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Why Do You Think National October Columbus Federal Holiday Has Become More Controversial In Recent

Of the 10 "US federal holidays", which one do you think is the most controversial, and why? Do you think that this holiday should be eliminated? Why, or why not? If you think that it should be eliminated, what holiday do you propose to replace it?

Columbus Day in October is fairly controversial, since his arrival on this continent wrecked the Native peoples. However, since Europeans are here to stay, they may as well celebrate.Some places don’t, though[1]. And some places just like having an autumn day off work when it’s not too cold to enjoy it.Footnotes[1] Columbus Day - Wikipedia

Do foreign consulates and embassies observe national holidays of their host country?

In the United Nations, the UN Resident Representative (chief of mission with Ambassador rank) in each country decides the calendar of holidays that the UN mission will observe. The calendar is typically published in November of the preceding year. The rule, which applies to all missions worldwide, is that no more than 10 holidays may be observed. The UN Resident Representative usually tries to balance the selection of which 10 holidays will be observed by considering the needs of local staff, as well as the mix of international officers.

What does Columbus Day celebrate today?

Maybe more so than any other federal holiday -- Presidents' Day in February being another contender -- Columbus Day in the United States has become a holiday sort of just for the sake of, you know, having a holiday.That doesn't imply that it's devoid of meaning. Many locales in the Americas and Europe celebrate the anniversary of Columbus' voyage, under different names and for different reasons. But as a United States federal holiday, it has an ambiguous and controversial history. It was a state holiday in Colorado first; under lobbying from the Italian-American community, Franklin Roosevelt made it a national holiday in 1937, more as a celebration of Italian culture than anything else.Largely because of opposition from Native Americans, who legitimately view any commemoration of Christopher Columbus as a benevolent explorer/father-figure to be historical revisionism and distortion, some places in America do not observe the holiday at all. Certain states -- Oregon, Alaska, and some others -- don't treat it as a government holiday. In other places, notably Berkeley, California from 1992 on, it has been repurposed as a day for celebrating indigenous cultures.

Why is August the only month without a holiday?

It isn’t. The following holidays are recognized by the federal government as paid days off for federal employees:New Year's Day (January 1).Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Third Monday in January).Washington's Birthday (Third Monday in February).Memorial Day (Last Monday in May).Independence Day (July 4).Labor Day (First Monday in September).Columbus Day (Second Monday in October).Veterans Day (November 11).Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November).Christmas Day (December 25).So you’ll note that March, April and June aren’t on that list as well.If you include all holidays observed in the United States, you’ll see a number widely observed in March, April and June, plus a few in August. For example, Hawaii has Statehood Day in August; Texas has Lyndon Baines Johnson Day.

Are Spain, Sweden and the Ottoman empire considered part of Central Europe?

Spain is considered to be part of Western Europe or Mediterranean Europe.

Sweden is considered as part of Northern Europe or Scandinavia.

The Ottoman Empire (nowadays popularly referred to as "Turkey") is not (yet) (politically) considered as part of Europe.

Why isn’t Halloween a school holiday?

Because there's nothing to celebrate Halloween is just about having a good time eating candy and playing pretend and dress up there's no way they should get out of school for something so frivolous and they're out of school on the 8th of October for Columbus Day and then they're out of school on the 12th of November for Veterans Day that has to be enough time to learn too many vacations as there is