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Why Do People Like To Forget After He Success

Why do people forget that Donald Trump is a successful businessman?

People haven’t forgotten. People have examined Trump’s actual business history and concluded, “Oh, Hell no! That’s not what I call a successful businessman.”Trump has made himself rich at the expense of the people who do business with him, especially suppliers and employees. The classic free market argument for trade is, it benefits everyone. Division of labor lets people specialize in what they do best. Then I trade something I have of value for something you have of value. Taking what I have and refusing to pay me is called fraud.I find it shocking how far the GOP has drifted from their historical advocacy of free trade. They now embrace the idea that, “If it makes you rich, it must be good,” and, “Being rich is proof that a man is good.” Maybe in 2020 they can nominate a Mafia Don.

Why does success change some people for the worst?

Good question.

I think most of these people either forget "where they came from" or really want to forget to the point of trying to disassociate themselves with things/people that remind them of when they weren't successful and how their life used to be.

I also know from experience that with upward mobility you can't help but change. I don't think that means you automatically become a jerk, although I believe the majority of successful people are at worst jerks and at least seriously detached from knowing what people not like them go through. But the way you view and experience the world, people, etc, and the way you relate to others and certain experiences changes. As far as the past goes, you're essentially forced to let go of important aspects of it that shaped who you are if you want to be successful. It's kind of hard to explain, but this is something people who grew up poor or racial minorities experience when they become successful. It's hard to fit in with the upper classes of society if you don't act more like people who were basically born into it or how that society's culture says you're "supposed" to act...and oftentimes, a person who came from humble beginnings finds that things/people from their life before contrasts with what's necessary to being successful and fitting into environments of success.

How do people know when they are successful?

We each create our own definition of what it means to be a "success"; of what it would mean for me to be a "successful person." It's really about the ideal life we envision for ourselves, and whether the actions we take exhibit a real desire to live our ideal life. If I'm the type of person who wants to spend adequate time with my family, live a comfortable lifestyle financially, give my wife all the love that she deserves and maintain great friendships, then determining whether I'm successful in light of the things I want is really about asking whether the actions I take are taking me towards my dream life; towards my goals. The only way to define success objectively is the following:(1) Setting a goal (2) Pursuit of that goal (3) Achievement of that goalSo in some sense, you know that you're "successful" when you have the ability, the drive to actually pursue and achieve the goals you set for yourself. What they are doesn't really matter.Take a look at your life, and take a look at your goals. Are you doing what's necessary to achieve your goals? Are you taking action everyday to launch towards your dream life? Do you just SAY you want things in life or are you really willing to go after what you SAY you want? "Success" isn't just the accomplishment of some goal. Success encompasses the whole journey from goal setting to goal pursuing with your true, best effort. When you put your BEST effort into pursuing the life you truly want to live is when you know you're a success. You know it because you feel it. You'll know it simply because you did all that you could to live the life that you want. I hope this was helpful! Thanks for the A2A Julie Anne Exter!

What would you never forget even after being a successful person?

Just like everyday, I was reading some interesting answers on Quora! And then saw this answer.Madhav Umbharatwala's answer to What is the best thing you saw today?In which two small innocent kids were traveling in the train.For many times, thinking that would those children have eaten or not, would they go to school or not, sometimes even wrong thoughts would have come to mind that there has been no incident with the innocent kids.At such a young age when we keep children with our chest, they are becoming victims of such situations.Why?Because they were poor?Because their clothes were muddy?Because there was no hand on them?Are they not human?I do not know what is happening in the country.Everything is taxed for us, the government has so much money that if they give 10 - 10 lakhs to every Indian, then it will not make any difference to it.No, I do not want that money but I have the right to say this, then why does not our hard work reach to these innocents kids.I know that my statement will not make any difference to anyone at least not on the governments.But we ourselves have to come forward for these innocents kids ...Only giving food, giving some money, nothing make different, these innocents should get what they deserve!This is the thing which I never would like to forget even after being a successful person so that I can help them whatever strength I have.ज़िन्दगी भी अजीब है ग़ालिबयहाँ अहसास भी लोग हालत देखकर दिखाते है!Life is too strange, GhalibHere people show sympathy after watching the condition.Thank you...

Why do people become arrogant after they become successful?

It Already Existed or Social Ineptitude - A lot of successful people don't become arrogant. They already were. Usually because they know they are different. They either knew it and didn't care, or they didn't know it. Now they're successful and people want to know them, then they come to find out they're very confident people. Im a very confident person, and anybody I sense questioning that may get a sense of arrogance coming towards them from me. I was put in to social programs as kid because the “system” didn't work for me, they told me I was a problem, truth is I was gifted and the system couldn't recognize that because the system is rigged to make good employees. You can say the system put that chip on my shoulder.Being Misunderstood - I have been misunderstood and called all kinds of things. I say misunderstood because my intent is usually to be helpful but all to often I hear later on that “so-and-so” thinks I'm a dick. It bothered me for a while but I started asking those who used to think I'm a dick that now get me and I was told I can be very direct, that in combination with being 6′2, very fit, bearded and with a deep voice can come off as very intense.Inferiority Complex - I've come to find out a lot of those people who judge me don't like how I make them feel small. What's funny is I don't try to do anything to them. I can't make them feel anything. I try to get along with everyone. I don't brag but I do have a beautiful wife, a nice car, I dress well and I never stop talking about entrepreneurship. Some people think this is showmanship, so they make their own judgements. I don't care what they think. I do notice it never seems to be an issue with other alphas, because they don't have a default state of inferiority.Time - if you come at me with something trivial I have a hard time hiding that I would rather not be here. I am also very direct with people. Both are because I value my time more than anything. I am working on it, but I realize that I am not the best at gently providing solutions to someone. I assume people are as quick as me so I give them the information in a short concise package that is not watered down with tone to playcate to emotion. I am learning that they are not quick and people want you to make them feel special before they will take your advice, I struggle being patient enough for this.

What are a few things that very successful people never do?

They never run the rat race.  They are not afraid to take risk.  So, they don't shy away from following their heart. Bill Gates , Steve Jobs quit their graduation and started their company.They don't take revenge- But, they will make a fool out of you without telling you. Brian Acton was rejected for a Job  by Facebook . He founded Whatsapp. Later, Facebook had shelled out $19 Billion dollar, i.e. approx 1,20,000 Crore to acquire Whatsapp and make Brian Acton a Facebook Employee. They don't judge themselves by the yardstick of the society- Charles Darwin was considered a dreamer and he got popularity after writing his famous book after he was 50 years of age. They don't stop after getting tremendous success- Google is the leader in the Internet based companies. Then Larry Page started looking for fresh pastures. They never settle down. They keep transforming their goals and are always moving ahead in life. Now it want to transform Healthcare, make driverless cars and what not!They don't go for the popular choice- Rather that running behind getting a popular career they create something new and then make it popular. Narayan Murthy, the Founder of Infosys is selling dreams to millions of people across the world. When  he started Infosys then Software Industry was in the nascent stage. It was not a popular choice at all. If India is an IT hub today then we have to give some credit to this gentleman.They don't sell product or services- They sell their vision and inspire people who are around them. We want to buy what they are offering as they solve our problems. They don't sit idle with their ideas, rather they make them a reality.They don't stop at their failures- They see failures as the speed breaker not a dead end. They ponder over their failures and eventually transform them into success. Failure is a place worth visiting but not worth staying. Sachin also failed to be a fast bowler and hence started focussing on batting and the rest is history.If you have liked then you can read some inspirational, life transforming real stories at my blog Life is Beautiful

How do you forget about TTC?

Wow!! If you find an answer for this please pass it my way. My husband and I have been trying for about 3 years. This year we tried IVF 3 times, but it did not work. I am 30 and I guess it is just part of life… people have babies (well people who aren’t me). I am not trying to add insult to injury at this point. I am just trying to tell you that you are not alone.
My best friend had a baby last week. It was a horrible situation where the baby’s heart stopped and they had to do an emergency C-Section and resuscitate the baby on the table. She and the baby had to have 3 blood transfusions in the next 2 days. I have spent the last week in NICU with her and the baby. I was so worried about both of them that for the first time I stopped worrying about myself and my own journey. It should have hit me hard… I was in there with babies literally all around me, but I was fine. After things calmed down I started thinking about how strong I was for them. I decided that I have to force myself to go back to being the caring person I used to be. I know that this is easier said than done, but I have pushed people away for a long time now. When she found out she was pregnant she waited 4 months before she told me because she was so afraid to hurt me. We have been best friends since we were 11 years old. I hurt me that she felt like she couldn’t tell me. I feel like everyone, especially my husband, walks around on eggshells trying not to upset me. This is what is going to have to change my obsession with TTC. I can’t forget about it, but I can concentrate on my life and the people in it. This is the best advice I can give you.
So many people have told me things like “if it’s meant to happen it will”. I don’t believe that anymore. I do believe that God doesn’t give us the desire to have children without a child in mind. Just keep your mind open for the untraditional opportunities that may arise and stay concentrated on being the best version of you that you can possibly be. Good luck!!

Do actors/actresses, after a successful career in acting, forget the difference between reality and imagination?

This is not an answer, but rather an anti-answer.There is really a very little chance that someone who is a successful actor will come here to answer.Now lets suppose such a person comes here and answers your question, then there are two possibilities. Either the answer is yes or no.In case they indeed forget the difference between dreams and reality, they wouldnt know they have forgotten the difference, and they will say they havnt fogotten it.In case they dont forget it, they will say they havnt. But how do YOU know whether they are saying no because they havnt forgotten it or because they have ???People like me and you on the other hand can just guess, form opinions from a third person perspective only.