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Why Do Non-mislim Women Care About Muslim Women .

Why do muslim women care more about competing with non muslim women than they care about their own sons?

cant they just keep their noses in their own lives and families? we don't share a refrigerator ! I know you think we do. (you cant feed your kids without non muslims) but we will fix that so we don't have to have you around anymore.
your men threaten us and prefer us and wont leave us alone and YOU BREED them.

Why do many non muslims care if Muslim women cover themselves?

If they are happy that a woman is wearing revealing clothes and don't think shes oppressed, then why should they be bothered about a woman whose covered herself.

Its an old argument one of the way that the British really
effected the wearing of the Hi jab in Egypt during their occupation, was to attack the clothes that Muslims were wearing. This is nothing new if we give in here, then they'll slowly keeping going until theres only a name left.

Be pro choice and its your choice to cover up.

In fact the woman who dresses to attract men is in chains that she may never be free from. Until she grows too old and cannot compete anymore then the people will throw her on the scrapheap. Or be a woman who makes people she her for herself, for what she really is. A dignified human being.

Why are non-muslim women embracing islam in the west?

we've come so far with equality in the u.s in regards to gender differences pertaining to money, careerts, etc but this tolerance for such a religion as islam i believe will undermine and stall all our efforts and current progress considering that ideology believes women can't speak, can't work, can't show their face, can't go out in public without the company of a male relative, etc. As a proud father of 2 children I would hate to see what kind of world my daughters are going to grow up in as we integrate with this backwards, oppressive, sexist group of people.

What Islam says about Muslim women marriage to non Muslims men?

Qur'an - Surat al Ananam, 6:59
And with Him are the keys of the Ghaib (all that is hidden), none knows them but He. And He knows whatever there is in (or on) the earth and in the sea; not a leaf falls, but he knows it. There is not a grain in the darkness of the earth nor anything fresh or dry, but is written in a Clear Record.

Qur'an - Surat at-Tauba 9:51
Say: "Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Maula (Lord, Helper and Protector)." And in Allah let the believers put their trust.

Qur'an - Surah al-Qamar 54:49 & 53
Verily, We have created all things with Qadar (Divine Preordainments of all things before their creation, as written in the Book of Decrees Al-Lauh Al-Mahfûz).

And everything, small and big is written (in Al-Lauh Al-Mahfûz already beforehand i.e. before it befalls, or is done by its doer).

I've quoted these verses from the Qur'an, giving you the Surah and ayat details so that you can check their veracity.

When Mohammad and Allah say that nothing can happen which is not the Will of Allah, where is the Question of the Muslim, who is a Slave of Allah, being able to do anything against His Will?

If the Qur'an is True and Allah's Will is immutable, then, unless Allah wills it, how can anyone even Sin?

If these ayats are True, then all the rest of it is moot because, then, it is Allah's Will that you Sin and, therefore, you are not the Sinner, but, an innocent victim of Allah's Will.

Think this over.


Why can a Muslim man marry a non-Muslim, but a woman cannot?

I have given a very detailed answer on this topic before, but because of the lack of time I would only tell you ONE thing logical which insh'Allah would make sense to you which is; that Muslim Men are told from the Qur'an and Sunnah to how to care his spouse, his wife, his woman. And Muslim Men will deal with non-Muslim woman (i.e ONLY Jews and Christians) who are believer of ONE God (who aren't Mushrik) in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah and will have a fear in Allah that if he did any unjust with his wife so he will be called for an account at the Day of Judgment

On the other side Muslim Women aren't allowed to marry ANY non-Muslim men because of the same reason that non-Muslim Men aren't told in their ANY religious scripture that how to treat and manage your spouse and her satisfaction. How you should take care of her and your family, your kids etc. So if he treats her unjustly so it won't effect him because he isn't told how to deal with their wives in their religious texts.

I would like to correct something here which is.. "MUSLIM MEN AREN'T ALLOWED TO MARRY NON-MUSLIM WOMEN" ... "MUSLIM MEN ARE ALLOWED TO MARRY DEVOUT BELIEVER JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN" ... And give her Dawah (Propagation of Islam) after Marriage.

"Do not marry unbelieving women until they believe: a slave woman who believes is better than an unbelieving woman even though she allure you. Nor Marry (your girls) to unbelievers until they believe: a man slave who believes is better than an unbeliever even though he allure you. Unbelievers do (but) beckon you to the Fire. But Allah beckons by His Grace to the Garden (of Bliss) and forgiveness, and makes His signs clear to mankind: that they may receive admonition". [Qur’an 2:221]

Mr. Khan

Why do muslim say women are so revered, but they can't even worship in some mosques with men?

How did Jesus Pbuh pray? Knees bent, face on the floor clone of Muslims do on the instantaneous. Do you imagine Jesus Pbuh replaced into spinning round saying praised be to God, with colourful shirts and overflowing spirit of exhilaration. making a music songs in stead of well mannered prayers. i imagine someone needs a lesson in non secular Etiquette.