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Why Do So Many Ancient Pagan Myths Involve Incest

Why did the God of the Old Testament kill every living being? He may have had reasons to kill some bad humans, but why kill innocent animals?

Have you read the Old Testament in its entirety? If so you will, I'm sure, have deduced the God concept behind it. The God who the Hebrews believed created the universe was perfectly just. That means their morality tales were predicated on a God who did not act unjustly. We, with our post modern lenses, reading the bible in translation, can readily find fault. That's easy. What is harder is to put yourself in the position of the original audience and ask yourself what moral lesson was being taught here. Once you understand that, and that the God of the Hebrews involved a higher ethic and anthropology than any of the competing worldviews, you may begin to understand the value of the Old Testament. Try not to read it literally. It wasn't intended to be read in such a way. In fact the Rabbinical tradition held that a purely literal reading of scripture was heretical.

Why do so many ancient pagan myths involve incest?

In Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, etc. most ancient myths/religions involve incest between the gods and even the Abrahamic religions with Adam and Eve being the ancestors of everybody. Didn't the ancients know incest was bad?

Why is Greek mythology much more fascinating than Christianity and Judaism?

It seems that those people are:Fond of different diversities of gods and goddesses. Such as the Greek’s god of the sun, goddess of the moon, etc., blah blah.They may also be interested about the different attributes (like sun, moon, sky, earth, etc.) they are affiliated with and fascinated by knowing that each of those deities with their own attributes has their own role to “play with the universe”.Like the Roman mythology, it is indulged with many forms of art like paintings and sculptures that catched the eyes of the people around it, that somewhat led them to know how they look like and/or what is their role in nature.It is opposed to Judaism and/or Christianity which are monotheistic religions and focused only into a belief of only one G-D in heaven who can do all things . But to study or to turn one’s interest in mythologies such as this of the Greeks’, is a form of paganism and idolatry which are forbidden in both Christian (I’m not very sure) and in Jewish views.Besides, all people have their own interests and not all people believe in such things like these. All people have their own path of beliefs.As a young man who follows the path of Judaism, I am not interested and I will not dare to turn my belief to these kind of mythologies and any form of paganism/idolatry at all. So I just stated my opinion about your question.

Norse mythology question~?

So I am looking to create a few characters based off gods like Thor from Norse mythology. I am not a huge fan of Greek mythology due to all the rape that occurred by some gods like Poseidon, but what I've learned of Norse mythology seems cool. Someone told me there really aren't any mentions of rape in Norse mythology. If not, I have no trouble making a character based off one of them. Is this true? I know some word things happened, but I don't know about this. Please let me know. Thanks.

Why do Abrahamic religions despise pagans?

The Abrahamic traditions views the pagan (let’s keep it to European pre-Christian, and more especially Greco-Roman religion) as evil. The gods of the Greeks and Romans are seen as devils.We can cite the ten commandments, “You shall have no other gods before Me”. In the Abrahamic worldview, there is only one god in existence. All other gods are false. I think this is the major crux of the issue. Who has the real god.Within the polytheistic system, the concept of which god is real is not a problem. All gods are valid, they practiced syncretism. They paired up similar gods together for common worship as cultures made contact. The Jews had a shit fit when Zeus/Jupiter was installed in the temple in Jerusalem. To a Greek it was not a big deal, “same god different name” sort of logic for a Greek. For the Jews, it was sacrilege.Polytheistic and Monotheistic worldviews are at odds with each other. I see the polytheistic cultures of Greece and Roman as reaffirming beauty in the world, embracing the body and this life while Monotheistic tradition denies pleasure of this world in hopes for everlasting life that will bring them peace and comfort.

Does the bible support incest?

Since there was only 2 to start their kids would have been forced to mate with their own brothers and sisters or their parents, so does the bible support incest?