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Why Does My Brother Cough 24/7

Coughing 24/7 help??????????????????????????...

Eat honey! And don't be afraid! Eat LOTS of it, like 3 ounces in one big gulp! Also take a tablespoon every now and then throughout the day. I never saw a honeybee with a cough!

Honey Treats Coughs Better Than Drugs

Honey Works Better Than Cough Medicine

Buckwheat Honey Increases Serum Antioxidant Capacity in Humans

Honey and health:

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Why did my cat die throwing up blood and foaming out of the mouth?

Chris, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Your candlelight vigil tells me you loved the little guy. At this point is hard to say what caused your cat to die. It is important to keep clean water available 24/7, but a cat will not die if it goes a short while without it, even if it is coughing. Please don't beat yourself up over that. A vet may have been able to help him when the coughing symptoms first appeared, but cats are good at hiding their illnesses so that we often don't notice until they are extremely sick. In your case the death was sudden, which could point to poisoning. In the future I would recommend keeping your cats indoors. It is a much safer environment for them and if they've never been outside the house they become happily adapted to the indoor cat life. Considering that, you should make sure your house is cat-proof, too. Another thing I would suggest is to make sure any new cats are fully vaccinated before bringing them into your home. Most importantly, the next time you have a pet that starts acting abnormally for more than a couple of days, you should have it seen by a vet. I hope this helps, blessings to you and kitty, may he rest in peace.

I'm bored. I'm hungry. My ear hurts. What's wrong with YOU?

my bdays tomorrow and no one remembered
i was at my friends house last night and i did a handstand and i fell and i hit her couch and slid down. now i have this yucky burn/scratch. and my back hurts really really badly. =P

Does keeping a window open really kill germs?

Hi! My brother has been sick with a cold and flu and someone at work told me that if you keep a window open that it will kill the germs and get the germs out or something like that? Anyway, is this really true?


My chi-poo puppy has been having a dry cough and I want to know if it could be kennel cough?

The only one who is qualified to answer your questions is a vet, not us! Take your dog to the vet, get it properly diagnosed and treated. You can't treat a problem, until you know what the problem is. Never try to diagnose and treat your own dog! That's what vets are for!
ADD: Hello Iggy!

It is like 2:30 a.m. and im not tired im like bouncing off the walls what should i do?

My brother told me to take a cold shower whenever this happens do you think it will work or do you have something else in mind because im like bright eyed and bushy tailed. hahaha. my mom thinks im nuts cause all the lights are out the house except for mine and she thinks that it is because that i sleep in late but when im actually up at like 10:30 a.m. Do actors like not get sleep at all cause if they dont i would really survive as an actor because i love acting and i love singing and im not tired this happens like every other day and it scares people.

How come my mom hates me.....?

how come my mom hates me what did i do wrong she is always mad at me i dont want to fight all the time why is she very nice to my brothers but she is always mad at me is it maybe because i made her very sick when i was born because she was not so post to have no more kids she is always mad at me even when i try to help out around the house she says i did it half *** my oldest brother is on drugs and she still give him money he lives at home he is 30 years old with no job she still treats him better she does not do no house work my brother the 24 year old does the cleaning the clothes almost everything my grandma was my mom she was a real mom but she past away last year now i dont got a mom or dad my dad past away when i was 12 he was a very great dad but he and my grandma are gone now there is no one let when my grandma was dieing i talked to her and told her i would miss her she said she was not afraid to die shes said she was afraid to leave me cuz she know how my mom was with me also she always said i was her favorite how i miss her and my dad why does my mom hate me no matter what i say she gets mad also i am 16 im i just being another teen if i am please tell me! i just wanna know why she hates me

Has anyone noticed the many similarities between the TV shows Numb3rs and Big Bang Theory? Actors, plot lines, character development, etc. ? See comment for a few of them.

Well, yes, I believe you are correct (as usual). I was a fan of the BBT for several seasons, particularly over Sheldon’s total innocent oddness. Sameness has actually severely negatively impacted my TV/cable viewing in general, i.e., action shows featuring the reanimation of the dead, nubile women in black leather wielding katanas, various “reality” shows that present completely fabricated situations, news channels that are basically (pro/con) Trump Vision 24/7, the endless parade of talking heads giving five minutes of news followed by 45 of speculation, and of course the reality of a quarter of air time devoted to idiotic commercial ads. Harumpf, cough, moan, etc. What do I watch on opportunity? NCIS, NOVA, PBS/BBC, and the NFL in season, and premium cable movie channels. Hoping for a re-run of Band of Brothers, Sons of Anarchy, Vikings, etc. Excuse me for my waste of bandwidth, and have a great day.