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Why Does My Hair Do This

Why does my hair get frizzy in the rain?

I have the same hair as you and have experience with hair like yours. What happens with hair that is frizzy is that the hair cuticle is open or raised. Normal non frizzy hair has a closed cuticle. The cuticle is the top layer of the hair. What you need to do is fill in that void. The best way to do that is with a medium hold gel. You are not using the gel for hold, you are using it to make your hair like others with a closed cuticle, non frizzy hair.. Put the gel in your hands and rub and then rub your hands through your hair. You will be amazed how it will change the way your hair looks!
I use Paul Mitchel super clean gel, but use what you like. It really doesn't matter which brand, as long as it says medium hold gel.
That way your hair will get curly from the rain, Instead of frizzy. You cannot keep your hair from curling when in the rain, but you can keep it from getting frizzy.

Why does my cat bury her face in my hair?

Your hair is FULL of pheremones. When she lifts her head up and her mouth is hanging open she is FILLING her scenting glands with your "perfume". She finds your smell comforting. It is "home" to her. Sometimes when you come home and your mom is baking cookies...well maybe your mom didn't do that...but you stop at the door and just BREATHE in the scent of the cookies and say okay THIS is home...and I'm okay, and EVERYTHING is right in the world. THAT is what your cat is doing.
Sometimes, when I wake up, I catch my cat nibbling on my hair. Keep in mind your hair is FULL of your scent. Your cat will ALSO try and scent mark you and your face with THEIR face. This means you are theirs. They don't want anyone mistaking you or claiming you. Also They identify your head and face, with you, as well as your hands....often the rest of your body will get ignored. But the head hands and ankles always get recognized. this IS you....BUT especially your HEAD. This is why when you sit down...a cat comes running for your face or head. If you were a cat.....Your "head" would be the other cat......not the rest of you.

Why does my hair feel like straw? How do you fix it?

Your hair is dry, it needs proper treatment and care to fix especially if you have ever bleached or dyed your hair, it permanently damages your hair and makes it lose it's ability to maintain moisture, hence the dry straw like feeling.The damage that is done by the high PH levels in bleach and hair dyes that causes these conditions includes permanent damage to the cuticle, raising it and making the cuticles no longer flat.There is a hair mask product called Nano Queratina that has had some good reviews, and they guarantee it makes a difference with the first time using it.  This hair product claims to contain micro molecules of hydrolysed protein that penetrates the hair's shaft and fills in the gaps that are in result of the raised cuticles.

Why does my wet hair take so long to air dry?

Not necessarily..Hair that dries fast (when being air dried) is usually has a tendency to be on the porous side(which means that porous hair tends to take color faster & absorbs conditioner almost completely), but in your case, long air drying time for your hair could be due to one or more of the following: The type of shampoo/conditioner that you’ve used-ex: Your conditioner is infused w/Oil such as Argan, grapeseed or etc, the styling product that you’ve applied to your hair after towel drying your hair-ex: Mouse that infuses moisture in your hair..or it could be that it’s just the way your hair is, lol.

Why does my hair curl after swimming in a pool?

Well chemicals such as chlorine, and even more so salt, tend to curl your hair. I have the same thing occuring with my hair. Its wavey but curls a lot after a salt water swim, or a swim in a pool. More so in the salt water. I thinkthat the chemicals dry out your hair ( and by drying it out its curling up. Its not severly damaging, but high amoutns of chlorine isdamaging to the hair causing split ends. If you spritz salt water into your hair after its mostly dry you can achieve the 'beach curl' that your seeing, it wont be as curly but it will be more than usual, and more even just put a cup of water a tbs of salt in water and then spray on hair evenly

What does the tin foil do when dying hair?

I think it conducts heat better - you need heat to help the colour take. It also keeps hair in the right position - separated from the other bits (with foils you don't want all of the hair the same colour so you need to separate it).

Does pulled out hair grow back?

When hair is pulled out, we damage the hair follicle. Will the hair grow back? Most likely it will...but not always.Hair grows in stages, and without trying to get too technical, I'll explain. The first stage is the growth stage. This stage lasts a couple of years. This is when you see your hair, and it grows, and basically, how you know it best.The second stage is the renewal stage. This is when the follicle rests. It releases the hair from it's blood supply at the root, and it is getting ready to be replaced with new hair. This stage will last just a couple weeks. The third stage is the resting stage. This is when a new hair has been formed and pushes out the old hair, also known as shedding.In short, if you pull a hair out and damage the papilla, new hair may not grow back, or new hair growth may be retarded. By pulling hair out, you are confusing the cycles, and risk nomal hair growth.