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Why Do People Want To Be British

Why do British people hate Americans?

I have met a fair amount of people that thinks Americans are all arrogant and ill-informed rude and even bigoted. I don't hate British people. I absolutely love England! I'm pretty cool with Ireland and Wales. I just don't get it. I love England as a country all together. The culture, th places are all so great. Some people are nice and friendly but others I just really wanna slap them. I'm not here to offend anyone. I just wanna know.

The people I've met thinks that we are hot dog eating, self-centered, fat people. They also think that the US is a poor imitation of the UK.

What's so bad about America? Everything is good except the President. I root for England in every World Cup but meeting those people really make me think. Is England that really good of a country? And why they hate us so much?

If I offended anyone, I didn't mean to. Its just I want to know.

Do people from Texas like the British?

I don't think people would care that much. I live in San Antonio, Texas.

I do find a lot of racism here though. Say for example, in San Antonio. Here whites are the minority, and you see a lot of racism towards whites.

Hispanics seem to be a large portion of many of the places I have gone to in Texas. But I have been to Kentucky before, and they were a minority. At the time my mother was dating a Mexican who was there on a green card, and all her neighbors gave him these mean looks. They obviously were racist and didn't like him simply because he was Mexican.

But for the most part most people are not racist. But it does happen quite frequently.

And as far as people liking British people, I don't know. I have never seen people from around there ever hated on. I know I am more polite and friendly to foreigners then Americans, as they typically are polite people. Unlike my fellow Americans.

And why would you want to come here? I hate Texas it's so hot here, I want to get out. I might move to Alaska. I love the cold. I'm sure there are other states that are more beautiful then Texas.

Why do people want to leave British Empire?

Yeah I'm too surprised they do that. Well they say on TV there are more of an English immigrants in the EU than all immigrants from around the world in England.There are million of an english immigrants in the US and Canada Australia they're escaping to every corner of the worldAnd I'm still wondering why are they in their millions leaving british empire.Maybe because of they want to steal something and send it to England? They were doing that in the past on mass scale, yeah I think that's the reason as to why the English are leaving british empire

Why do the British people now want to remain in the EU?

To begin with the majority didn’t want to leave in the first place.A slim minority of those who voted in the referendum voted to leave but this shouldn’t be taken as the population as a whole desperately wanting to break free of the EU at all costs, contrary to this being the way some would like to spin the referendum.Amongst the quarter of the population who voted to leave, maybe a half at most were people who actively wanted to leave. Europe has never really been a major issue for the majority of British people.Others voted leave because based on the campaign presented to them it seemed to be the best choice. Leave represented breaking free of an evil European tyranny to which we were paying £350 million a week for no reason and giving that money to the NHS instead; It is now clear that this was a lie.There were many lies in the referendum campaign.Many predictions that were dismissed but are nonetheless coming true.Leave was always the choice of the heart whilst remain was the choice of the head.Given a year of Brexit negotiations it is quite obvious why things have swung against leave.

Why British people does not like Muslims?

AS-Salam aleikom . WHY Do you think Brits don't like muslims??

British people do like muslims!
I'm muslim women who dresses like a muslim, and I have had nothing but respect in Britain. People go out of their way to help me, in finding places to pray, halal food, no white man would dare touch me. My rights at school and work are respected, I can wear what I want, practice my religion, and noone can fire me. There are many muslim countries where I don't have as many rights to be muslim, as UK.

Personaly I find Britain better for muslims then many so called muslim countries!!!

Tony Blair is is very good for British Muslims . (Tony Blairs labour govt is trying to bring in a relgigious hatered bill and blasphemy laws to protect muslims. And when those cartoons about the prophet (pbuh) the uk govt was one of the 1st to condemn them, and no British paper printed them) It is with muslims in foreign countries that he isn't good to. IE Iraq. But then again he wasn't good to christians like serbs. SO I THINK IT IS TONY BLAIR WAR-MONGER THING, NOT A HE HATES MUSLIMS THING.

Why do people from Gibraltar want to remain British so much?

For the same reason that almost all other people in the world do not suddenly want to abandon their nationality.Of course, in Gibraltar’s case there’s an additional reason. Gibraltar has a border - one of the oldest in Europe - with a much larger neighbour that would dearly love to subjugate the people of Gibraltar.In common with other humans, people in Gibraltar do not want to be invaded, conquered and subjugated.

Why do people like the 'British' accent so much? Doesn't the UK have many different accents, not just a British accent?

PERIOD DRAMAS. (Mis)used in Shakespearean plays. (Some indicate Shakespeare should be produced in Original Elizabethan Pronunciation as at the time of their writing). It’s the BBC’s specialty, and, to a lesser extent, ITV’s, with privileged classes who use Received Pronunciation. So, in the minds of uninformed international audiences “British English” = Received Pronunciation.It portrays an English dialect called RP as associated with a privileged lifestyle that has virtually become extinct, with idle aristocrats living as rich heirs based on land assets.Once Britain’s move to a productive from an exploitative economy, land no longer became the key contributor to riches.The two World Wars also profoundly changed the relationships between the classes, tearing down barriers to social mobility over a few generations.Today, very few aristocrats can live off their inherited wealth; only the immediate top layers of the Royal Family can be said to have such lifestyles; but all that can go tumbling down if the public eventually removes monarchism from its political system; that is something that is a real possibility if Prince Charles ascends the throne - and the Queen knows it keenly.Let’s put to rest the fallacy that “James Bond” speaks RP; he usually doesn’t. James Bond was an iconoclastic character, considered an outsider in Ian Fleming’s characterization, and so, NOT speaking RP, except in mocking jest, is in keeping. Even in real life, few actors who portrayed him spoke RP at home:Sean Connery. A Scot with a Lowlands Scottish English (but highly modulated)George Lazenby. An Australian.Timothy Dalton. A Welshman (although, he is classically trained to act in RP)Roger Moore. A Cockney who acquired RP in diction classes; but his normal accent was like his contemporary and fellow Cockney, Sir. Michael Caine.Pierce Brosnan. An Irishman who did try to speak, studiously, in RP couldn’t completely hide his Irish lilt.Daniel Craig. Only the second Englishman to play Bond but his natural accent is not RP but Londoner, middle class, although his childhood was in NW England (Cumbria?).Even the more contemporary mimic, Eggsy, of Kingsmen, doesn’t speak RP either at home or in the movie. Tom Eggerton, the actor, is a Welshman. The accent he affects for Kingsmen is supposed to be East Londoner (working class) full of Glottal stop - Wikipedia characateristic of Cockney.

Do British people like american accents?

Not exactly. The American accent is not very "foreign" in other countries. What I mean by that is they hear it every day. Many television shows in the UK, and in many other countries are American. And so much music is American. The American accent is so often used over seas. So people are so used to it. Not to say that they won't recognize it as foreign, but it is nothing special. Most British people do not find our accent very attractive also for the reason that it's very flat and dull. To others it sounds nasally. And many people think that we sound like idiots when we speak. But they are referring to the Americans who say "like" in-between every word. There are some people who do find it attractive though, but do not expect people to be running up to you asking you to repeat words for them. Odds are, if they do this, it's because they are making fun of you're accent.

In the UK, the most favorable American accents are most likely the New England, and California accent. Both of these are very clear which is most likely why they don't mind them. Something like the Southern accent could easily get on someones nerves. But some people actually like the southern accent the best.

They may not find your accent very attractive and unique, but that doesn't mean they won't find you unique. As long as you are not the stereotypical American (the southern stereotypes: fat, stupid, racist....etc) you will not get made fun of.

If you want to make your accent a little more attractive without faking an accent from another country, practice little details in the way you talk. For example: Pronounce all the T's in a sentence, and D's. And play around with you're pronunciation with vowels. Pronounce every syllable, and every word. Almost like a Canadian accent. Give yourself a more unique American accent. Just play around with it. And don't sound like an idiot. But british people do not hate us, and are usually nice people.

Why do the British want to make TV rubbish?

Why was Noel Edmonds voted out first as usual a potentially great show os ruined by idiots voting him out, why? Why do jedward and Wagner get to the final of X factor its funny for a while and especially because the X factor was getting crap, but why ruin something as good as this years I'm a celebrity?