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Why Do Most Men Say They Don

Why do men cheat and say they love their wife?

they say it, but they don't.

if it's truly love, then the man won't cheat on his wife. if the guy does cheat, then it isn't the wife that he loves, he just loves having someone to come back to and who'll accept him back because they do actually love him.

most men struggle with sexual thoughts about others other than their wife, but their love for their wife will allow them to resist the temptation of cheating.

the only real exception that i see is if they are drunk, but then still if it happens more than once, then they don't care enough to change and therefore mustn't love their wife as they should.

Why are many men these days saying they don't want a daughter?

Some men will talk like this until they actually HAVE a daughter. Then he will love her as much as he does his sons.

Why do so many guys say they don’t know how to talk to women? How is it different from talking to men?

They don’t communicate the same way. Women on average will communicate to mostly everyone to get a good understanding of the person, where men really don’t communicate to understand the person.Women will communicate to just understand the person and the situation they’re in, have been in, or will be in. It’s really person focused, where men communicate for more competitive reasons so they see things thru different lenses and keep track of different things.“Hello” is a greeting to a girl, but to some guys it’s not good enough, or they’ll try and fluff the “Hello.” Women enjoy very simple communication compared to men. Men are a bit more competitive by nature so it’s not always easy.They’re many factors that make it hard. Some guys day dream while with the girl, I’ve done it when I was very young. A girl talked to me for 5 minutes and I day dreamed the whole time, and snapped out of it. Women also enjoy it when they have the full attention of a guy, but you KNOW! He’s thinking of other stuff to do. If a guy can give you his full attention usually communicating is pretty easy, but that’s not going to happen often especially if they’re young.

Why do most guys say they don't like breast implants, yet they like porn stars and strippers that have them?

I think you're right. I have mostly guy friends, and before they get comfortable being with me, they say a lot of stuff they don't mean. Like how they don't like slutty girls, or they would never date one, or that they don't like implants. Once they're comfortable the truth comes out.

They say what they think they're supposed to say to be seen as "good guys" so girls will go out with them. It's funny to watch. If it's just me in the room they'll say one thing, but as soon as a new girl comes in they pretend like they're such nice boys.

Why do so many men seem to hate cats?

Hope this doesn't "rile too many feathers", but.......In my like animals that "fawn" over them (dogs, women, etc).

Cats are too independent and men seem to be intimidated by that. Have you ever noticed that most men don't like "independent" women, either? Women appreciate that cats "do their own thing".

I know people aren't going to agree with this, but as I said, this is MY OPINION, and I've been observing men (and women)f for over 65 years!

I love cats and dogs, and my husband "tolerates" my cats!
So......that's my opinion!

Why do most men enjoy violence in movies and most women don't?

Before i head to the answer, let me share a funny incident.A friend of mine (girl wali friend) was sitting in her office and some geeks around her were talking about how Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were going to fight for WWE Championship.She just said, “Shield was awesome, i don’t know why they didn’t go long as a tag team”.and the looks on the faces of those guys, were more than just flabbergasting.Now on the question :Imagine a Guy going gaga over a romantic scene in which the girl is falling in the arms of the hero and they are crying .Imagine a girl going nuts on the scene where the celtic warrios chops off the head of the opponent in half, with blood showering out of his head.Now imagine the reactions of people who actually are watching this guy and girl. You get your answer ;)

Do all guys masturbate?? even if they say they don't?

He is a liar:all guys do it even when they say that they don't.
It's nature and cannot be stopped.
Most do it more then once a day at least.

Why do a lot of men say they are straight but engage in bisexual behavior?

The simple answer is society. If you are a married man you will not admit that you enjoy sex with another man. If you are single you would be even more hesitant as this would be a challenge to your masculinity.When I was young, a teenager, I experienced mutual masturbation for the 1st time. The guy was older and I enjoyed this immensely. I knew that it was counter to my friends and family so I never said anything but I also never stopped. It was really too much fun.I kept it up with this guy for about 20 years even through my 1st marriage. I didn't see this as cheating because she didn't have a penis. When I moved away I lost my favorite hobby. I was lucky enough to find craigslist and was able to meet like minded married man who want to play with another penis.Most of the guys maintain that they were straight but just like to jerk off with someone from time to time. The fact is after we jerked off each other for, the second time we graduated to sucking each other. I told them I didn't want to take any cum in my mouth and about half of them said they didn't either. The surprising thing was how many guys wanted to suck my cock and have me cum in their mouth. They would say it was something they always wanted to do.Since I didn't care about labels the fact that they said there was straight didn't bother me. I have actually determines that because 2 guys enjoy sucking each other or otherwise playing with each other's penises I regard this as a man play. It is not gay behavior if you don't kiss and you don't do anal and you're not emotionally attached to the other person.I know that I would be labeled bisexual if other people knew when I did but they don't. The reason is it's none of their business.The amount of man who engageing male to male play is large and growing. Part of the reason is the ease of hooking up another part is the fact that less men hesitate because they see on so many websites that men are thinking it and doing it.