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Why Does My Finger Joint

Why are my finger joints swollen?

Swollen Finger Joints – Causes:
Following are some factors that cause inflammation in the finger joints:

Excess Use: Overuse of hand can be detrimental to joints. Pain in the finger joint is the most common problem in manual laborers. Excessive work causes more strain on fingers, resulting in swollen in finger joints.

Injury: A hand injury which afflicts the finger joints may cause swelling. Injuries to the joints which involve the hand is very common in athletes. A hand surgeon may fix the joint if there is a severe injury.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: This often affects fingers and is the major cause of swelling in finger joints. Arthritis is a condition which triggers painful joint inflammation. However, in rheumatoid arthritis case, swelling is not restricted to joints, it may spread to the nearby tissues too. The muscles, ligaments and tendons which hold joint in proper position may also get damaged. Hence, joints become stiff and it is difficult to move fingers in this situation. If proper treatment is not taken, joint deformity may occur which gradually damages the bone structure.

Joint Infection: Swelling in finger joints can be a symptom of an infection. If the joint is infected by a fungus, virus or bacteria, fluid accumulates in the joint and results in swelling. Often, an infection in some body part can move to any joint and cause inflammation. Treatment must be given immediately to reduce swelling.

Bone Fracture: A fracture because of a trauma, like falling of heavy objects on fingers may cause joint swelling. The swollen joint can cause great discomfort and treating the bone may give relief from pain.

Why do my finger joints ache/hurt?

Could this be RSI from using a new keyboard or something similar?,
I know when I get a new Computer or keyboard I have problems that are very similar.
Arthritis at 18, is rare,even with family history-but if worried do see a Doctor

Hope it gets better soon
Posture and reduction of activity that seems to make symptoms worse did help me - and i had a numb little finger for about two weeks-

I have pain in my in my finger joints?

you certainly have the symptoms of arthritis. You need to see your medical doctor and have an examination to verify what is wrong with you.

Until you see the doctor you can take Advil liquid capsules , four times daily for the pain. Also soak your hands in hot water with 2c. of dissolved Epsom salts for fifteen minutes and afterwards massage an analgesic cream into them.

be sure you drink lots of water every day. This is very important to hydrate your body. Drink beyond your thirst.

Why do finger joints swell up in winters?

Thanks for asking me to answer. If temperature is below subzero it could be (please read here) Chilblains. I'll suggest you to increase your exercise duration to about 30-45 minutes every day. Before going to bed, soak your hands and feet in hot water (add salt) for 5 minutes and then massage them with hot oil (any oil we use - coconut, mustard, groundnut. Olive oil is costly, oils with lot of Ads are more costly). Try thick leather boots with warm woolen socks. Get a pair of fluffy slippers and keep your socks on, till you go to bed. Try to wear gloves all the time except while eating, taking bath, writing. A body oil massage just before a hot shower will also get your circulation going and avoid swelling. Most of stuffs sold the local peoples in upper Himachal to wear are enough (for example).  In so much cold, the sudden changes in temperature (cold outside, heated room) can damage some of the blood vessels. They can make the blood components to leak into the surrounding tissue. Ultimately these can cause swelling, redness, itchiness, mild pain and difficulty bending fingers and toes. If you do not exercise, heart will not pump efficiently to the hands and feet. During the summer, when snow will stop falling or if the symptoms persists for more than 15 days, despite following the methods; contact a local / used to chill doctor or nearby Medical College or Government Hospital.  It is meaningless to ask any doctor from non-chilled area of India, they'll not understand because they do not see these human. Mommy like treatment is required. If you ask from any person where snow falls, they'll understand. Not uncommon in cold areas on this Earth.

Is there a way to make my finger joints smaller?

I have skinny fingers but my joints are fairly large and from what I was told by my girlfriend it is from popping my fingers growing up. Is there anyway to make my fingers smaller or treat the swelling of what I think is my bone? I have not popped my fingers in a while. But I want to fix my fat joints. Help!

Why do my fingers hurt around the joint?

Joint pains normally occur in the event of rising uric acid levels. Kindly do get them checked, if they are on rising side, I shall tell you the remedy for the same as well.

What is the cause of pain in finger joints?

I was going to be a smartass and tell you: It’s caused by excessive masturbation and that is also why you have white hairs between your fingers. It can also be caused by nuns in your Catholic school whacking your hand with a ruler. However, I decided it was beneath me to joke about a serious issue like this. I would think it is probably some form of arthritis. It could also be a problem with your heart or circulatory system. But all that would be a guess at best. Please consult a doctor. Don’t drop over dead of a heart attack waiting for a clueless answer on Quora.

My finger joints have turned grey?

it's weird, the joints on my fingers (the little wrinkly bits, i dont know what they're called) have turned grey, it's a sort of bluey grey. I noticed it about an hour ago, but i thought it was just the lighting of the room making them look like that. my actual hand is normal colour, but when i hold my fingers up against my arm, they are a completely different colour, in fact against my arm they look a sort of greeny grey!
today i've been on a walk, and sat out in the sun all day. my hands have tanned slightly, but instead of going the normal tan colour, they went kind of greyish! the grey colour stops on the side of my hands (like a tan line). also my fingers feel very cold, although they always feel cold, i think i have pretty bad circulation. there is no pain, and my toes seem fine.
what could be wrong? Thanks