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Why Does He Ignore Me When He

Why does the guy I like ignore me?

Not everyone will like you. This is a basic fact of the universe.It’s not a bad thing. It’s not a good thing. It just is. Don’t stress about it too much.Now, if you’re genuinely curious, and simply want to understand, you’ll have to be persistent, and recognize you’re going to come off as a bit odd. You’ll need to address him directly; let’s say his name is ‘Todd’ for the moment; you might catch him at the towards the end of class and say “Todd, before you leave, do you have a moment for us to talk? I have a personal question I need to get cleared up.” If he bluntly says “no, I don’t have time, I have to get to my next class”, be respectful of that. “OK, I understand; I still want to talk to you, but it can wait for a better time. It won’t take more than five minutes, so please let me know tomorrow when you’ll have five minutes for us to talk.” Unless he’s an absolute jerk, he’ll let you know when he has time to talk.When he does give you a chance to talk to him, let him know your concerns. Be open and honest and direct about it. “Todd, we seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot in this class. I’m trying to be friends with the people in this class, and you don’t seem to be willing to accept my friendship. Have I done something to offend you, or make our friendship a problem, or are you simply not interested in being friends? If it’s something I can fix, let me know. But if you’re simply not interested, that’s fine, I can respect that; just let me know, and I’ll leave you alone and not spend any energy or effort on trying to establish a friendship with you.”That puts the ball in his court to either say what it is that’s bothering him about you, or to simply say he’s not interested in being friends, please leave him alone. Whichever way he answers, you’ll know what the situation is, and why, and can adjust your behaviour and expectations accordingly.Best of luck!

Why does he flirt then ignore me?

I knew this guy for almost a year but now i'm starting to like him. We are both in 10th grade. He is so confusing tho. One day we are in class, major flirting and hugging. then the next day he totally ignores me. This usually happens when hes with his friends And this keeps happening over and over again. but its only been a month of school. A couple of days ago when we we're hugging he was about to kiss me but the bell rung so he didn't. Does he actually like me or is he just playing with me? And why does he ignore me sometimes?

Why does he ignore me when we are in a group?

Best guess?Because he likes you.Unless you are talking about someone already supposed to be with you. In which case, he is concerned with the group’s opinion of him, and how that opinion revolves around you. I wouldn’t take it too personally, though… It’s not shame of you, as most people would think.It’s fear.The person in question cares deeply about what others think, so deeply that it has a detrimental effect on his ability to rationalize and make decisions. He can’t defend himself, so he certainly can’t defend you.This is something you should speak to him about. It is a seed, and seeds grow, over time. What only mildly bothers you today will completely frustrate and anger you, over time.

If he likes me, why does he ignore me???

I'm having almost the exact same situation here.
There's some guys that just look at you and look away shyly if they have a crush on a girl. Chances are that he's wondering if you like him. He's afraid to talk to you coz he wonders if you like him too, or if it's gonna make him a fool when he talks to you and finds out you don't like him. You might be doubting the same thing, so say hi back and smile back.

If he suddenly gets quiet w/his friends when you come around, or just stops talking, or looks down on the floor--he likes you. He's just a bit self-conscience. It takes courage to say hi to a girl in front of her friends, or for you to say hi to him in front of his friends. People often think it's embarrasing.

If his friends start to talk to you and ask you things, it's also a sign that he likes you. He knows he wants it but is just afraid to say it. If he's not making a move, you say hi first then. It's probably better if you can find him alone (without distraction from his friends) to say hi. You'll only find out if you talk to him.

Of course, it's rare that a guy will tell you that he likes you straightfowardly, otherwise you wouln't be asking the question here and he wouldn't be turning away when he sees you.

It sometimes gets frustrating not talking to him or doubting if he likes you, or being too self-conscience to do anything. If you are in the same grade, it's easier. What do you have to lose? Trust me, if you say hi, he'll say hi back.

Why does he ignore me sometimes?

He's pretty normal and shows consistant behavior with everyone else...with me he is unoredictable.Sometimes he will make this big effort to be around me and get my attention and tease me than the next day he will walk past me and barely acknowledge me. Soemtimes he looks me right in the eye and other times down to the floor.I have no idea what is up. Any ideas?

Why does he ignore me after hanging out?

when I say ignore I mean he doesn't answer his phone or texts. We've been sorta dating for the last 2 months, nothing official we kiss and hold hands and what not when we hang out and NO I have not nor do I plan to sleep with him anytime soon. I don't expect to hang out with him EVERYDAY but would at least like a response when I try to talk to him. And if it matters any im 20 and he's 26

Why does he ignore me around his friends?

Okay, so there's this guy who i swim with and i REALLY like him. We have so much in common, (swimming, tenor sax and have siblings the same age) and we're always laughing when we're together. So the other day at swimming, we were both sitting out on the bleachers and we talked for like over an hour, and that same Monday, we were in my coaches office reading a Michael Phelps thing, and we were really close together, too. He always smiles when he sees me, and it seems like he really likes me. At swimming. When we went to band camp this week, he's around his friends and doesnt really talk to me. lik once he talked to me, and his friend weren't around. But that same day my friend told me that this guy knew i liked him all along; but now he's just starting to act different. But he had my sister "deliever a message" to me and he sounded like himself. But lik i said he ignored me tonight at the band camp party. I dont get it, i mean he has friends on the swim team, and still sat on the bleachers and talked to me; everyone i ask says it's just how boys are but it just doesnt seem like the guy i talked to on the bleachers. Can anyone tell me if this is normal?

Why does he ignore me when I am upset? PLEASE HELP?

My husband always ignores me when I am upset about something. He always watches tv and says "don't worry about it." I know he loves me but he's to laid back. Isn't someone being put in the hospital something to worry about. Especially if it's my dad. 2 hours from now he'll say, "I'm sorry and how can I help." That's not the point. Shouldn't he care when I need to talk about it.

Why does he flirt with other girls, but ignore me?

I kind of like this guy who's probably the most popular person at my school, and he's really hot, cute, sweet, funny, smart...all that. He also lives on my road. He flirts with pretty much every girl he sees, most of which are less good-looking than me (not meant to sound conceited, but I do think I'm better looking than most girls my age). Almost every time I see him he's hugging a girl, but I have no idea who he's gone out with. Anyway, we talk sometimes, but he has NEVER flirted with me. I don't think it's because I'm shy, because he flirts with girls as shy as me. Also, today one of his closest friends asked me if I have a crush on this guy. Could he possibly like me or is he just completely uninterested?