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Why Do Toenails Fall Off

My toenail is about to fall off?

I recently lost my toenail dancing En Pointe and had my Doctor take a look at it. It hasn't grown back yet and he said it was safe. He just recommended that after I get out of the shower I rub the skin around the edges of the nail to keep it from becoming in grown. Also that I keep it clean and dry. So far everything has been fine. But Im also not a Doctor so if your really worried have yours take a look at it.

Toenails falling off?

i had surgery on both of my big toe toenails because they were ingrown. now every time they grow back, they will stay for a few months but then get peely and weak and gross and just eventually fall off. like, the whole thing just peels right out of my nail bed and it doesn't even hurt. it bleeds a lot though. then it will grow back and fall off again. over and over. one toe barely comes in anymore, and it is just fleshy-looking and dry on the sides, and the other comes in, but always thick with ridges. i am so sick of this, i have been dealing with it for a 2 years now and i am a young girl who wants paint my toes pretty and not hide them! especially in the summer! it is just so frustrating. any ideas for strengthening my nails or anti fungus creams or something to stimulate growth? thankyou so much.

What drug can make your toenail fall off?

My boyfriend's sister has been doing a lot of different drugs lately. She's over 21 and we've tried to convince her to get into treatment. So far it hasn't worked. I know she's been smoking pot, doing coke and smoking "Wet". Her toenails have begun to fall off. I know that not having toenails is the least of our worries when it comes to her drug use but I just wanted to know if there was a possibility of there being another drug that she's doing other than the ones we know of that would cause her nails to fall off.

Why do my toe nails keep falling off?

You should make an appointment with your doctor to have it looked at.

It could be from something as harmless as a blunt trauma to the toe, which often takes a while to work itself out and effect the nails.

But it could also be a symptom of some more serious problem or fungus.

What should I do if my toenail is falling off?

As said, you should see a doctor and try to determine the cause. I've lost 4 nails, three fingernails + 1 big toenail, all to bruising damage to the nail bed. It's generally a slow process, the nail will first turn completely purple-blue then very gradually detach and fall off, and sometime in the process a new nail will likely start growing in. All of my nails grew back normally and painlessly on their own within a few months at most if I remember correctly, and you would never know they weren't my original nails, now. Don't worry too much about it, it will most likely be okay.

My Toenail is falling off...What to do??

I got TWO black toenails from my basketball shoes about a month ago and now i am noticing that both toenails are very loose. How long until the nail will fall off? O and when they do fall of is it bad to put on a fake toenail (big toe)???

How do you know if your toenail is going to fall off?

"The medical term used to describe a toenail that falls off isonychoptosis or onycholysis, which simply indicates a separation of the nail from the nail bed. This phenomenon is usually a result of a fungal infection or a traumatic injury.The nail tends to appear discolored initially, indicating a separation of the nail from the bed. This is followed by loosening of the nail, which can be quite painful, and may require first aid attention until medical treatment can be obtained.In serious cases, medical attention should be sought to prevent the spread of infection or permanent damage to the nail matrix (root).Separation of the nail from the nail bed can result in symptoms ranging from bleeding and discomfort to infection and possible disfigurement. In some cases the nail may appear to fall off for no apparent reason, but there is usually an underlying cause.What Are The Symptoms of Toenail Loss?Depending on the cause of the separation, symptoms may include:With an injury:PainCollection of blood under the nailDiscoloration of the nailBleedingLoosening of the nailWith an infection::Nail getting thicker, or even thinnerBrown, green or yellow discoloringPainSwellingRedness of the surrounding tissueFoul odorDischarge from under the nail" Toenail Falling Off - Causes, Treatment, and Prevention Tips And, Yeah!

Pinky toenail falling off?

It's really not a big deal to lose a nail. Two years ago, I smashed my finger in a car door.. It took a couple of weeks for my nail to actually fall off. After that it looked really strange to not have a nail, but it wasn't painful or anything like that. My nail grew back pretty fast too. Aside from a few weird looks I got at work, it didn't bother me at all.

If it looks like it's going to fall off, it probably will.. but that's fine. It'll look a little funny for a while, but it will grow back. It will only take a month or two (probably less since pinky toenails are so small anyway) for a new nail to grow back. The new nail won't be loose.. it'll be just like any other regular toenail, so no worries there.

There's really no reason to wear a bandaid, unless you're having problems with the nail getting caught on stuff and bothering you. For example.. It might get annoying when you sleep if it gets caught on the sheets, so wearing a bandaid or sock might help then. There's no medical need to wear one, it's definitely ok if you don't.

You should keep it clean, but you shouldn't have to go out of your way to do so. Bathing normally should be just fine. You shouldn't really have any problems with it getting infected either, unless it was cut when you had your accident. If it was getting infected, you'd be able to tell because the area would be red, sensitive to touch and swollen.

It shouldn't really cause you much pain either, unless it gets infected. If it starts to hurt though, just take some type of pain reliever like Tylenol or Advil. If there's an infection, clean the area with alcohol or Bactine and treat it with Neosporin.

I forgot to mention that soaking it will probably help it loosen up and fall off faster. might want to try doing that to see if you can go ahead and get it to come off. If it's already detached from your nailbed, it's more than likely not connected to any new you're not gonna do any harm by speeding up the process. Totally up to you though!

Dream: Toenail falling off?

I had multiple dreams about my head falling off my neck, a few months later, I was in a car accident and have sever whiplash. Take care of your toe