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Why Do Unattractive Women Get Easily Offended

Why is a strong woman unattractive to most men?

Men like women they can control, a woman who won't speak up for herslef, a woman who is helpless and can't seem to do anything without his help. It makes men feel more like men.
When they see a woman who is strong and independent the feel like this women could possibly emasculate him and make him look weak!! F*cked up isn't it!!!

Why do unattractive men still try to attract women? As an ugly, short guy myself, I can attest that women are insulted by the fact that you even tried hitting on them.

I'm going to be blunt.  Some people are more conventionally attractive than others.  There are some things that "most people" of the opposite sex are going to want, on average, in general.  Sure confidence matters, but that's not what you want to hear.  Trust me, I'm a not-conventionally attractive woman, and I'm plenty confident.    1) People are generally more successful when they are a "match."  You've noticed that when a guy 3 hits on a woman 7, she thinks the 3 is "creepy" unless he has brought his number up via status/ money.  I'm going to trust that you are self aware enough that you're assessment of your appearance is correct.  So, you are a 3 or 4.  Fine.  Are you hitting on 3s?  Or are you hitting on 7s?  Be honest.  The women on TV are usually 9s and 10s.  Slim, pretty women you see in life and WANT to hit on are probably 5-7s.   I'm fairly certain that if you start hitting on the 2-4s (in the right way) you won't seem creepy.  They'll be flattered.  2) People who are less attractive have to play the Long Game (Building Attraction: Which Matters More, Looks or Personality? - Paging Dr. NerdLove.)  You say that "nothing can make a woman attracted to you if she doesn't like the way you look in the first place."  If all you want is a one night stand, that's probably true.  If you want something longer, that is demonstrably false.    The solution is not to hit on women in "first impression" situations like bars and online hookup sites.  You need to meet people when they can learn about your personality over a number of hours or meetings.  THEN ask them out.  You can do this while volunteering, at church, by being a part of a group that does a certain activity, school, or even in the workplace (maybe, depending on your workplace).  3) Maturity matters.  I don't know how old you are.  But, the long game is much harder from 15-24 than it is from 25-35.  Most people become more mature with age.  More mature women realize they'd rather be with a reliable, honest, nice, guy with a job, a car, and good hygiene than an attractive scrub.  Also, as you get older, the herd thins.  Those super attractive long term relationship minded guys get snatched up by the super attractive long term relationship ladies.  The super attractive one night stand guys are still out there, but the long term relationship girls don't waste time with them anymore.  And what is left is us, the less attractive, good personality people.

Why do women get offended when I say "I find Strong women very UNattractive"?

I would say that those who criticize you for your stated preference are reading into it. In saying the words, merely, that you find strong women unattractive, you are just stating your preference - no problem there. But I would suggest that those listening are hearing unspoken words of criticism and discrimination, as well as an underlying dislike for women who have succeeded in a competitive environment.

Bottom line - you can and should state your preferences. Those listening should wait for explanation before criticizing, if they must...

Why do I attract a lot of unattractive girls?

I think that in general. attractive girls have more relationship experience than unattractive girls (this is not necessarily good or bad).First of all. if you find that unattractive girls give you much more attention than attractive girls, then you may have good reason to believe so. While you may be thinking that those unattractive girls who are always hitting on you are below your league, you might find that they actually aren’t.One thing that a previous poster pointed out in his answer is that you assume that women and men judge level of attractiveness the same. Not so at all. Yes, the majority of men want a woman who is physically attractive first and have other good qualities second, but this is RARELY the case when women are choosing men, especially when the woman is good-looking. She’s been with dozens of guys just as hot as she is who’ve turned out to be a waste of time. There is so much more to being an attractive man that a woman actually wants to be with. I hate to state the truth so bluntly, but the more status you have as a man, the better looking the women you attract will be.So yes, these girls you tend to attract might be 4’s or 5’s on the scale of attractiveness based on physical appearances, but it’s very likely that that is your “range”. You may be a 4 or 5 on the attractiveness scale based on status. Those 9’s and 10’s that you want will come with plenty of hard work, especially if you weren’t already born into a family with status.Still, it’s probably a lot easier for you to change your level of status than it is for some of those not so hot girls to change the looks they were born with.Now that I’ve answered your question, let me say this: you might find that tactic of dating/choosing a mate highly ineffective in the later years of your life. Even harder than finding a really hot woman that wants you is finding a woman who will actually love you and stay with you through thick and thin. That’s just my opinion.

What do guys find unattractive about girls?

Guys find girls unattractive if they are too:
NEEDY. If you need someone too much to make you happy, we know you are not happy now and need us to make you happy. That is unattractive.
INSECURE. If you need us to make you feel good about yourself by asking for compliments or if we love you, that is unattractive.
FLIRTATIOUS. If you flirt with him, you flirt with others and he knows it. It means you need the attention to you. That kind of person is not good at being kind and attentive to another.
GIVE SEX TOO FREELY. Believe it or not, the girl the guy ends up with is the girl who plays hard to get because she sees herself as a good catch, does not sleep around, does not ask guys out, respects themselves and has a good life on their own.
WEAR TOO MUCH MAKE-UP. It tells us you do not feel pretty without all the cover-up. Be natural.
GOSSIPY. It tells us that you would rather talk about others than go and have a great life yourself. people that gossip about others watch life go by. They gossip about others who are trying their best at life that sometimes included mistakes.

Try those for now.