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Why Do The Commentators Sometimes Try And Not Laugh In Wwe

Why does Michael Cole hate Bryan Danielson?

Cole is an idiot

When The WWE Commentators Laugh, Do You Think Its Legit Or Not?

Like any other live show, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. You can usually tell when they're having a legit good time. It doesn't sound forced...

Wrestling Poll: All Current WWE Wrestlers?

Who has the best mic-skills?
Who has the best wrestling skills?
Which wrestler do you enjoy watching and support the most?
Who is your favorite tag team?
What matches are you wanting to see, that hasn't happened yet;at least on the WWE stage?
Who is the best athlete in WWE?
Who do you think is the most talented "jobber"?
Who do you think has the best attire, and overall look?
Who is your favorite commentator?
Which underrated wrestler do you want to see succeed the most?
What wrestler do you support that nobody else really does?
Which superstar in WWE do you enjoy the least?
Who has the best, coolest finisher?
Do you support WWE been PG, or are you against it?

I want to become a professional wrestler, need opinions on my plan?

First of all, forget about the people who are saying you can't do this because of your weight. There are plenty of pro wrestlers (especially in the indies) that are thin and very talented. There's a lot more to it than muscles and such. That's just the image projected in mainstream wrestling over the past few years. The key is to ENTERTAIN a crowd, and know what you're doing.

It's fine to chase your dream, but keep in mind there's gonna be a lot of obstacles. Wrestling is a tough business. I worked last year for an indie promotion in my area as a referee and commentator. Every little detail of these things are planned out, and you have to know what you're doing. Most guys go to wrestling school, but I don't really reccommend that. They take your money and force you to do things when they want you to, not when you're ready.

Your plan sounds okay, and I would go for it, but if I could add anything, I would say try finding a local wrestling promotion in your area. Talk to some of the people there after a show or something and see if they can get you in the ring sometime. I trained for 3 months or so with some of the wrestlers and really enjoyed it. I could've probably wrestled if I wanted to, but was much happier as a referee.

Good luck man.

(and it's also smart to find a job elsewhere, because wrestling won't pay the bills when you first start. The guys I know were making like $50 a show, and had a show every other weekend.)

Question about jim lampley.......?

Lampley was always annoying, he used to cheap shot Big George with snide remarks until George saved his life during the Golata/Bowe riot at the Garden. I confronted the little weasel about it once in the MGM Grand, but after HBO hired Kellerman, Lampley's stock skyrocketed. Kellerman sucks so bad he makes Lampley look good, which is actually quite a feat, it's not easy to make Lampley seem like a good boxing commentator. HBO really needs to rethink their boxing commentary crews, but so long as Kellerman is humiliating HBO, Jim Lampley will get a free pass from me. Anyone would be better than Max Kellerman, and Jim Lampley is not Max Kellerman, so he's good enough. Until Seth Abraham peels Kellerman's lips off his @ss and fires Max, then replaces him with someone better, Jim will remain the best non boxing personage HBO has going for it. These two guys make me really miss Larry Merchant, but it is what it is.