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Why Do Left Wingers Always Take Sides Against The Police Why Do Left Wingers Seem So Hostile

Why does it seem that Democrats or left wingers always resort to violence when they don’t get their way?

Perhaps we should remember what happened to Democratic Representative Gabby Giffords, where she and 18 others were shot. Six died.And then there was the pro-gun nut Dylan Roof who decided that it was his duty to go kill nine blacks. He had listed as one of his strongest influences the website of the Council of Conservative Citizens. I should note that the “Council of Conservative Citizens” is what used to be called the “White Citizens Council”.And let us not forget the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people…which bombing was committed by a guy who had been a member of a right-wing militia.What’s more, the highest homicide rates are found in red states, not blue states (homicides per 100,000 residents):Louisiana 10.3Mississippi 8.6Missouri 6.6South Carolina 6.4Maryland 6.1Nevada 6.0Delaware 5.8Florida 5.8Alabama 5.7Georgia 5.7Tennessee 5.7Alaska 5.6See that? Only two out of the top twelve states with the worst homicide rates could be called blue states. The other ten are very red indeed. So much for the claims that we on the Left are somehow more violent than those on the Right.I think we should all learn - as I did - to not blindly take the words of the right-wing media as Gospel, but instead listen to their claims - and listen to our own - and then look up the data for yourself, and then decide who’s right or who’s wrong. But be careful, because when people start looking at the data objectively, they might find themselves becoming liberal…because that’s how I changed from a strong conservative to a strong liberal.(edited to ensure adherence to BNBR)

Generally, who's more aggressive in their protests? The left or right? Why?

There has been far more infrastructure damage from left wing protests than from right wing protests. Individual acts of terrorism are not considered protests when committed outside an actual protest.The right wing protests mostly include prolife marches, and the white supremacy march a while ago.Antifa is notorious for destroying businesses, turning over cars, throwing molotovs at police and the like. There has been one instance where a left wing college professor hit a man on the head with a bike rack, causing him to bleed. Another instance was where an antifascist stabbed a man in his hand for having a “Nazi style haircut”. They tend to wear black hoods, tight pants, a bandana covering their mouth, and usually sunglasses to hide their identity. This group is mostly composed of young millenials who strongly believe in Communism, Democratic Socialism, and are against capitalism. By far, Antifa is the most notorious for giving the left a bad name.The LGBT and Third Wave feminism community has been known for public indecency (exposing their bodies) among other things such as promoting immorality (prostitution). This group is more vocally aggressive, much like Black Lives Matter.Black Lives Matter has had their fair share of aggressive but not violent protests. There has been a terrorist attack by a member in Dallas against several police officers, but that was done so by an individual, therefore it is not a protest.The Alt Right is a right wing ideology, promoting Traditionalism and Nationalism. The organization of this group had been a response to the aforementioned 3 groups, who caused the Alt Right to take on an aggressive role.The Pro Life community is a right wing, primarily Christian community who has been known to organize many protests. This group is definitely the least violent/aggressive. This group goes against abortion, valuing the life of babies.Edit: Lately, the KKK had been obselete. They are in no way a considerable threat nor a serious problem.This answer was based primarily off of memory.

Why do libs think that Fascism is a right wing ideology?


There are right wing fascism (Hitler) and left wing fascism (Stalin).

Fascism is simply totalitarianism - a severe police state. And that can operate under any economic system.

"We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions." -- Adolf Hitler, May 1, 1927

It might be an over-simplification, but to the absolute left is ultra-Socialism which can manifest itself as Fascism or Communism. To the absolute right is Anarchism. Complete government control over citizens and property vs. zero control over citizens and property.

When the USA was founded. It was far to the Anarchy side. Evidence to this was the weak Articles of Confederation. Just having been under tyranny, it might have been understandable why the founders took this position. It was soon found that this was an unworkable form of government. The Constitution was a move toward a more powerful central government of the left. The Bill of Rights portion of the Constitution was a mechanism to keep the USA from going to far in this direction by limiting how much power this more powerful government could have.

The road to ultra-socialism goes through the Progressive philosophy. Progressives believe that society and people can be "improved" or shaped into a better society. Notice both Communism and Fascism have this theme. The vehicle of this "improvement" is control of the economy. Complete control is where Communism and Fascism begin. Both have forced redistribution of wealth. Where they differ is how private property is treated. In Communism, it is eliminated. In Fascism it is controlled by the state. They are not opposites. They are the fruit of the same tree, extreme Progressive philosophies aimed at a utopian "betterment" of society with ultra-Nationalism mixed in. Both Hitler and Lenin have been described back in the day as progressives.

What made you switch from left-wing to right-wing?

Facts.As a younger teen I was more left-wing because I didn’t know better. I wasn’t really interested in politics that much and I obtained most of my information through people and a few media outlets and I just believed them. When I got into my later teens my interest in politics grew more and more and I started to go to different sources of information and not believe everything I’m told. The more I grew up, the more I questioned my left-wing ideas to find out that I actually didn’t agree with them when I started to find evidence proving the opposite. The right-wing has the ability to deal with facts far better than the left ever did.I like facts, I even love facts.If you can give me actual factual scientific evidence that there are more than two genders, I’ll become a BiSexualTransQueerMcGender and my pronouns will be fe, fim and fis.If you can give me actual factual statistics showing more lives are taken by guns in America than saved by them, I’ll hand in my imaginary 9mm (Can’t have the real ones in the Netherlands).If you can show me statistical evidence that Sweden has not lost to the refugee crisis, and that the refugees are more contributing to society than not, I’ll convert to Islam, move to a war zone, apply for the refugee status and then move to Sweden.You will not be able to find any of these things because facts already say otherwise, and facts are set in stone.Facts switched me from left-wing to right-wing and that is how simple it is.