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Why Do People Judge Badly Without Knowing Somebody.

What is the word for judging someone without knowing them?

okay I know this is a bit silly but I always use this word and I just suddenly forgot it today, its scary. Anyway can you please refresh my memory LOL. The word begins with a "D". sounds similar to "condescending" or "patronising". HELP PLEASE! I won't stop thinking about it until I know it.


To what extent do you think people judge someone because of their job?

I just started working at Nordstroms in the Cosmetics Department. I like it except the hours. I think that is my only complaint really. I have a college degree in Fashion Design from a university. You don't need a degree to work in retail. I guess I don't know why I look down on myself for working at the cosmetics counter. I feel like anyone can do it and the people that work there don't really have any real skills.. I guess I feel embarrased that I am college educated and this is what I do for a living. I am 31 years old now. I have tried other occupations such as Administrative Assistant and Recruiting. I didn't really like either of them except that they pay a lot better than what I am making right now. Do people really look down on retail workers?

Why are people so quick to judge each other?

Broad minded people dont judge a person easily . But narrow minded people who cant think properly judge others by looking at their appearance, their gesture, expression etc..instantly. Judging people instantly without knowing them and understanding them properly is totally wrong. People our judged irrespective of their gender,though women our judged more . People are judged mostly by their appearance eg. A woman who wears short skirts are judged to be characterless and a man who dresses up like a swag is judged to be a jerk, playboy etc. People judge others by their behaviour eg. A girl or a boy who talks or mingles with the opposite sex alot is considered to be characterless. Women and men are stereotyped like this and this stereotypes have been registered in our minds and thus people keeping all this in mind judge others. Its sad to know that even well educated people judge others without knowing anything. People should be a little broadminded and not judge a person immediately, instead should try to understand the person and their situation . A man who shows anger is considered to be a very rude and heartless person ,he is judged immediately but he could have had a past that made him like that, a wise man understands this and doesnt judge him , instead he tries to understand the person deeply and help him out . Its very wrong to come to a conclusion about a person before knowing him completely.Their are another set of people , who are really well educated but still judge others because of their( the person who is judging) jealousy. Such people judge you and spread rumours. For eg.when u become successful the people who are down your level who feel jealous cant take your success, their mind doesnt accept the fact that your success is purely because of your talent and hardwork , but think that you achieved it by some illicit methods. They judge you because you are not in a position where they want to see you ( your in a higher position and they dont want you to be there) .No matter how you are people are going to judge you, let them judge , the only thing you should do is ignore them because nobody else knows about you better ,than you. So dont let their judgement affect you or your performance. Dont feel sad about it. Just ignore them, stay strong and be your best.

Why do people judge people with tattoo's so poorly?

anyone who judges another does so because putting someone else down makes them feel better about them self. a person with a tattoo is no different then a person without one. if I was walking down the street with jeans and a t-shirt on you would never know I have a tattoo..but actually I have 5. and I am happily married and in school for a program that gets over 2000 applicants a year and only takes 48 students. and its all based on grades. I consider myself to be a very intelligent person and my tattoos have nothing to do with it. I think what makes people look stupid is judging someone they don't even know. having a tattoo doesn't make you look low class either. I have neat, clean clothing, well styled hair, and always look presentable when I'm out. people can feel free to judge me if they want, but I know its really them with the self-esteem issue.

and I agree its funny that people think professionals dont have tattoos. well I have news for them. when I finish school in less then 1 year I'll be the professional cleaning and caring for their teeth and not one person will know I have tattoos as all are covered. its suprosing what you can hind under your clothing. ignorant, narrow-minded individuals.

Why do people judge me badly for being with my disabled girlfriend?

People are terrible sometimes. You sound like one of the most amazing people on Earth to love and care for her so much. There are so many people who are rude and honestly, jealous.

I mean there is a gorgeous girl and guy who love each other to death. They are jealous for love and see the immediate weakness is that she is disabled. People are going to change and think what they will. But that doesnt matter, be glad her familt appreciated you and she does too.

All that matters is the strong bond you have for each other. So continue with your ways of loving and being with her. My aunt is married to a man in a wheelchair he got injured from a motorcycle wreck and she takes care him 24/7 and have nurses come in the homes when she has work. They are both sweet people and love each other dearly. That is all will ever come down to though in a relationship is the two people in it.

Good Luck!

Dont let all those jealous, insecure, pathetic losers get to you because you have an amazing heart an amazing girlfriend to love!