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Why Does Michelle 0bama Hold A Grudge Against White People

Do many gay people support Hillary Clinton?

Because we want to keep the rights we’ve only recently been afforded! Trump has stated at least a half dozen times how he wants to strip us of our rights and that he’d appoint right-wing judges to the court and that the decision to legalize marriage-equality was a bad one and that he’d work to overturn it. I like finally not being a second class citizen.Re: “She has come late to most gay rights issues and has expressed personal discomfort with gay people.”Yes. Welcome to this thing I call “reality”. Everybody “came late” to this issue (including me … and I’m gay). Recorded history is several millennia long. Only until the last .0045% of it† has western civilization “come around” on this issue. Sorry that Hillary Clinton isn’t prescient and omnipotent that she could magically keep her political career going without sacrificing herself on this one issue.That being said, while Hillary Clinton could’ve maybe “evolved” a bit earlier it’s still about average within the American political spectrum. Why not tell me where her opponents —Trump & the entire GOP— are? Have they come ’round on this issue or are they currently plotting to push gays back into second class citizenship? Name a single time the GOP has come to bat for LGBT people? Just once. Go ahead. Name that time.†Recorded history being about 5,500 years and serious progress on this going back a scant —perhaps— 25 years. That’s about .0045% of our history. Not so good. For all of us.

Why doesn't Trump want American children to have healthy school lunches?

Trump has not said or done anything to suggest that he doesn’t want kids to have healthy lunches, he only is ruling back some of Michelle Obama’s guidelines.The school lunch guidelines created by Michelle Obama caused a huge decline in student participation in the school lunch program, created particularly unappetizing food and did not meet the nutritional needs of growing children. While skyrocketing production costs, less real food was provided. The drop in student participaion was due to total disregard for cultural differences and students tastes. The program was detested by students, parents and administrators alike.The program was federal overreach by imposing penalties that would negatively affect the quality of education if the guidelines were not implemented. When parents abandoned the program, there was an even greater overreach when parents were told what they could pack in their own children’s lunch.

What do people think of President Obama rallying African Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton in order to protect his legacy?

Turnout among minotiries and young voters is expected to be lower for Hillary Clinton than it was for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. By invoking his legacy he is trying to inspire voters to turn out, as he is popular with these groups. I don't find it to be the best strategy as he's not the one on the ballot. He really should focus on selling Hillary Clinton instead of cementing his legacy. It does her a disservice to sell her as a third term of Obama rather than a first term for her. Focusing on her record and her platform will give voters more reasons to turn out and vote for her.

When will obama give my gubment cheese?

Hayyo. Yo ain't gonna get yo gummet cheese til y'all get yo OBAMAPHOOOOONE, an call da man fo yo gummet cheese....

Why are the Asians at nail salons so rude?

They talk crap about the customers to each other in their own language...look at you and then laugh. They ask inappropriate questions - I was once asked if I was pregnant just because I had a small belly poking out after a large dinner (I'm small so whenever I eat it just shows). Then proceeded to ask me if I was married...

They even ask me if I have a different method of payment because paying with a credit card takes away a small percentage of their tip -- I can understand the concern, but if all I have is a credit card, then what am I supposed to do? If they don't like that, then why accept credit cards in the first place? Overall I just HATE going to these places because they constantly make me feel stupid. I always try to be as nice as I can be...never arrogant, never pushy, always respectful towards them, always tip well, etc. Does any one else feel this way?

And before you call me racist...I have nothing against Asian people or any one else for that matter....I'm merely referring to this particular setting.

What does this mean? "I found solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother

Snowbaby obviously doesn't know what she is talking about.

"I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13 when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites. I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race." Baracka Obaba

This is an explanation of Baracka's supporters. '"What Barack's allies seem to be demanding is immunity, a special exemption from political attack because he is African American. Those who go after him are brought up on charges of racism..."

What are your thoughts on today's school shooting in Connecticut?

Thoughts? I'm enraged. Speechless. My heart goes out to these innocent victims, and to the people who would miss them.

Maybe he should have locked himself up in his room and punched a wall, or a sand bag, but taking it out on toddlers is, in my mind, a despicable, unexplainable act.

It's very sad, indeed, that our society has such disturbed members who have no regard for human life. Perhaps they need treatment. Perhaps they need to be put away behind bars for a long time. I'm not sure of a "solution".

Also, I disagree with the notion that people should not be allowed to own guns - guns are only accessories. It's the mind of the individual/s who use it for such anti-social purposes, against innocent people, that's dangerous.

Why are liberals' concerns about Trump more real than conservatives' concern about Obama?

Well, what, if any, of the conservatives concerns about President Obama actually occurred??Lets see, he didnt take away any guns; the economy didnt crash; we aren’t living under sharia law; President Obama still wasn’t born in Kenya, gays and lesbians haven’t taken over the country, and the war on christmas still hasn’t happened except in some people’s imaginations.What are Liberal’s concerns about trump?People will lose health care or social security or both. Cuts to both have been proposed by trump or his appointees.The environment will suffer. trump or his appointees have proposed greatly reduced reduced environmental regulations.Public Eductation will suffer. trump or his appointees have proposed reducing support for public schools.Wealth and Income Inequality will get worse than it already is. trump or his appointees have proposed giving more huge tax breaks to the super wealthy and increasing taxes on middle and lower income people, and blocking any increases to minimum wage.Bigotry, Racism, Sexism, and Hate Crimes will increase. trump or his appointees have supported White Supremists, trump’s VP is a fanatical fundamentalist christian and openly hates gays, lesbians and transgender people, hate crimes ar already increasing.There will be huge ethics and conflict of interest problems. trump or his appointees have been involved in many lawsuits and legal situations over their business activities, many resulting in charges, bankruptcies, and settlements in addition to many more claims of fraud, abuse, or harrasment that was covered up.The economy will crash. Trickle down economics have never worked and usually led to rcessions. Reducing the wealth and income of lower and middle income people will reduce the amount of liquid cash to n the economy reducing demand for consumer goods and services.Our Infrastructure will continue to crumble. trump or his appointees have proposed infrastructure improvements done through privatization or tax breaks to large corporations, this will result in fewer jobs being created, most of the money will just increase corporate profits, the most profitable projects will be done bit not the most needed.So, It seems fairly clear why anyone’s concerns about trump should be very very real, and why the conservative concerns about President Obama were at best unfounded and unreal or maybe were just ludicrous or blatant racism.