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Why Do Mras Whine So Much About Everything That Offends Them

Why are this MRA group harassing Kate Winslet?

'Fathers4Justice' is an MRA group which aims in bringing some lost 'Justice' for fathers. Recently it seemed they had their eyes set for some publicity with their attack on actor Kate Winslet for saying in an interview how her children are always under her care and never under their fathers.

The quote was: 'None of this 50/50 time with the mums and dads – my children live with me; that is it.’ Someone this had them fired up to a level they decided to attack Kate, and her children with a quote having something to do with her children and the holiday season.. Kate Winslet has threatened to sue them after realizing their even trying to use her in a new campaign as if her being a single mother wasn't hard enough, they want to blame her for being a single mother in the first place.

One thing i acknowledged is how the fathers have never complained about lack of access to their children and have not even reacted to this surge by this group on their behalf. Just this shows how this dysfunctional campaign is misguided as how can you claim to against this non-existant bias of between fathers and their children when fathers don't seem bothered for 'justice' in the first place?

The mother says their children are unaffected by the absence of their father. The fathers don't seem bothered or fazed at all? This attacking and harrasment was stupid?

Why do everyone hate Pisces women?

What people tend to forget in this forum is that people's experiences differ. There are people out there (you seem to be one of them lol) that have had alot of negative experiences with Pisces...and yeah i see where you are coming from because ive been on the recieving end of that too..but ive also known some very sweet and genuine Pisces women. They are very emotionally, looking at it this way, it seems that one side of the Pisces population turns it into bitterness and self-pity, whereas the other Half turn it into generosity and risk meeting either side whenever you meet a Pisces, just like you do with any Sign.

Why is there so much racism against south Asians, especially Indians?

First of all, racism is everywhere.Racism against Indians is mainly prominent in European countries. Since they have ruled us for centuries, they still take us as inferior to themselves. They called us Indians(since we didn't marry in churches) and Indian is an offensive word according to British law. If you call some Britisher, an Indian, its a criminal offence, punishable by law.          The meaning of the word INDIAN today means "inhabitant of India" but they still take the older meaning and carry the same mentality.       Same is the case with Arab countries. When Mughals conquered us, they called us Hindu or Kafir (offensive word for non-followers of Islam). So, no matter, what we attain or achieve, the orthodox ones will always treat us as an inferior race. So is the racism.       Besides this, Indians have spread all over the world and have established as successful businessmen, employees in the top most institutions.       So the original inhabitants feel like their jobs or chances of progress are being eaten away, and since the number of Indians is greater than any other community, they are mainly subjected to racism.

What do feminists think of men going their own way (MGTOW)?

I used to be a feminist, and I now consider myself to be MGTOW, so I’ll take a stab at this. The hostility is created by the fact women tend to be valued more than men. Men not only are forced to compete for women, but are still encouraged to do so in the year 2016 (under the guise of being confident and ‘manly’). Men also are always ridiculed, and in two specific ways. One way is to belittle men on how they’re morally inferior to women, despite the fact men are ridiculed for having those same characteristics that get women praise. The other way men are ridiculed is by comparing them to other men (whom are usually female-approved).Men calling themselves MGTOW are called losers by the deluded masses, but the female equivalant to MGTOW is known as women’s empowerment. Women are allowed to bash men and everything they do wrong, but it can never be the other way around. With these horrible double standards lurking against men, it’s no wonder why some men who don’t allow their sex drive to control them may be a bit irritated. Again, all of these double standards are justified by both feminists and tradcons. Feminists do so with their male privilege concept, while tradcons use their survival of the tribe argument.Are traditionalist women really any different from feminists? The answer is no, because even ‘traditional’ women cherry pick which tenets of traditionalism to keep in place, and which ones they’ll discard. In a sense I have far more respect for the feminist, because at least they’re willing to get their hands dirty and take a great amount of heat for their views. Traditional women on the other hand not only escape having the stigma of the feminist label attached to them, but still get to reap in the benefits of a post-modern feminist movement and their still retained cultural privileges. Traditionalist women (and men) also want to keep the same tradiations in place that have harmed men to begin with. It’s nice to see that MGTOW has finally started to call out all BS, and not just concentrate on feminists.

Why do most feminists/people hate MRA's?

I'm a a female MRA.
Why do people say men have no discrimination, or denied rights? Mostly feminists?
I mean, men are discriminated against in healthcare, are denied service at domestic violence shelters, and have to sign up for draft, but women don't.
So, how come when MRA's try to bring awareness to these things, feminists are rude and "offended"?

Why do people whine about Boku no Pico?

Lemme be honest here. It was the first ever 'hentai' anime I watched. It left me puking in the bathroom, quite literally.It is some serious adult sh*t. And yet it has got a poster of a guy who crossdresses as a girl along with a normal adult guy who is actually a gay. It looks like some child show, but it's a trap.Not only was I tricked into watching that show by it's poster, but it's not that criticise hentai addicts:It is HentaiIt is gay hentaiIt is child gay hentaiHow much worse can it get?3. You can never be able to eat an ice-cream with such affection as you used to do before. Especially a vanilla flavored.4. You will have fear of new green colored cars. And there will constant fear and repeated trauma of that stupid show if you are travelling with some random guy alone in a car. This goes especially for guys in thier teens.5. Yaoi is defined as 'Love between two guys' not necessarily intimate. But this one, especially crosses all such limits.6. The one and only one reaction you have got if you have watched that show:So I would rather recommend to those who have not watched that show to never watch it. Never do it.Trust me, and never watch​ it. I swore to never again watch any other hentai in my life. Never again I want to go through all that headache in my life.I am sorry if I offended anyone :-!

Why do feminists start hashtags like #killallmen, #allmenarerapists #endfathersday on Twitter?

"Why do feminists start hashtags like #killallmen, #allmenarerapists #endfathersday on Twitter?"

The do those things precisely because they are empowered to do those things. In effect, they are just following along in exactly the same fashion as what many of their prominent feminist leaders have done. There are countless examples of misandry and blatant man-hate on record made by prominent feminists that have gone completely unchallenged for decades now. Thus, man-hate has become an accepted part of feminism.

You can read several examples of man-hating comments made on record by prominent feminists here:

The denial, or defending of this man-hate by self-proclaimed feminists always baffles me as there is never an excuse for hate.

Why is it okay for women to be superficial and excluding, but not for men?

That question allowed women to express their appreciation of the myriad delights the male form has to offer. I'm not sure how you inflated the responses to that inquiry to the self-pitying, woman-blaming state of affairs you describe in your question details.There are loads of questions on Quora asking the same essential questions about attraction and body parts and whatnot. There are also questions about relationship deal-breakers - perhaps you should locate one of those to help prove your point.Except it really doesn't. We, men, women, all of us, can't help who we're attracted to. I like nice teeth. I like guys who wear glasses. (Neither are deal-breakers for me, but I did get me a guy with both, so that's cool.) I don't know why I like those things, but I do and that's ok. I bet you feel the same way. Judging from your question, I'm sure of it.It's ok to have standards, and ok to exercise them. It's ok to say ‘Sorry, not interested’ to whomever. Try to not be a jerk about it, though. No one is going to support your right to yell ‘Piss off, fatty!” at some girl who asks you out.As an aside, I'd think that men would be flattered to know how many women are a-twitter over their forearms or the napes of their necks. One poor guy I've interacted with here on Quora was utterly convinced that women absolutely could not be attracted to men, because no woman had been attracted to him. I find that sad, as it is clearly untrue. And we aren't just talking about male models here - I know plenty of women besotted with their regular-guy partners.So stop getting your dander up, and look for someone who appreciates you, that you appreciate in return. I'd recommend losing the uninformed and mean-spirited attitude first, though.