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Why Do Pakistani And Indian Cricket Teams Feel The Need To Constantly Cheat

How can Indian cricketers/supporters accuse anyone else of cheating !!?

Before international (neutral) umpires were appointed any team traveling to india had usually already penciled in a loss as it was almost impossible to win in India due to the terrible umpiring decisions by the Indian umpires . Pitches were worked on inbetween days play to give India an advantage and to get an Indian batsman out was almost impossible.
You almost had to hit their pads plumb in front of the stumps with the ball carrying on to hit the hit the stumps and then the wicket keeper had to run them out before an indian umpire would raise his finger to give them out. Whereas for a visiting player to be given out all that was required was for the Indian team to appeal .
Indians should be the LAST people on earth to ever accuse anyone else of cheating , as they were the biggest cheats of all time .

How is the Indian cricket team ranked number 1 in tests even after it refuses to play against Pakistan? Politics should not come in the way of sports.

Exactly India can't retain its No1 spot if it plays against Pakistan.., Actually I would like to appreciate and congratulate for your Sense. The reason behind my analogy is If India play against Pakistan then they won't even exist.Yes cricketing fraternities knows & remembers what kind of security measures can be & will be provide to the visitors. The classic security issue of 2009 terror attack on SL itself is a proof of Pakistan calibre. Pakistan can boost about its global military position by killing civilian and fringe outfits that too with the help of Mighty USA.Better focuses on improving your security measures and prove it by conducting international matches(excluding India) on regular basis before advocating about Politics & Cricket. GoI / BCCI knows what they are doing.

Indian Cricket adventure of Ganguly Came to End ?

It is mainly due to lack of form, Ganguly lost his place in the Indian Team. He did not do much when he was dropped to regain his place in the Indian Team by performing wsell in domestic cricket. He was slightly over confident that he will get his place shortly. However when he realised that his place in the Indian Team can no longer be taken granted, it was too late and he could not excell to satisfy the selectors, Coach and Captain.
I do not think that if the present trend continues, he will be able to regain a place in Indian Team

Why are all countries calling my Australian team cheats?

Because australia cheated in the world cup against Sri Lanka and Shane Warne is a drug king and he has pictures with prostitues,i'm not joking,and Adam Gilchrist wears a ball in his glove because he dosent have any balls,they can't win without cheating,Aussies go play sum fair cricket

Australian cricket team is known for coming back really hard after a defeat. Can India do it again ?

Ok ok ok.
The stats show us that India loses a match just after winning a test match abroad.

* India won 2nd test at Port of spain in 2002 then lost the next Barbadose test.
*India won the Adelaide test in 2003 & then lost the next MCG test.
*India won the Multan test in 2004 & then lost the next test (don't remember venue,lol)
*India won the Johannesburg test in 2006 & then lost the next test (i think it was at Durban)

So, it's in front of us. Every great Indian test win abroad is followed by a big defeat. So we need to move on now. Perth win was historic & every expert has said it was a terrific affort by Indian players.

And now on the other hand, Australians are known for coming back really really really strongl;y after a defeat.

Remember what happened after Ashes 2005?
ICC selected 16 top international cricketers & Australians thrashed them 3-0 in odi's & 1-0 in a 6 day test.

Will they do it?

Is Bangladesh slowly replacing Pakistan as India's major opponent in South Asian cricket?

No, it is not. But don't get me wrong.Since the past few years, Bangladesh Cricket Team is improving continuously. Becoming more and more formidable. The Pakistan Cricket Team, on the other hand, is on a downward spiral. However,this does not mean that Bangladesh is taking the place of Pakistan in the Indo-Pak rivalry.You see, Indo-Pak matches are much more than just cricket. It is a combination of emotions, passion and aggression. There is a charged atmosphere, and everybody is looking to give their best. This leads to nail-biting finishes most of the time. This passion is not dependent on the quality of the two teams, the matches are always electric. There is a lot of pressure on both the fans, and the players.While India and Pakistan do play other matches against other teams, which can be tough at times, like what India had with Australia some time back, and Pakistan had with South Africa. But those matches are not at par with the India-Pakistan matches. They can be tough, last over finishes, but they will never compare an India-Pakistan finish. India-Pakistan rivalry goes a lot beyond the cricket ground, and that is what makes these matches high-pressure nail-biters.While Bangladesh is gradually becoming a force to reckon with in the international cricket arena, they can't take the place of Pakistan as arch-rivals of India. This would be akin to Ireland replacing England in Ashes if the English team went down and the Irish team became better. That's just never going to happen.