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Why Do Some Younger Women Like Older Men Be Serious And Don

Why do older men like younger women?

I think that there's nothing wrong w/ the age gap, the question is is why he's telling you that he likes younger women. He should like YOU as a person and not just your age or what you look like when you're young. Best of luck. I don't know you guys, but please respect yourself and make sure that he respects YOU and your personality and not your youth.

Why do OLDER men like YOUNGER women?

I met this guy and we really like each other.. The problem is im 19 and he's 36. I like older guys but damn! (By the way he initially told me he was 26). Should I get serious with him or not?

Why do younger women like older men?

Generally, younger guys tend to be more immature. They also focus on the sex, which is often a turn-off for women. Older men focus on more on personality and tend to be more mature, thoughtful, and caring. But why, you might ask, are those men not going after women their own age? Because the older men do not just intrinsically have those qualities. They are turning on the charm because they are playing way out of their league. Compared with the often immature younger guys ("hey baby, guess how many keg stands I did last night?"), the older guys seem far more desirable.

Note that the old guys are only being so "appealing" because they know they have an uphill battle already. Many of those old guys are married -- you might ask why they don't use their "charms" on their own wives!

Why do some younger men like older women?

It depends on the person, but some potential benefits include:They are more mature, so typically there is less drama. There is more focus on what’s important in the long run, rather than small stuff that won’t matter later.An older woman is often less shy about the topic of sex, and will often be more assertive. She’s less likely to play shy and hopes the guy figures it out. She is more likely to offer herself to her man, or even initiate sexual relations when she wants sex. So less guessing on whether she wants sex or not.Related to that, sexually, she is more experienced and knows what she wants and likes. A guy doesn’t have to do a lot of guessing, because she will tell him what turns her on and what she wants. She also will be more experienced in pleasing a man and turning him on.If she is past menopause, there is no risk of pregnancy, so no need for birth control, and there are no periods to interrupt things. If she isn’t past menopause, she will be experienced in birth control and know whether she wants (more) kids or not.She often will have a better understanding of what makes a relationship work, having experienced a few herself. She can use this knowledge to guide the relationship in the right direction.Some women look great when young, but then don’t look as hot when older (usually because they didn’t take care of themselves). With an older woman, you already know what she is going to look like when she is older… because she is already older.In some cases, an older woman can provide financial stability, but not always. Depends on their personal situation, and what you consider “older.” If you think someone in their 40’s is older, then they probably have a career. If you think someone in their 60’s is older, then they are more likely to need financial assistance.And, overall, it reduces the pressure on the man. An older woman often knows how to make a man feel at ease, and knows how to relax him. And an older woman will often tell her man (verbally or non verbally) what she wants, meaning he doesn’t have to think as much and doesn’t have to guess. He can focus on making her happy, rather than trying to guess what might make her happy.The actual benefits and disadvantages will vary by person, obviously, but these are a list of potential benefits.

Why do older men date younger women?

As a man that is in a relationship with a younger woman (as distinct from girl), l can probably say the following with some confidence and in no particular order:older women tend to be set in their waysolder women tend to be less interested in sexolder women are usually more autonomous and self reliant, which is a good thing as well as being more experienced when it come to accepting differencesyounger women have less life experiences and are generally more idealistic which plays to being less accommodating or acceptingolder men can see through certain behaviours to the resulting consequences with greater ease due to their own experiences and can thus, if they’re grown up enough, chose how to respond. This could piss some younger women off of takes a particular type of younger woman, in terms of her emotional and intellectual maturity, to have a relationship of any consequence with an older chap. Some younger woman just prefer to be with someone that is more stablethe rule of thumb is, in terms of optimal age (x) difference, the chaps age (a) divided by two plus seven: x = (a/2) + 7. Anything beyond this and it starts to become creepy and frivolous. This formula can, in fact, be universally applied to any mans age (within the usual conventions of course). This is simply because women tend to mature more quickly than men.younger women tend to gird older chaps to being a little more conscious of their health on both mental and physical levels. This is not meant to say they’re in denial it just reduces the rate at which older men get too old in their heads and general disposition.some older men tend to be more experienced sexually and less inhibited when it comes to sharing and exploring in bed, which younger woman tend to like.I could add some more thoughts but the main reasons and associated issues from my humble perspective are summarised above. Additionally, I’ve just ‘sense checked’ with my significant other as to why she likes being with an older man and her response kicks some of what I've just written into touch. For her it's more about the chemistry as she doesn't necessarily prefer older men. It's just that, in this case, it happily works for her. She says it helps that I don't look my age and can engage with most people irrespective of their age, race, background. Nice touch on her part.So, at the risk of being a little trite in closing, it is sometimes said that a chap is only as old as the woman he feels!

Why do younger women fall in love with older men?

Resourcefulness: Their experiences in life and in previous relationships have taught them a lot of life lessons to make their situation better than before. They are very confident and so they carry themselves very well in public.Financial support: It is an important aspect of every relationship. Women look for men who have the capacity to support them financially. Money is not everything in a relationship but without money, the relationship is bound to fail at some point.Handling women: They are less annoying and pushy about sexual desire than younger guys are. Their previous experiences help them learn what women generally want and what makes women happy. They are able to control their sexual urges more responsibly and they know which body part is sensitive to touch etc. They are generous in bed and they are passionate lovers. Older men tend to be more romantic as well.Relationship: Older men are mature, refined, more stable and interesting people. Women who are tired of short-lived and immature relationships can find a more satisfying and more stable relationship with an older guy.Stylish taste: Older men tend to choose the more sophisticated things food, clothes, and travel. The can find an affordable place that serves a 5-star quality food and drinks without going to 5-star hotel. They understand value for money.Healthy lifestyle: They maintain an active lifestyle apart from the work. They keep themselves fit and active. They don’t argue about petty things.George Clooney (56) and his 18-year-younger wife, Amal, and Donald Trump (70) and his First Lady, Melania (age 47) are some examples.

Why do young women date much older men?

We all must agree to it that not all the girls go for older men. There are girls who gets attracted towards younger boys as well. So what is it which determines that whether a particular girl would go for a older men, a younger men or a men of her own age.Once I came across an article which says there is a scientific reason behind this. It depends on the age of girl’s parents when her mother was pregnant. For example, if a women is pregnant with her girl child in early twenties then more likely that girl would find younger men with cute looks more appealing. It holds true in my case, as my parents were in late thirties that time. So girls like me often get attracted towards elder men with heavy voice and mature looks. But it is not a rule we sometimes get attracted towards cute faces too.Another reason which I myself think about and feel. Most of the girls are often very ambitious, confident, dominating and independent. Marrying or dating a men to them means to be with a men who they can look upon, who is more experienced and matured, who can guide them, whom can they take advice from, who can understand them and someone who is more successful and better than what they are. It absolutely does not mean that all the boys of their own age and younger to them don’t possess these qualities. But girls will always take them as their competitors or in few cases as their friends. But to have that special feeling and charm for someone they should to be at least 2 to 4 years elder.P.S. - In question it is much older men and everyone’s criteria of much older men is different.

Are older women, younger men relationships serious?

I know and am good friends with a couple where she is 17 years older than he. Married for over 15 years, they are testament to what soul mates are all about. I myself am in a relationship with an 18 year gap. The real test is your perception of what other might think. Do you care ?

Do older men really like younger women?

Pretty much all men are attracted to young women. You sound like you might be a rather neat little package for someone like me.

I will point out two things though. Having gone back to school for my BA at the age of 28, and having chosen a school with very few grad students, I became a bit familiar with the ins and outs of trying to form a relationship with the 20 something crowd. These relationships have difficulties.

Firstly, Guys who pretend they aren't self conscious about their age are liars. Between 20, and 28, there is a vast amount of growing up, experiencing things, and developing an independant life. There is a great difference in shared experiences, understanding of history, and sometimes even maturity level.

I can't help you with your maturity level, and I have no idea if it's even a probelm for you. But, one thing you can easily do in order to make yourself seem more "mature" is to understand the references guys in this age will make. The secret to doing this? Study up on the music, TV shows, and movies of the 1970s, 1980s, and early 1990s. That's the stuff they paid attention to when they were growing up. It is where they got their moral lessons, jokes, and outlook on life. If you don't understand what they're talking about, they will think you are joking just to make them feel old.

You could also try to understand their education, but that is a rather more abstract topic. I can tell you that when I was in school, history was all about WWII, and Viet Nam. The Korean War was still some big secret, and nobody had really figured out how to explain the social changes of the sixties in America... except that Viet Nam was important, and bad.

Also... Don't do drugs. None. Not even weed. These guys are the poster children for the golden age of the DARE program, and just say no.These are the guys whose parents went to woodstock, and never told them because the shame was too much... or did tell them, because their friends died, or got permanently damaged by an overdose. Then when they got to high school, the crack cocaine epidemic swept through, and they lost their friends. If you're into drugs... you'll just have to keep that quiet, and hope they offer some. Until then, it's probably not OK.