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Why Do So Many People Smoke Weed

Why do people smoke weed?

why do so many people smoke marijuana? Don't they see how many death's are caused each year by it, and how easy it is to overdose when you smoke marijuana? its more physically and mentally addicting than heroin is, and you could die the first time you ever inject marijuana. Ive even heard that more people are dying from it because they stick buds up their butts to get them higher. Haven't they seen the commercials about what it does to you? It makes you become flat, it makes your little sibling get burns all over his body, and it makes your dog tell you he doesn't like you. Marijuana has caused nothing but war, violence, abortions, aids, and the holocaust,. if your going to smoke marijuana then you might as well play roulette with a loaded gun. I just don't know why anyone would put their life in jeopardy when it is clearly extremely dangerous to smoke it, just to get "high".

Why do you hate people who smoke weed?

Man, everyone in the world should seriously just lighten up. Life is just too short, and I wish I could make everyone see how terrible it is when they waste the time and breath in doing something negative. If anything you do doesn't directly help you in your pursuit of happiness, then it is not worth doing. As people, we need to look at our lives and figure out the things we absolutely have to accomplish before our lives are over, and plan out paths that will lead you to that goal. Anything that doesn't contribute to this plan in someway is irrelevant, especially if it's something that negatively effects another. It does nothing good for you and only bad for others. Why do it? The worst part regarding religion is that 85% of Christians aren't really Christians at all. So condemning of other humans; so unforgiving, judgmental and ignorant toward the people they share the Earth with.

Why do so many people smoke weed?

Because at first it is fun and it also gives you a sense that all is well and removes ambition by giving you a feeling similar to that which can be gained by actually achieving something.

I smoked weed every day for more than half my life. It was great, but I stopped about two weeks ago because I wanted higher levels of lucidity in my life. Still got nothing against it, and I will probably go back to smoking it again when I retire but it is just not for right for me at this moment in life.

Just because lots of people do it it doesn't mean its cool, just that they derive enjoyment, or something similar from it... However it was probably first considered cool in the 1960's.

Don't pre judge it without trying it. But having said that, I think it drained my desire to do other stuff which in turn made me do fewer other things which meant I was not as good at other things and so it was not cool. Also made me personally a bit more introverted, and I probably could have gotten laid quite a bit more had I just smoked less. But I didn't see that at the time.

Still HIGH-ly enjoyable though...

Why do so many people smoke weed in the park?

Why do so many people drink beer in the park or smoke tobacco in the park?It’s enjoyable for those people.And it’s well past time for non cannabis users to accept that cannabis is here and a majority of the citizens in the US think it should not be regulated any differently than beer or tobacco is.

Why do so many people judge people who smoke weed?

i dont know people like the dude that answered this question sayd u were stupid.... ur not stupid hes stupid and ******* ignorate hey dude that called her stupid im smoking to ur retarded judgmental ignorance... uve never even tryed it and ur judging thats ******* pathetic, see people like this dude are scared of new things... like pot they are part of the reseon its still illigal... i bet he doesnt know **** about pot and he just saying that becaulse thats what the new told him to belive... see people like him are just ordinary people with no mind of there own there like zombies that the government and media controll the belive whatever u tell him... this dude probly works a 9-5 job and has never tryed anything... has had no fun in his life and has alwasy been a tool, a ******* follower,
dont listen to him... any1.. this asshole is a perfect example of what the threads about ignorate judmental people..... thxs for posting man u just gave every1 a perfect example of "one of u"

Why do people smoke weed everyday?

I can only awnser for me personaly of course.....habit.

Why do some eat cheese every day or some run 20 miles every day.....its ur style. Its what u chose.
No one wil keep doing something if they dont like it.

"It can't be the only thing that makes you happy" : of course not . Else you would smoke weed and just sit and stare at the ceiling.......most smoke weed....AND then do whatever it is they do.

Ask some poeple why they have a small drink after work every day....same thing i guess.

Do many people in Utah smoke weed?

People everywhere smoke pot. Utah is no exception. However, because there us a large community of religious people, the drinking and drug scene may not be as prolific as other areas. Where a religion may keep people from drugs and alcohol, it will not keep them away from prescription drugs. Utah has a huge opioid problem. There is a gray area between what people think is harmful and against their beliefs, and what is safe because it comes in the form of a prescription.

Why do people like weed so much?

I actually have some interesting insight about this as I'm battling with addiction now. For me, at first, it was just a recreational thing I did with some friends every so often. Around late last year, I fell into a deep deep depression and the only time I was capable of thinking about anything other than very negative thoughts was when I was high. I would come home every single night and smoke. It became the only way I could get to sleep. And every time I'd buy more, I'd say this was the last time or, while high, I'd tell myself that I didn't need the pot and not to buy anymore but, without fail, on that first day without it, I'd rationalize with myself about why I could do it again, just this once. Or I'd have such a terrible day that I'd rationalize that I needed some just to get through the night. When I went thru a stretch when I just couldn't afford any (i certainly don't spend my essentials money on pot, not that bad lol), some nights were just terrible. It wasn't withdrawal, it was the depression again. So I think part of the appeal of pot is that it takes you away from whatever you least like to deal with. And THAT feeling is addictive because it's like the Office Depot "Easy" button. Light one up and all the sudden, things aren't as dire as they seem. From a non-smoker's perspective, that sounds like a typical drug addict, but understand that pot itself is generally social acceptable, it's pot heads that are looked badly upon because of the stereotype of a lazy, dirty, unambitious person whose friends are as baked as he/she is. I battle with this addiction every single day right now, but if you met me, you'd never know. I'm a small business owner, have a bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree and I'm heavily involved in my community. So, I compare it to alcoholism... It's a private problem I have for a very private reason. I don't even do it socially anymore. In moderation, I think people who use it are fine. But when you use it like I did/do, to mask an issue or hide from it, it becomes addictive because you're addicted to not feeling bad, not necessarily the weed itself.