Why Do People Glorify Hard Work

Why do people like sex? Why is it glorified?

Why is sex viewed so negatively? It is how you got here, physically. It is made pleasurable for human beings and a few other animals for reasons beyond just procreating.

And who says the desire for sex means we do not care about people? You should stop looking down on sex and open your mind to the possibility that it is a positive, loving, enjoyable experience to be shared. Of course some people abuse it, but that is human nature. People always have and always will find ways to control and turn things so they work to their advantage. Don't see sex purely from their viewpoint.

Hard work is not glorified enough. That answers/invalidates question 1.There is no “work” in the world where every aspect of it is loveable. Pick any example, there are things one would hate doing, but they MUST BE DONE.Say you are a writer. (My brother is a writer). You love writing and you don’t think it is hard work. Try dealing with the publishers and editors and marketing folks. That is hard.Say you love writing code (like me). You are still going to be in meetings that you would love to avoid, but you have to do it because you know they are useful and this information needs to be shared. It is hard, and you have to do it because it impacts the thing you actually love about this job- coding.My martial arts master is almost always in pain, but he loves to train and get better everyday and does not go easy on himself (or anyone else). He has to go through the recovery process the right way so that he can train again the next morning. This is hard.I have an actor friend. She loves being an actor, she hates everything else that comes with it - always looking pretty, always watching her diet, she hates working out, cannot be seen having fun in public; it is all quite annoying. But it must be done.For arguments sake, in certain cases, let’s say one could hire someone to do the “not-fun” part of work for them. Let’s suppose you were born rich enough to afford doing that without being successful first- how lucky! You would still have to interact with this person and tell them what to do or how you want it done. It is still work and it would still be some level of hard.There is a reason why a hobby is a hobby and work is work. And if it really is work, one has to work hard to be successful. Sure, the goal in sight is a great motivator and makes everything worthwhile.

Every one has his/her share of ups and downs in life, but one “Silent Fear”which motivates people to inculcate perseverance and rocks the very comfort zone of people around is-The fear of living an average life and being a “Common man”.Now let me explain this grim ratrace everyone is yearning to excel and ace called “Life”. It may sound silly though that these words are coming from a 22 year old guy who himself is inexperienced in worldly affairs but the disciplined and highly ambitious people I am acquainted with and the amount of effort they put in just to rise above “Average” and suboptimal performances exposes their actual internal burning desire to oust every other competitor standing equal to them.The want and ardent need to Escalate Workplace and not be “ left behind” in any situation or aspect possible forces us and motivates us to fruitfully utilize our resources and energies in a self growth directed fashion. We all feel a little “envious” and start “judging our capabilities” if we are lagging behind our expected outcomes and take pride in oneself if the reverse happens.The point is seeing others win and lead the crowd sparks our charisma and will power to stand in the limelight anyhow even if the success is short lived and the very rejoicing moment dies after a minute,but demands “Spine breaking Efforts” consistently for long periods.The “Addiction to appreciation” is cruel as it forces even the dead to wake up and give one last try. Simple life may be smooth but lacks the vigour and streak of resounding success and self esteem associated with harder but more prominent life.Every one wants to create a “shining legacy” in which one can take pride and boast of in years to come. The submission of people to such “Grand legacies” is the reason why people keep working their hearts out even after being financially sound.So now closing this discussion which went a bit too long.Thanks,Suresh Keswani

Why do so many Asians glorify white people?

Wrong on many accounts.

I am an East Indian and fairer skin is admired among Indian women, pale skin is not. Basically the light yellow skin is admired as opposed to dark skin, women want their men to actually be darker than them in most cases. As for eye surgery, maybe the ones out in the US do it but the ones in Asian countries don't even have the money for it. For the blue contacts, in many Asian countries people wear glasses and not contacts. Bleaching the hair blonde? Okay maybe the Americanized ones but not the ones in Asia or even in other countries. As for Anime series, they want to have diversity in characters, they do make characters look Asian (Sasuke from Naruto looks Asian) but wouldn't an anime be boring if it had all Asian characters in it? They have Black people in anime too (Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin).

As for the lighter skin idea, Europeans had nothing to do with it, lighter skin (not White skin) was admired well before the Europeans arrived in Asia. It was also admired in women, not men.

Bottom Line, Asians now a days are business people. You will see Japanese and Indian people in Africa as opposed to Europe because that is where the money is. Asians really do not glorify Whites, the lighter skin ideals have been in place well before the arrival of Europeans.

Most Asians are proud of their heritage, most Asian women who marry men of other races do it for the Visas and the US citizenship.

Can't we say the same about Whites? How many of them tan their skin to look darker etc.

Why do people glorify those who commit suicide?

No one glorifies suicide. And it is not cowardly or selfish. It comes out of a mental illness or distress. It comes from extreme mental and emotional turmoil someone is personally dealing with to come to the point of even thinking about suicide.

Leelah, who ended HER life did so because of the mental anguish she felt. She was upset and frustrated at the lack of acceptance of her true self. There is nothing wrong with identifying as another or any gender. her reason was not pathetic. It shows how often these things go unnoticed in society and how many people end their lives over these issues. The driver is not at fault and they should know that. The mother does not have to accept her daughter as a female but she needs to know that is contributed to her daughter’s death.

Amanda Todd was not stupid. She was young and vulnerable and didn’t know the consequences. She took her life because of the bullying. That happens a lot in society and goes unnoticed far too often. Just because someone has bullied someone else doesn’t give anyone the right to do it back. Maybe she couldn’t have switched schools or moved. And it is really hard to let some things go. She felt so much pain she felt she had to end her life. She didn’t take the “lazy way out”. Her mind thought it was the only way. She was not a coward. She was someone who dealt with a lot of pain.

No one is making anyone out to be a hero for ending their life. They never deserved to live the lives they did full of discrimination, bullying, or the like. They are not at taut. Society doesn’t support suicide. Both of these examples make it known that suicide is happening and as a society we need to watch out more for how we act and what we say.

You need to get some help for the way you think about suicide.

Why do people glorify high school so much?

Most of the people I knew thought college, not high school, were the best years of their lives. Easy to meet girls, no one made fun of you if you used a big word or liked classical music, and we walked everywhere (I lived 2 blocks from campus) so you weren't judged by your car or lack thereof. Most of the people I knew were fellow nerds; my circle of close friends were the guys in the chess club and the guys in the AP math class.

I was on the search committee for my 25th and 30th reunion. (After that, we figured anyone who couldn't add 34, 40 or 45 to the graduation year and look us up on the internet wasn't much interested anyway.) Each time, out of the 40 or so people on my share of the list, 3 - 4 told me they had such a miserable time in high school that they would never to go to any reunion, and asked to be taken off the contact list. So, while you are in the minority, you are not alone.

I suspect, for those that were popular in high school (or at least not disliked) that it was the last time they were free to do what they wanted, more or less, unshackled by the dictates of a job, the Army, the apartment lease, etc. etc. Someone with rich parents who had a car, his own room and no need to work after school and weekends could have a pretty nice time of it in high school.

The movies idealize it because they are aimed at the 16 - 26 year old set, who still go to movies. No one would go to a movie where the heroes suffered, unless they triumphed in the end, as in Revenge of the Nerds (the first one.)

Many colleges do have reunions. The bigger ones have "Class notes" in the alumni magazine, where people in each class brag about how well they are doing; usually about books published and honors given, although I once sent one in bragging I'd taken a picture of my daughter's ballet class in which all 9 had their eyes open and 8 of 9 were smiling. There wasn't much news that month from my class, so they published it. Our graduating class was 5,000 or so, and they get 1 - 3 notes per month, so I usually don't know the people, nor do they know me.