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Why Does My Laptop Cannot Connect To A Wifi

Laptop not connecting to wifi?

Could be an adapter issue. Go to Device manager and look for network adapter. Right click on wireless adapter and uninstall it without removing the drivers. Restart your computer and reconnect on wifi.

Laptop can't connect to wifi but other devices can?

> A wireless network adapter for your laptop (or built-in wireless on a different portable device).

> You should also make sure you have a firewall installed and the latest antivirus updates and operating system patches, especially if the network you're connecting to is a public one.

> Look for a hardware switch or special function key on your laptop that can turn the wireless radio on or off -- it may have accidentally been turned off. Flip the switch or hit the function keys to test if this is the case.

> Also, sometimes the wireless radio may be disabled by power management settings on your laptop or your phone; fix this permanently by going to the Power Options for your device and changing the settings there so the wireless adapter won't be disabled by low battery triggers.

> Clean your system using reliable software such as reginout.


Dropped my laptop, now it can't connect to wifi?

I have a Toshiba laptop and it fell on the floor, this created a small crack in the plastic/metal backing of the computer but no major damage... or so i thought.

The laptop now cannot detect any wifi networks, before it could detect all my neighbours wifi's and now it struggles to detect even my own. It can only connect when your quite near the router.

I have previously had connectivity issues but this was because I'm at the top of the house and there's a lot of interference. However the major difference now is that it can find ANY networks.

I have rebooted my computer... no luck there.
I have reset my wifi router... Even less luck lol.
I have even switched my wifi on and off from the computer itself ... also no luck

Any ideas?

My laptop can't connect to wifi but others can?

We had to reset our router and I used my laptop to configure it. I could connect to it when the router reset and set up the name and password etc. But then my laptop disconnected and it won`t connect anymore. Everyone else`s laptops and phones connect, it seems the only problem is my laptop. I rebooted my laptop and troubleshoot found nothing.
The router is a d-link DIR-645 and my laptop is a dell inspiron n5110 running windows 7. I have access to the router`s settings and I feel like maybe mac addresses have something to do with it but I honestly dont know what to do with that. Theres also a lot of DCHP setting but I dont know what that does either. I just need internet!

Why doesn't my laptop connect to a particular WiFi network?

If the WiFi network is visible and the password is correct . . .and you are still not able to connect, could it be that your device is not on the list of ‘Allowed devices’ on the router? i.e if the Access Control or MAC filtering is turned on and your device (laptop) is not on the list, you will not be able to connect.Access the router through some other device that is already connected to the networkgo to the admin panel of the routerthe default IP address, user ID and password for the router should usually be printed on a sticker under the router itselfturn off the ‘Access control’ (It can also be referred as ‘Mac filtering’ or ‘Allowed devices’ or some other name)Add your laptop’s mac address to the list of allowed devicesconnect laptop and confirm that all is wellturn Access control onIf you leave the ‘Access control’ in off mode, anyone with the User ID + Password can connect.Alternate method - Reset the router - only if nothing else works :If you are unable to access the Router’s admin panel (you forgot the user ID / password or there is no other connected device to access the panel.), look for the ‘Reset’ button under / behind the router.If you keep the router switched on and press the reset button for around 5 seconds, the router will get reset to the default settings.You can thereafter add your device and set up everything as you need.But remember, if you reset your router :you will need to know the details of how to connect your router to your ISPunless you use the same Wifi name and password for the router, all other devices that could previously connect will also have to be reconnectedGoogle for Access Control or MAC filtering and you will find plenty of tutorials, guides and videos on how to set it up on your router.SanjayLawMint - CLAT PG, UGC NET, SET, DU LLM Entrance Mock tests & Previous Question PapersDisclosure : Author has fiduciary interest in the link mentioned in the signature.

My laptop can't find any wireless wifi connection!?

My laptop can't find any wifi!?

Hello guys. My laptop can't find wifi in my home.. But, i can connect to the wifi with my sister laptop. i can connect with my iPhone too. My laptop use Windows 7. Any help, please?

I can't connect to wifi on my laptop anywhere but at my own house, why is that? Can it be fixed?

I’ve never fully understood why, or what goes wrong. I’ve seen this problem happen with some certain Intel wireless adaptors when they use drivers installed by Windows update (yay, so helpful!). This problem can often be resolved by deleting the wireless driver and installing one directly from your laptop manufacturer’s support page for your model of laptop, or directly from Intel for your model of wireless card.This issue often presents as “some” WPA/WPA2 home networks work, but generally all WPA/WPA2 Enterprise networks (such as your school network) won’t work. No idea on why it doesn’t work at a friend’s house.

What is reason that my laptop can't connect to the wifi and shown messages limited access? How can it solve?

There might be some bug in WiFi adapter.Do as follows:1. Right click my computer go to manage ,then to device manager(Or click windows+R and then type devmgmt.msc and enter, you will be redirected directly). In the network adapters you would find WiFi adapter. Right click that & disable. After few moments enable it. After that try connecting to the WiFi.2. If it doesn't work, right click the WiFi adapter , click on update driver software & proceed.Hope these steps help.

My android phone can't connect to the WiFi, but my laptop can. How do I fix this?

If your phone has WiFi then turn it on then enter the credentials required. Also check if security is activated. You also have to be in range of the router as WiFi only goes as far as 300 metres.

Why can't my mobile hotspot connect to my laptop but other mobile hotspots can connect?

When you connect to a new Wi-Fi network it is added and stored in a list of profiles. Over a period of time the list can become quite large.Try to forgot current WIFI user name and password and enter again-Click the Network icon on the lower right corner of your screen.Click Network settings.Click Manage Wi-Fi settings.Under Manage known networks, click the network you want to delete.Click Forget. The wireless network profile is deleted.Or you can do it from your mobile -Change WiFi settings. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > uncheck Avoid poor connection (option available on some devices)Clear Hotspot Shield cache. ...Reboot your phone and try to connect again.Thanks!!! Cheers!!!