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Why are men attracted to women?

Weird question but I'm so curious.
What makes 90% of men attracted to women and 90% of women attracted to men, its like all my male cousins love women, they chase women, and my female cousins like men,
why did God create us like this, what makes a mans mind like women, seriously hahahaa OK so this may sound lame but I posted a picture of a girls vagina to my facebook and got 76 likes and 44 comments in exactly 16 minutes but I have really the same amount of boys and girls in my friends, if not more girls but only like 5 girls like the picture (who were bi/les)
but in general MOST guys like women, most women like men, so whyyy did God make our brains like this ? is it so we reproduce and carry on the human race because if we weren't attracted to the opposite sex we wouldn't reproduce and we would go extinct like the dinosaurs did.. (also a study shows that gay men have the same size brains as women so please don't include them)

I don't want to hear "not all men like women some are gay" OKAY I GET IT BUT WHY DO MOST MEN LIKE WOMEN?
I'm sure kim kardashian and megan fox have a lot of men chasing them lol

Why do people think Asian women are attracted to white men?

Dave - Da'viVery I barely see Asian women and White Men as couples. I can give you a handful of Asian women and Black men

Very true, I've never seen an Asian woman white man couple in my life, however every other couple I see walking down the street are black men and Asian women. I'me a sad white man who just cant help feeling resentful of the success of black men. Why are black men seen as the most successful males.
Then my nightmare ended and I woke to the real world. Ha ha ha. Say what you like about white men but we don't care what you think. You need to respect someone first before you care what they think of you. Asians have earned some respect but I'me not sure if its because there doing so well in society, or because compared to blacks it would be very hard not to shine.

I'm attracted to some men because some men are good-looking.You seem to think men aren't good-looking. Well, duh. You're a straight man, right? It always amuses me that so many straight men think female bodies are somehow objectively more physically appealing than male bodies. Female bodies are more appealing *to you* because, you know, you're straight. I also wonder if you're in a culture that highlights female beauty and doesn't devote much attention to male beauty. That hasn't been the case for all cultures in all times. Beautiful men have gotten attention, too.I'm bisexual. I find men and women appealing. There are beautiful women and there are beautiful men. They have appealing faces and sexy voices and hot bodies -- and ideally awesome personalities, but for the moment we'll stick to the physical. Here are some men I find gorgeous:Josh HollowayMichael FassbenderJoseph Gordon-LevittNo big surprises. Fit. Some muscle tone but not all hulked out. Usually the stereotypical secondary sex characteristics -- broad shoulders, strong jaw -- but I'm flexible. The body parts that catch my eye tend to be hands, forearms, backs, necks, and of course ...DAT ASS(courtesy of Matt Bomer, who is unfairly pretty)I also respond strongly to voice. Alan Rickman's voice is ridiculously sexy. I wasn't a "cumberbitch" until Star Trek: Into Darkness, when Benedict Cumberbatch's voice totally did me in. Idris Elba's a good-looking dude, but his voice really nails it. And Brandon Keener, the voice actor behind Mass Effect's Garrus Vakarian, can call me.

Buddy, the thing is so strange as the men will be attracted to women only.Even the vice versa exists as a fact. The question should have been properly framed indicating the physical attraction towards women.Reason of uncontrolled attraction:- I am going to be scientific as that is the main thing rather than philosophy.The hormonal changes at teenage and early twenties are main 'evil' , yes , you heard/read it right.It's an evil because of many factors.I will not mention the reasons because that will be my matured,philosophical ideas and I will be criticized by the readers by the use of adjectives like :- judgemental,....blah blah....Okay,I got carried away,coming back, the hormonal changes makes the heart of a teenager go boom boom on seeing a rather"beautiful, naah,hotty".I get the sentiments that the most observable trait is the men being more attracted rather than women.The scientific reason behind this is that(according to the Discovery's research):- Men have a million of sperms.So,according to the nature (earth's natural rules), the men aren't choosy about a partner , hence attracted to a wide range of partners,generally.Whereas women have only a single egg,so,they are very choosy in selecting the 'right'partners,generally. Now, the things shouldn't be debated on the topic that why on earth has she related the sexual characters.It's simply a research to understand the human nature.

Why are most men not attracted to black women?

Don't listen to these horrible answers of the world. However it is true that a lot of men are just racist like that. A lot of black women were not raised as they were supposed to and do not know the role of the women. Studies show that black women are more strong willed and less submissive than other races. I think people stereotype most black women as what the world portrays as "angry black woman syndrome" It all comes from being supressed for so many years, you do the math, we have our first and only black president, our ancestors couldn't even learn to read or go to school for a very long time, of course we sound and act different from the majority "white" population. A lot of black people are still slaves of the mind that could do better but have no earthly idea on how to do so. Our next generation will be a lot better but we are behind young sister and we shall be first. All those racist comments disgust me especially the smelly part because I have been in the presence of whites who smell like wet dogs and I don't smell like that. It's all about how you were raised. In the bible we all came from Adam and Eve and those that were last shall be first. We are the rare jewels. Most of us are raised to be independent because black men missed the memo on how to be a real father in between slavery and segregation we still fighting today in one way or another to catch up. We don't know how to bow down and submit like most of the other races of women especially white women. I am engaged and this one is a keeper. We want what we want and we are not going for that bull ish. Some men get the aurora that we don't need them and that makes them go elsewhere. Be strong sister, I am very attractive and attract a lot of men but it's because I love myself. If you don't love, respect, take care, and educate yourself, no one else will. To tell you the truth I don't want a man that I can walk all over, I have someone that takes control and puts me in my place sometimes and I won't have it any other way.

Why are women attracted to men?

im a straight girl...and the same can be said in opposite ways:
why are men attracted to women? we have sacks of fat and tissue haning right in the middle of our chests, we have cramps and some of us get moody once a month, etc...
you must be a very shallow person. and not all women have nice bodies and some dont even smell nice.
for me:
i like abs, arms, (basically anything muscle) hair, smile, overall face, height, booty, etc...
but all of those are just major pluses...
he NEEDS to have a good personality and be really nice and funny and caring.

Why are black women so attracted to light skinned black men but look down or turn away?

Unlike many black women, I've never limited myself to black men. I was never the type to search for a man within a color group. I always searched for a man who fit my preferred height (VERY tall) and personality requirements (kind, gentle, goofy, nerdy, etc.) and there are men of all colors who fit that description. I eventually married a white guy. He's fun, he's goofy, he's attractive, he's VERY tall, he's (ahem) down there, and he treats me like a queen. I would love him just as much if he wasn't white. I think that all people need to stop drawing ethnic lines when searching for a significant other. By saying "I only date (insert race) guys here" you're ignoring tons and tons of wonderful guys! Get out in the world and go man shopping and try not to think so much about color. I guarantee you'll find someone great for you.

The art in being dominated. To be controlled. To be at the service of another. To be a sex slave. To be violated. To have another make decisions for you. To be pre-determined as to your fate.A dominant male could have a greater amount of experience if he is 20 years older than you. Most women are attracted to the alpha male for several reasonsmall : Social rank and status. Security. Protection.But make no mistake. A woman who subjects herself to a subservient role is also a woman who allows the man to believe he is in control, when in fact the woman rules. She owns the one feature only given to the woman. The man has strength and with that he abuses the power given unto him. The woman has strength of character and she is the gateway to life. For it is only her who can produce a male child, which is how the king lives beyond his death. The woman makes most of all final decisions in the house. The man is the head of the house hold but the woman is the neck and she makes the head go up and down, back and forth.Proof is easy, it explains the entire power structure of most relationshipsWhy do beds have flowers on them?The woman has all the power she will ever need, for she owns the most important real estate . . . . on her body. Location, location, location. Men cannot own a woman or her womanhood. Men lease it. They never own it. Women hold the pink slip of ownership. Men go to war and die for their woman. Today woman also do, however their mindset is that of a male, butch, in most cases. I said most, not all.There are many women who are in control and dont know it, so they relinquish what they have left. Womans groups are very good for women in need of validation. Validation shall set you free.A woman who wants to be dominated is fullfilling her fantasy. In the end she rules the world.