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Why Does He Say This When I Walk By

Why does he always say my name when I walk past him?

So, I met this guy at camp, and the first day I met him we talked a lot and got to know each other a little bit. I'm new to the camp, so he showed me around and everything and seemed to be genuinely interested in helping me out. However, I've been talking to him less because I've become so distracted with other things, but when I walk past him, he'll always smile and sometimes he'll say my name in like a silly voice, and when I'm near him he'll show where things are, or how to do them, and since I'm new, when he says my name, he'll always be like "so I got it right!" and like, I never see him really helping anyone else, but he seems very concerned about helping me get things done right.

Why do girls say eww all the time when i walk by?

F U C K those bitchez. You know whats your problem? Your a nice guy, don't be a nice guy, especially not for these bitchez. Treat bitchez like trash, and put them in place. Walk around with your friends, and talk loudly enough for the bitchez to hear you, rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. And make comments like no, that one doesn't have a nice azz. Or no, that one doesn't have a nice face. Make bitchez feel like crap, use the power from within, be an azzhole! You are the Man, you are better than a woman! Remember, Men are Kings, and women are servants. Put them bitchez on a leash bro!

What does it mean to "walk the walk"?

To actually do what you claim to do. This phrase comes from the saying, “If you talk the talk, you better walk the walk,” meaning if you say you do something or act like you do something, you should actually do it.Ex. “Harry says he's good at basketball so I let him join our rec team. He better walk the walk!”

What does it mean when a guy says hi to you but never talks to you?

Errrr…It means he is saying hi!“Hi” is an easy informal way of acknowledging other people. People say hi to other people all the time.Unless he has explicitly stated otherwise, any infatuation you are feeling or anything you are thinking is solely down to your imagination and nothing else.

RIDDLE. a man walks into a bar what does he say?

"hi everybody!" with the accent of Dr. Nick from the Simpsons


Put your claws in to him, you only go around once in life ,so
Do It...........O K...............................

Is my boyfriend lying to me when he says he doesn’t find any other girls attractive?

Question: "Is my boyfriend lying to me when he says he doesn’t find any other girls attractive?"Probably yes, and you should see this as a good thing - well, not that he might be telling lies (and it might be your fault - more on that later), but that you, as a girl, are dating a normal, functioning straight male. :)Now, should you be worried about this? I do not think so either. Just because he finds other girls attractive, does not mean he will start cheating on you left and right. It's how he acts on that normal attraction that counts. Does he still respect you, and your relationship? If yes, then it's all good.After all, there's little virtue in being faithful simply because one has never felt attracted for anyone else. Is this person really honest? Has his faithfulness really been tested? What if someday, someone who attracts him finally shows up? What then?True virtue, of course, is all about not acting on that normal attraction, out of respect for your current relationship. Not trying to get a date with some random girl he finds pretty, as he would probably do if he was single, because that would hurt your feelings. Because he cares about you, and the relationship both of you have.It's a little bit like courage: if you run towards a burning building to save someone, and yet feel no fear whatsoever, then you are not being courageous. You are probably just being too dumb to realize the real risks involved. Maybe you have misread the true situation, thinking that the odds are all in your favour.But it's quite normal, even healthy, to fear for your live, when that fear is justified. There's nothing wrong, or "cowardly", in admitting it.True bravery, then, is when one overcomes that fear in order to do some extraordinary deed. :)So, why is he probably lying to you? Well, maybe he sees you as an insecure person, and decided to tell a white lie in order to reassure you. But the thing is, he should not have to lie to you. I mean, come on. Clearly, you have some worth, and mean a lot to him, or he wouldn't even be dating you. Right? :)So, maybe you should focus on that fact. What is important here, is if he cares about your feelings and your relationship. If he loves you enough to be faithful to you. Not if he feels attracted to other girls, because that's a non-brainer: he probably does.It's how he deals with that attraction that counts.

A blind man walks into a fish market, what does he say?

*Smells fishy here !!!!

A blind man walks into a fish market, what does he say?

Vaginas smells like fish. He walked past a fish market... Thus "Hello Ladies"