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Why Do Some People Post Every Detail About There Lives On Instagram

Why do people post every little detail of their lives on facebook?

Because they are letting their friends know what's going on in their lives at that precise moment in time.

I use to have a Facebook account and I had one friend who use to type every second of her life "walking to pick up middle child from nursery" then 5 minutes later "picked up middle child now walking to pick up oldest child" then "oldest child out of school now walking home" ...

I nearly went crazy logging in at night to discover I had over 500 messages - 495 from her!

Don't miss Facebook and I think it's because of her.


Why do some people post every little detail of their lives on Facebook?

Facebook is a social experiment the likes of which we have never seen. Both sides of your question could be true. Maybe you didn't have as much fun as many others, maybe they're all embellishing their experiences for the world to see. Probably somewhere in the middle is the truth.The question you should therefore now be asking yourself is, how do I cope with this new found freedom of experience. Do I keep going back to it even though it can hurt me or do I find something else instead that doesn't hurt me.Thinking about it, your question implies you feel it is such an intrinsic part of your life now you must deal with the problems it offers from within (rather than simply walking away from it). Although there may be some merit in that assumption it worries me slightly that this could be happening on such a grand scale.Zuckerburg and his cronies may yet find themselves with a monopoly over our emotions whilst continuing to yield an enormous profit.That sort of power needs to be managed very carefully indeed.Don't blame yourself. Blame Facebook.

Why do people post pics of their food on Instagram?

attention hogs that believe every thing in their life is important news to others.

I love my friend but I get annoyed when he posts food & drink shots...I Don't Give A S**t, Dude!

Why do people post every little detail of their daily lives with their boyfriend or girlfriend on Facebook? Is it just because they want to share their happiness or is some greater psychological factor in play?

Following factors are at play:People want appreciation and popularity and Facebook helps materialize these things on terms of likes and comments of your choosing. (You can always Eunice the ones you don't like)It's easier to socialize in front of an inanimate object that won't judge you or criticize you in anyway than in front of a real person.Facebook leads you to answer everything about yourself and encourages you to keep doing so when you're creating your profile or using it anyways.People are in general stupid and think little of vomiting all the unnecessary details of their personal lives on the internet.

Does it bother you when people post everything they do on their facebook statuses?

I am not big on posting detailed status updates. I hate when everyone knows everything about my life. Most of my friends post every tiny, "Going to the gym to work out because I need to lose weight, and I got a great gym membership, and I am going on a cruise this June..I can't wait"(real status).

Okay, there are tons more...but when something cool happens to someone why can't they just simply state it. Why do they have to post so much? Does this bother anyone else but me?

What does it mean if a person's Instagram posts are only pictures of the account's owner?

I wouldn’t read it into it. At such a broad level of detail: “Instagram photos are only pictures of account owner”, any interpretation would have a high degree of uncertainty.If you have a particular set of characteristics in mind, try setting up a Mechanical Turk survey and polling as many people as possible.Or, try setting up an experiment and testing your results using Machine Learning to identify the branches that run off from people who fit your question.

Why do some people update every annoying detail of their life on Facebook or Twitter?

The vast majority of people live and die without the greater world taking any notice of them whatsoever, and within a few years of their death the world is if they had not lived at all.Facebook offers a way for people to feel just a little more famous and popular -- a brief escape from our lives of quiet anonymity and a temporary reversal of our continuously decaying potential.Don't worry so much about it.

Why do people post their whole lives on facebook?

coz they are stupid. In this age of the internet , it is highly not advisable to post your personal details for everyone to see. We need privacy on the internet like we need privacy at home. As simple as that

Why do people on Facebook post their photos every hour?

Hmm, good question.I guess they are people who want attention. They want to be inspiring to people. They want to share and give back to the community every hour. I guess you cannot stop them from sharing constantly.Here’s a few options you can exercise to avoid seeing posts every hour.Avoid logging in as much.Deactivate your account.Unfollow people who are friends with you.Thanks for reading my answer.All the best,