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Why do you smell like what you eat?

Why do i smell like cheese after eating cheese?

You smell like cheese because you just ate it. This happens to many people, mostly occurring in both males and females. Cheese is not the only smell that illuminates the person after it is consumed. Fish and pizza also have this bizarre effect.

If you don't like the smell, I suggest brushing your teeth nice, gently and firmly. Spend a lot of time flossing. You could get rid of the odor of cheese by taking a warm shower and dousing yourself with fruity flavored body wash and refreshing shampoo.

Also another way of avoiding this issue is to not eat it.

Do people smell like the food they eat?

If you eat a lot of onions & garlic - that's what you'll smell like, many East Asians think that Europeans smell of sour milk as most Europeans usually eat cheese, milk, yoghurt whereas East Asians don't, so the answer is - diet is certainly a contributing factor to someone's "scent"/"aroma" - however, with good personal & dental hygiene it's not a problem. Vegetarians & Vegans can smell meat & meat eaters much better than meat eater can - they can often deduce that food has meat in it from its smell, just as much as non smokers can identify smokers by how they smell, and people with no pets can smell cats/dogs/catfood/dogfood in the houses of the people that have pets.

Do other people smell like what they eat?

Of course they do; if they eat enough of it often enough. Take an onion lover for instance:Ollie Onion eats sautéed onions with his meals every day. He showers regularly, but at the same time, receives regular but polite comments from his friends and family wondering where that onion smell originates from when he is around.Our bodies naturally exudes toxins through our pores. That is how the smell of body odor originates. So, if there is a large amount of a particular toxin to be eliminated on a daily basis, that particular body will be quite odiferous.Further reading below:Does diet affect body odor?

Why do I smell like sulfur?

an other posebility then what is already sugest:“ 4. Meat eaters. People who eat a lot of meat and do not digest it well, which is almost everyone, have a rather foul, and repulsive sulfury odor like rotting eggs. This odor is due to the high content of sulfur-containing amino acids in meat, particularly red meat. These amino acids are very excellent, but only if digested well. Meat-eating sometimes causes other foul odors due to other chemicals produced in the intestines if one does not digest meat well.” your teenager or adolecent & the smell is coming more from down there ( feet):“ … That same all-you-can-eat buffet for bacteria happens with the sweat on your feet. And since your tootsies are tucked away in a dark, warm, moist environment, they really nurture bacteria — especially if you’re sans socks. But about 10 to 15 percent of people have extra-sweaty feet just by the luck of the genetic draw. Those ultra-moist dogs can then become home to a specific type of bacterium called Micrococcus sedentarius, which produces truly awful smelling sulfur compounds. Lucky you.”7 Surprising Reasons You Stinkfor Woman (mostly):“ Lots of medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, have side effects that can cause body odor. For example, some birth control pills cause dry mouth, which can lead to a buildup of sulphur in your mouth. Sulphur, if you recall, is famous for its "rotten egg" smell. Also, meds like acetaminophen (Tylenol), anti-depressants, and diet pills have been shown to cause extra sweatiness. If you're concerned, always read the labels for everything you take. “10 Sneaky Sources of Body OdorIt may be that you eat (to) much suflur containing food, and, your body can not break them down easily.:I smell like sulphur

Why does semen smell like bleach?

because it does....roses smell like roses, semen smell like semen

Why does sweat sometimes smell like onions?

The scent of your sweat can be affected by what you eat. Perhaps you are eating a lot of onions? You can find more information on the effect of eating onions and body odor on : Top 10 Doctor Insights on does eating onions cause body odor - HealthTap. This site is an amazing resource in terms of asking questions directly to doctors. Basically you can ask any question you'd like and physicians answer for free within minutes. You get multiple physician opinions as well.  Best of lucks!

Why does fish food smell like fish?

A lot of fish food is actually made out of fish parts and other organic compounds. Fish by natural are cannibals, so it would only make sense to feed them bits of other fish.

Why do I smell like curry after eating Indian food?

Easy answer and quite logical. When you eat typical Indian food, due to the various combination of spices in them, and depending upon your metabolism, these often get digested and secreted via your sweat glands or skin pores at some point in time.Broadly speaking many of the reasons these spices are popular is that they possess strong aromatic qualities, besides improving the taste and in many cases enabling the cooking mix. The aromatic feature tends to show up in body odor/smell.Another auxiliary reason is when eating Indian food, small or minute quantities tend to get cling to the fingers, maybe a bit on the clothes, lips, etc. and there is a tiny amount of fragrance which emanates (thus the smell). Takes 1 ~ 2 showers and rigorous clothes washing to eliminate it 100%.Actually enjoy it and not worry too much about this….

Why doesn't matter what you eat every time you burp it smells like sausage?

Ewww not mines mines smell like flowers and so does my fart