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Why Do Muslims Hate On Me

Why do muslims hate me?

Hi, im from Australia but I live by myself in a heavily muslim dominated area. Whenever I walk my dog or even step out of my house, my muslim neighbourrs stare at me, and avoid me at all costs, they run to the other side of the road when they see me walking my dog and they stare at me with hatrid in their eyes. I have never done anything personally wrong to them. Why do they hate me?

Why do muslims hate dogs?

I've had a lot of Muslim friends throughout my life and believe me, they were nice people. So, I was walking my neighbors dog when this Muslim women in a hijab said 'why do you have that disgusting animal with you and started making rude comments. I literally lost it, I yelled at her so loud that she literally started crying, I said sorry although she just called me a sinner and walked away. Yes, I do feel bad for yelling at her. Dogs weren't bred when Mohammed wrote the Quran, so why do Muslims hate dogs? I'm not Muslim, I'm just curious

Why do Muslims hate me?

Okay so My name is Michiyo Ho I'm 16 years old and I'm a car model I'm Chinese and I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

So the problem is that whenever a muslims ask me what is your religion and I say I don't belive in god and they all start looking at me like i'm a cursed child!!! They say that I must belive ingod or else I will go Hell and I'm like wtf but i told them that god isn't real and then they started saying some of there spells and more spells they were saying something like Abracadabra I don't remember what they were saying maybe it was in other language and afterr they finished there spells they just went leaving me alone :'(

And the other day I saw a girl in school and the weather was really hot but she was wearing big chloths and something her head and I went to her and I talk to her nicely and said why do you guys wear that thing don't feel hot? but she said nothing and left.

And as I said am a Car Model!!! So I gave some of my pics on facebook and some of the Muslims student commented like "why is your shirt so small?" some of them commented "Why are your pants so small?" and also some of them commented "HARAMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!" I don't that word means but I know it's something bad!!!

And also this happend to me yesterday I saw meny people not eating and not drinking so I went to one of them and because I thaught she was hungry I brought some food for her and also some drinks but she kept on ignoring me and walked away!!!

Someone help me, I don't know what did I do what did I say that made them mad so you guys just tell me what the **** did i do that thay don't like me???

Why do Muslims hate Jews?

I don't hate real jews who observe the Torah.
I hate these secular jews who have no respect for the laws of God nor for human life. They are like ISIS who use religion for their own political purpose.

Why do Muslims hate the Ba' Hai ?

Muslims believe the Bahai is a renegade offshoot of Islam since they broke away. Their teachings are a mishmash of alot of religions including greek mythology, paganism, christianity, buddism and many others. If you delve into their text you will find that most of it doubles back on its' self and contractidts it's own teachings. It is just another new age feel good, makes no sense religion. Most REAL religions don't make you sign a card to join, give up 10% of your income, shun, etc. all the things cults are known for. They call themselves "the fastest growing religion on earth" a falsehood, they fall far behind the catholic church which is in the top 3 %. They also call themselves the "one world relgion' which directly contradicts the teachings of the christian bible which they say is incorperated into their belief. They believe Jesus was a prophet not the son of god as is taught in other religions. So, don't believe what they tell you without checking it out first!

Why do Americans Hate Muslims?

I can give you almost 3000 reasons, raise you 163 marines, 26 sailors, and countless other deaths at the hands of Muslims UNPROVOKED.

(When lazy, half-brained nut jobs blame other people for their own misfortunes, I ignore them. No wonder they resort to murder, they don't have enough values to find work, they certainly don't care about the lives of others.)

The real question is why don't Muslims hate Muslims? Don't they have the same level of concern for human life that we do?