Why Does My Mom Loves Our Neighbours

Do you love your neighbor? If no, why not?

I mean, when you got neighbors like I do, it’s pretty hard to love them, or even like them in any way whatsoever.First off, my family always hears my neighbor, an old grandma, screaming at nothing whatsoever. She screams at her children, grandchildren, husband, and probably the Chinese soap opera she watches at an obnoxiously high volume.One afternoon, and me and my brother are playing some basketball in front of our house. Suddenly, the old granny runs up to our house, and starts throwing random balls and objects at our gate, while rapidly swearing in Chinese. My brother and I are confused, but the old hag continues to scream and throw things. A little confused and scared at the same time, I bring my brother home.Another day, right after school, my friend (who is also on Quora) wants to play basketball on my hoop (because I recently lowered it, so we could dunk). It’s around three o’clock, and we are having a good and relaxed time, with an occasional laugh or a clang from an unsuccessful dunk. Suddenly, the granny comes again, with her husband with her. They start yelling at us again, calling us “wild children” and stuff like that. We get scared and the fun stops.Now, when my friends come to my house to play, I either tell them to not play basketball, or when we do, just ignore the triggered neighbors. The only down side of ignoring is that when we film a dunk on Instagram, we have angry and rapid Chinese in the background. My parents are searching for a new house, so this BS will be over with soon.

I love my neighbor, but my mom is against him, and we are both single. What can I do?

If you are an adult, then you are free to do as you please. If you live with her, however, then it may be difficult. The question is: why is she against him? Is he a decent person who treats you with respect? Also, how do you know you love him? Have you spent time with him, talked with him, dated him? These are questions to think about and answer. Talk with your mother as to why she feels this way. Often times, parents try to direct their children to live differently from them. Often, they have insight that we, when we are younger, do not have.

What should I do if I saw my mom having sex with our neighbour?

You can congratulate her and tell her that she has set a nice example for you to follow and wish her all the success in the future.You can buy her gifts as well when you are conveying this message.The main thing here is for you not to carry a burden that will affect your life. Things like this happen all the time and since you think only others do it, it will have scarred your moral thinking.Try to get rid of the guilt you feel and know that you are nowhere responsible and the as adults, others have to live their own life.You too will have your own life and sometimes have affairs as well or not . So best is to spill it out or swallow it . Choice is yours. It all depends on what kind of person you are .but definitely should not carry this in your head for a long time . So throw the feeling and incident out of your life as soon as you can in whatever way you want without raising your voice or doing anything that will hurt another person.

Have you ever had crush on your neighbour?

I remember a while ago my Mom had a really hot neighbour living across from her. I never officially met her but I knew she was really attractive. I was 26 and she was 36, and I always kind of fantasized about her every now and then. Skip forward about a year of living there; One day another one of our neighbours had a birthday party for their little baby and invited me over. She was there, she came up to me right away and the first thing she said was, “wow you look like a model, do you have a girlfriend?”. I remember I kept looking over at her face while we were all playing poker, and kept thinking primal thoughts that a cave man might think. She told me she dropped her chapstick in the bush outside, and asked me to help her find it. When we went outside, her face was right in front of mine, smiling, so I went in for the kiss. I spent the rest of the night at her place, and it was incredible. Although we didn't end up seeing each other again, it was mind blowing to have my fantasy fulfilled, and it is something I will fondly remember for the rest of my life.

My neighbor calls me "Mom." Should I be offended?

There’s a very reliable test you can run to answer the question “should I be offended?”. It never fails.It goes something like this:Ask yourself “Am I offended?”If no, then no - you shouldn’t be offended. Because you’re not offended.If yes, then yes - you should be offended. Because you are offended.The silent question behind this one though is something like “what should I do with my offence, or lack of it?”And that one’s a little trickier.You’ll need to analyse the details more finely. So let’s delve into your exampleSo your neighbor calls you Mom. You’ll need to gather more information.Do they say it with reverence, or kindness, or some other positive adjective? If so, then there’s really no need to do anything with your offence. The sentiment behind it is good. They meant it as a positive thing, not an attack. They reached out to you with kindness. Place that as more valuable, if it’s not already.Do they say it as an insult, a jibe, or some other negative adjective?If so, then being offended is the obvious natural response. It was not said with good intention.The next question is “How do I respond?”Typically, if it was meant as a positive thing, I think you’ll live a happier life if you take it as a positive thing. If there’s something about it that upsets you, like maybe there’s an implication that you’re old enough to be their mother - or you’re a man, for example - then you have to ask yourself:“If they meant it as a genuinely nice thing, but I felt it like a nasty thing - what’s more important?”If you can’t get past your negative thoughts and feelings about it, or if it’s a regular occurance, then it’s probably best to explain that you don’t like it. But recognise their intentions before anything else.Remember, you’re trying to critique the behaviour, not the sentiment.If it was meant as a negative thing, then you’re in very different waters.Typically, it’s often best to take it as a positive thing anyway.Remember, if someone says something deliberately nasty to you, then they want to wound you. If you can deflect those wounds, you’ll be surprised how many of those people will end up being your closest friends - and they might even respect you more than anyone else;dr: probably not. Life is very short. Take the positives as positives, and put the effort into reframing negatives into positives. Being offended isn’t a useful tool, nor part of a healthy heart.

I like my neighbor whos 38?

Hi I'm 15 and hispanic male . So my neighbor is a 38 year old hispanic as well. The reason I know she's 38 is because I heard her tell my mom once. So my neighbor is like a foot shorter than me she has a huge fatt butt that jiggles when she walks, I wanna spank her! She has thick thighs too.
Since my mom is cool she knows I check out women like when we randomly see a lady at the store I tell my mom "mom look that lady has big boobs" all my mom says is "omg" So she doesnt care. So I told my mom that our neighbor has a huge booty. My mom just said "omg you perv"
So when our neighbor goes to our house I've snapped a few pics of her butt and I even got one of her bending over in our kitchen. So I have been fantasizing about her and jacking off to the pics.
One day I came home and they were both talking and turns out my mom told her that I was obsessed with her big butt. And I was just red and my neighbor got up and turned around infront of me and slapped her own *** and said "so you like this butt" and laughed. And my mom was just laughing and said "oh stop you're too old for him" so I just slapped it and left my hand on her soft butt and then as I was walking away they were dying with laughter.
Do you think she would have sex with me?
Why did she let me slap her ***?
Her *** felt amazing. I'm thinking about just slapping or grabbing her *** when she comes over.

Why dont ya'll understand my mother is obsessed with the neighbors not me................?

My mother is driving me crazy. She is the reason why I have low self esteem. She never said anything positiv about me mostly neg. now that I am old enough(20) to get away from her. Meaning I spend the nigth mostly with my bf she gets upset saying it is disrespectful and how I am embarassing them and how i am the only one in my negihborhood staying out all night or coming in early morning. I dont care what the neighbors think i dont know why she care she dont talk to them. But she is obssessed with them. She always looking out the window like neighborhood watch. she got me hating them people. She always talk about them but never talk to them then tell me how I am giving them something to talk about when in reality I am trying to get the F*** away from her. Trust me she is driving me insane.
Why I wont move out??? Because rent is high in NYC and retail jobs dont pay well and I have not much work experience to get an office job. But do you think what the neighors think is important???

I caught my mum in bed with our neighbour. What should I do?

REALLY sorry that you have to be thrown in between the troubles your folks are having. A child should never be privy to that kind of thing, and it's always better for the couple to work through their difficulties for themselves. In all honesty, for all you know, this is a thing that your dad already knows about because your mom and dad don't have sex anymore, and he gave her the go ahead to boink your neighbor. Unlikely ... yes, but nevertheless, it's still a possibility, and one that is private between your mom and dad. For that reason, you cannot and should not have any anger, or come at her with a confrontational attitude. You need more information, and that's what this conversation should be about. You need INFORMATION in order to know what to do now.

A child has no business 'confronting' their parent. Granted, she DID do wrong (most likely), but the use of the term 'confront' and the energy behind it is what troubles me most.

You do need to TALK to her, and to let her know what you saw, but do it in a manner that suggests the following: You are confused, hurt, a little angry and deeply troubled by what you saw, because you don't know what to do with it.

At a time when things are agreeable and you're both in a good mood (and you're 100% certain that no one in your family will overhear this), try bringing it up by quietly saying something like this:

"Mom, on Tuesday (or whatever day it was), when it was so hot outside, I went to the pool and the window to your room was open. I saw you with John. I'm confused, I'm hurt and a little angry and VERY troubled by what I saw ... and I need to know how to handle it. I can't tell dad ... but I can't NOT tell him either, so I need to know two things: what you want of me, and how you intend to proceed with dad."

You have to make it clear that you WILL NOT and CAN NOT carry this yourself, and that you DO expect her to tell your dad. DO NOT threaten her with telling him yourself, because that's not your place. It's hers, and she needs to respect YOU and your family enough to come clean and tell him.

*big hug* and best of luck to you, hon

My next door neighbor had an incestuous affair...?

A few weeks ago we found out that our neighbor was having an affair with her 19 year old son whenever her husband was out. As expected, myself and my whole family were disgusted by it. They'll be in court tomorrow for their sentence. Her husband and older son are still going to live in the house, and me and my whole family are concerned for them. What can we do to help?