room is too dark or a bit small I get anxiety attacks. Please help and share if anyone out there has had the same symptom. Thank you. Tim.

My veins bulge when i stand?

23 male, slim.
medication : zyprexia 5 mg

my veins bulge when i stand up. i can actually feel them. sometimes it hurts abit.
i suffer from anxiety/panic attacks.

i feel very wobbly when i stand and walk.
i am pretty unfit havent gym'd in a year. working on pc whole day for past year.

should i worry about it it?

my bp is around 130 or 140 over 90.