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Why Do So Many People Dislike The Name Ingrid

What do you think of the name "Ingrid"?

I have always liked that name, it's different, not like all those names that people use constantly, like Emma or Jacob (some of the most common names in 2010). It is pretty, too. What is your opinion, honest?

Why do people like the name Ingrid?

NOOOOOO!! I have that name on my never ever use list!! I can't stand it!! It reminds me of a fat German girl who massages people or is a really mean nurse!! It is terrible!! I just really do not like it! Now that I'm done with my rant, I just don't really like I. Its in my opinion a very not pretty name. Its just not in my a name of a sweet little girl.

What reasons do people give for hating Jews?

Thanks to Quora, we don’t have to speculate about why “some people” hate Jews. “Those” people have thoughtfully provided themselves and their “research” as examples and object lessons……James Howe makes the standard case that Jews control all the wealth. Little known fact, supplied by James: Jews are so sly and manipulative that they financed the Roman conquest of….(wait for it)….themselves!Sumit Roy Who believes ---without a shred of irony---that Jews bring hatred upon themselves because of “their Ghetto outlook. Jews fail to ‘get culturally assimilated to the local culture.’ ”At the same time—and despite Jews’ distance from other peoples’ culture--Jews still manage to create a “globalist culture where they gradually control government bodies, banks, financial institutions and media propaganda.”Bill Robertson You might think that successive generations of Czars, Czarists, Communists, Fascists, Stalin, Nazi’s and Nazi sympathizers—-to say nothing of 140 Million Russians— could screw up a country for 100 years all by themselves.You would be wrong. It was the Jews. As Bill points out, Jews—-when they’re not running their Global Banks and lending money—are all dedicated Communists who are largely responsible for all that ails Russia.Harv Little A Christian who believes in both a “religion of loving not hating” and Nazi propagandaAnonymous who is against both Money Lending and Communism.Albrecht Rodenbach, an intellectual who doesn’t trust any books written in the last hundred years---and, mind you, a man who believes that Jews have many fine qualities—points out that Jews regrettably, have “a mixture of cultural and genetic differences [that] resulted in Jews gradually taking over control of every economy where they're given equal rights.”Kaname Fujiwara A man who believes that the world hates Jews because of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians: “the world” being a place with great fondness and notable sympathy for Middle Eastern Muslims.But that’s just recent history. Kaname also points out that the Catholic Church took a principled stand —between Crusades---against usury and he is justifiably outraged that the Jews defied the Church’s teaching on the subject.

Do you like your name?why?

Well, i have to admit, I accually really like my name. and I like the way its spelled because, its easy to pronounce and yet its not as plain as the origionally spelling which is Carly. and the way mine is spelled is Karli.

But I have to admit Carly and Karli are the ONLY spellings i like of my name. My sister named me, and im glad, because my parents wanted to name me Cecilia...eww lol
Only thing is I really dont like my middle name "Danielle" because i dont think they go together well ...but oh well lol

So what is your name? how is spelt? do you like it? If you could have chose your own name what would it have been?

Rating Baby Girl Names. (X out of 10)

What are your opinions on the following names? How would you describe someone with the name, or rather, what do you imagine someone with the names being like? Which do you see as more likely being a first name or a middle name?

1. Ingrid
2. Astrid
3. Dagmar
4. Dagmara

Please be honest. I am really curious what other ppl think.