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Why Does My Friend Always Question Me About Having A Boyfriend

My boyfriend’s friend keeps on asking me rude questions. What should I do?

Tell your boyfriend that you are uncomfortable with it.If that doesn’t work,2. Tell the friend directly, and in the presence of your boyfriend that you are uncomfortable with it.if he doesn’t stop,3. Don’t hang out with that friend - Even if your boyfriend is around. Just make it a point to avoid him, so that you can send a message that you really don’t like what he is doing.If your boyfriend insists/forces you to,4. Find a new boyfriend - if he can force you on this, he can start to force you on anything else. Once he knows you can be pushed, he’ll push you moreOn a totally unrelated topic, I’m singleJust kidding but hope this helps!

My boyfriends friend always around?

okay i work with my boyfriends friend hes into motorbikes so is my boyfriend and me,recently hes always hanging around with us and hardley ever lets us have any time together like if were in the middle of something he will call, or if ive got something special planned for my boyfriend he will come round and try and get my bloke to come out its kkinda getting to me, and my boyfriend is getting annoyed with it also he wants to tell him but he doesnt want to be horrible about it any advice, and why is he acting like this

Why does my boyfriend listen more to his friends than me?

Some men are like that unfortunately. :/
A friend of mine dated a guy like that. She would always tell him what she thought he should do but then he would listen to what his friend's said instead - in this case his friends always led him the wrong way but he still never listened to his gf even though she was proven right over and over.

I think it's just about the guy being weak under peer-pressure. They strive for acceptance from others of their sex so they always listen to their friends instead of others.

I would keep a tally of when you give advice and when his friends do too and tally how many times you were right and how many times you shared the same correct opinion. After you think you've proved your point enough - present him with the evidence. - If he doesn't start listening to you he's an idiot. Have a long talk. :)


That's terrible. Unfortunatly, some girls are like that. They feel "incomplete" without a boyfriend. And the scary part is, many times the boyfriend treats them like crap! I'm fourteen to. I've never had a boyfriend. I get made fun of for that, but I don't want a fake, having a boyfriend just to have one relationship. You should really talk to your friend. Or she may land an awful boyfriend which may lead to trouble.

Hope this helps,


help me please!

I kissed my best friend's boyfriend! what do I do?

My best friend's boyfriend is amazingly hot. I've always thought he was hot, and he's told his friends that he thinks I'm hot too. He's dating my best friend. I was at this crazy party, and I was having sooo much fun, and my best friend wasn't there. Her boyfriend was there, and we started dancing. Our dancing got pretty hot, and we went over to this wall to talk. We were holding hands, and before I got a chance to say anything, he kissed me. He kept kissing me, and I don't know what I was thinking, but i put my hand in his hair, and kissed back. My back was against the wall, and he had one hand on me, and one on the wall by me. Suddenly, my BFF walks in and she says, "What the hell, J?!" and her boyfriend is all like, "Hey, wait! This isn't what it looks like!" And I can't say anything!
The next day at school, I find out that everyone knows, and since I'm pretty popular, even the other grades know. My boyfriend talked to me about it, and I explained to him that I wasn't thinking and how sorry I was. He didn't break up w/ me but he's pretty upset.
every time I try to apologize to my BFF she says something like "*****, please." and walks away. She and her boyfriend are still going out, and I can't look at her boyfriend without feeling sick. I'm only in high school, so I wasn't drunk or anything.
What should I do about my BFF? And what should I do with her boyfriend?
xoxo Jammi

Why did my daughter lie to me about having a boyfriend?

That’s not the question you should be asking.What you need to ask is why did your daughter not feel that she could be honest with you?Is there something between the two of you that prompted her to think that you’d not be accepting of her boyfriend? And do you perhaps imagine that your actual reaction to this situation is reflective of what she did not want to face?People share secrets with people they think won’t judge them for it, and they maintain secrets because they fear to be judged. Perhaps your daughter felt that you would strongly disapprove of her choices, had you known about them beforehand, perhaps enough to prevent her going.There are many reasons why she could lie. You have to ask yourself why she couldn’t be honest with you. And I’m not entirely sure you’d be right merely to blame her for that: what responsibility should you take, in this situation?Also: she’s your daughter. If she can’t have your unconditional love, whatever she does, then perhaps her choice is understandable.

Why does my boyfriend doubt me alot, like always asking if I talk to other guys or text them?

Hello reader,I've been in the position where I doubted my girlfriend whether she was talking to other guys or not. I spied a lot on her and hacked her phone once or twice. The result was astonishing. She only talked to her mom on whatsapp and blocked EVERY SINGLE GUY trying to flirt with her. I was damn happy, but when she found out my actions, she was upset.My point here is my trait of protective nature. I did not want her to fall in traps that voys with a sexual intention lay for my girl. She is my life, and I would never want anything bad for her. Now, this also reminds me of a story. Please take some time to read it.Once there was a kid on a beach who was collecting sea shells. Another kid comes, and sits beside him with a huge collection of seashells from another beach. They agreed to exchange their best sea shells. But the first kid kept the best of best for himself and gave away his other favourites. When the exchange was finished, they both went home. Now the boy was thinking hard and doubted whether the girl had kept her best shells with herself. Now he couldn't sleep with peace and had a grudge in his mind against that girl. But the girl didn't.This might be the second reason ua relation isn't optimum - incomplete dedication.If this is the first time we meet, hi. I am Karan. There's nothing more to say about. Seeya soon!Hope to see better results :)

Okay I have a problem dealing with my boyfriend and my guy friends?

they have always hated him for no simple reason a few of my guy friends liked me a while ago and my bf says thats why they dont like him well its been a while and i thought we were all cool but just recently at a party a guy who had been hitting on me earlier had convinced my guy friends to jump my bf when he was alone and they did!! how am i supposed to handle this im so angry at them!!