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Why Do I Want To Be Around People When I

Why don't I want to be around people?

There will be always 3 broad type of people you will meet:People you like (friendly, beautiful, likable, other positive attributes)People you do not like (rude, ugly, repulsive, other negative attributes)Neutral people (people not know to you and do not have any striking attributes which you deem negative or positive)When you meet a person of each category what happens is that you get a:Pleasant feeling for likable peopleUnpleasant feeling or unlikable peopleNeutral feeling for neutral peopleYou have to try to be equanimous to these feeling contemplating their transient nature. This helps you keep your composure and happiness whoever you're with. Also it helps you understand the mental and physiological process these feeling arise. In addition, you can understand the mental process of how you perceive people and break down these barriers.There is a technique called Vipassana which gives insight to the natural order of phenomena and your mental and psychological process, so you can live in tune with nature, without metal or psychological pain. Vipassana meditation has its roots in Buddhism but is practiced by Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Atheists, etc. alike. It is not sectarian or dogmatic, but very scientific in addressing root case of negative emotions, stress and suffering hence restoring your mental and psychological balance. You can try it out. Following are some pointers where you can locate a course:Vipassana MeditationInternational Meditation Centres | HomeWorld Buddhist Directory

How do I make other people want to be around me?

Being nice is another way of saying,You never disagree with anyone.You never vocally express your thoughts for fear of persecution. You avoid conflict.You try to please others. You want others to think that you are a good person. It will trouble you so much if someone thinks that you did something bad.  You probably like someone but are timid in expressing your feelings. The answer to your question lies somewhere inside you. As you grow older you will find the answers yourself to such questions. Someone told me this when I was younger but I still spent enough time fretting about everything and everyone around me until I grew older and my priorities became clear.  But here goes an attempt at giving you some insight. Try to be respectful but disagree if you have an opinion with your friends and family. Be concise, eloquent in your responses. Don't exaggerate stuff, or don't lie. As people grow older, the bull shit meters get better. "my daddy climbed Mt Everest wearing a dhoti" will work when everyone around you is in 2nd grade but not much older in life. Sometimes people start ignoring if your conversations are more hyperbole, exaggeration rather than practical. So tune your expressions.Express yourselfPainting, Music, Go on an adventure (motorcycling across country) to understand who you are ? Do avoid conflict but stand up for something in your life, even if you are all alone (ex, Women's rights, Politics, Anti-Corruption)Pick a hobby or be passionate about something. I grew passionate about world cinema. Never ever try to please someone. Its futile and to be frank, no one around you cares that much. You probably just feel they do. Try to be happy with who you are. That will give off a confident aura to others. To do this, start by not giving a damn about everything your friends say.  Be a nice person but don't try to go out of your way to be nice unless people around you really deserve it. Be practical. Being nice is your currency, don't scatter it all over the place. Buy a motorcycle and do a road trip across whichever country you are from, meet a lot of strangers, talk to them, share stories. Come back to your life and that experience will show. You will find that life is much more than fulfilling then worrying why other people ignore you.Be confident yaar ! life is short and you are important not others.

Why is it that i people always want to be around me?

Well those things you just described as your interest appeals to a lot of people. If you really want to be the loner type. Don't talk to them. Always show disdain when they speak to you. Be dull and hardly respond to anything someone says to you.

Eventually they will start to avoid you like the bubonic plague. Though, for someone like you. I'd try to step out of my comfort zone and befriend people. If you really aren't the social butterfly. You can always ask to be alone. Or stay indoors.

Why do I hate being around people?

You may just be introverted. Introverted means you have the social skills to function well with people, such as good manners and able to behave when told to, but you prefer your own time and it's fun to think to yourself instead of talking to people about what's on your mind. Or it's social anxiety! It's not so much that you "hate" people, I think it's that you don't like crowds. You prefer quieter environments. No, I don't think you're being rude or stuck up by wanting to enjoy your own, quiet time. You just don't like all the noise and being the center of attention I think right? (like, all those people asking, "Hi what's your name?"). If you don't want to be seen as rude, just say Hi to people if they looking straight at you.

The thing is, you seem to understand you're situation more than you think! Not being able to Trust people is okay if you're living around a neighborhood where the people aren't always that nice, maybe try moving to a quieter town? But if you feel you can't trust people so much that you're shutting them out, it may be an irrational fear. Try telling your husband right now, what you wrote on yahoo answers here, try a counselor, and hopefully your husband will be there to support you!

Good Luck!

When I am with people I want to be alone, and when I am alone I want to be with people. Why is this?

Before I start, I’m not in anyway a “specialist” just someone who like you, feels this way!And boy oh boy, I felt like I was the only one until I read your question.If I may state, I’m living with anxiety, depression and ADHD so its all fun and games in my head, I’m sure you get what I mean.What does it mean?Good question I personally noticed, I love nothing more than to be left alone(my example here) When im in my house in the kitchen with others I cannot eat and will choose to try avoid it at all costs! - basically hate being around people.Then on the other hand!!I sit at home alone ( my family is on holiday)You would assume that’s great right? All alone just like I love to be?Well I get sad and lonely, and I wish I could just hear people in the house ( I don’t even mind if its just a noise of someone watching TV) I makes me go really strange in my head.I have several things like this but I digress.I think it means that we do want to be accepted, or at the least, be tolerated. I’m sure you’re a unique individual, as I am, and we get by just coping, or doing what we do.The truth is, humans need interaction its in our instincts, but lately we seem to push ourselves away from that, for MANY different reasons!Personal life, choices we make/madesocial media, internet yada yadawhere we live, our thoughts or opinions.our general awareness of people trusting them?This list could go on, ( My ADHD is trying to make me type a whole book I apologize!!)Anyway, it doesn’t mean anything really, we are human, we have our ups and downs, our opinions, our views. Really I think the answer to the question relies specifically on the person asking! Just like the example I gave you, my reasons for its meanings are just unique to me and my life, as yours would be too.However if its something that worries you, maybe speak to someone about it, I have used counselling and it has helped me accept my querks.One therapist once told me that, sometimes we think “coping” with anxiety means we are not fixing the problem. But the reality is you are making it work however you feel comfortable.Querks an all! I apologize If this isn’t “exactly” what you needed for an answer, but I do hope it helps you in some way or any for the matter.Regards Steffan.

I don't like being around people?

The love for other ppl is probably one of the best things. Because if we go out there and have solid relationships with people our quality of life goes up. The feelings we get from satisifing relationships is priceless sometimes. Its hard to make it through this life alone. Sometimes we get down and our friends and family are there for support. When we get stressed out, sometimes its hard to find the power within us to get ourselves back up and friends and family will definately make this easier for you. Plus you learn a lot about life and it makes you wiser and a better person going through expereinces with people. If you want to make more friends, you can definately do it, and a lot of people are in the same boat as you looking for a friend they can connect with. Sometimes we have to take our fears head on, and after we face them, we learned that there was nothing to fear in the first place. But you never know that unless you do it.

Id suggest surrounding yourself with positive people. Less drama, less negativity, better friendships. :-)

Why do I suddenly hate being around people?

Well, I'm agoraphobic. I enjoy it. I mean, sure sometimes its hard and horrible. But I hate people. I'm happy to sit in my house, on my computer. I don't rot with it, I work. It's great, the only hard thing I have with it is school. Thats a bummer, I have to go, but there are so many people. I can't tell you how to get over it, but I can sympathize.

I hate being around people?

I hate being around people , all i want is to be alone in my room and no one talking to me ,being alone was never a problem to me in fact i find joy being alone , i spend the majority of my time in my room, playing video games or watching something in my computer while eating a lot of junk food and drinking a lot of soda because these are the only things that makes me happy and i know that they don't hate me , because when i'm around people i feel isolated i feel like i don't fit in i feel like they hate me and don't want to be around me and i feel like no one care aobot my opinion or about me , and if i talk to somebody I'm always afraid that I'm gonna say the wrong thing and hurt there feelings and even if i don't , always think that i hurt there feeling by saying somthing no matter what and these things make me really really sad i even sometimes cry in my bed , and i had these feelings since i was like 10 years old and i'm now 20 years old i don,t have friends even online i tried to talk to other people but i'm always afraid , the only people that i talk to are my family but not so much and i think they don't know that i have this problem, also i don't know if this is relevant or not but when I'm in my room i never turn on the lights if i really need the lights i use the flash in my phone , is there anything wrong with me ? (Sorry but english is not my first language , and sorry if this is too long)