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Why Does My My Inbox Keep Going To A Blank White Screen

Why is Pinterest not working on my computer? How do I fix it?


In Facebook Messenger, what does it mean when the little icon stays white with a blue checkmark? I know it means it's been delivered, but if the icon doesn't change, would that mean the person has you blocked?

As far as I know, you're getting it wrong, my friend :)A White icon with blue checkmark DOESN'T mean that your message has been delivered.It means that your message has reached Facebook's servers.So what happens when it gets delivered to the device of user?A white checkmark inside blue circle :)And finally when a user sees your message, the checkmarks get replaced by his/her profile picture :PI hope this helps :)

Does a blue circle with a blue check mark mean I'm blocked on Messenger?

No it does not. A blue circle shows that your message is sending. A blue circle with a checkmark meaning is that your message has been sent. A filled-in blue circle with a checkmark meaning is that your message has been delivered. A small version of your friend's photo will pop up below the message on the bottom right when they've read it.When someone blocks you on Facebook itself, then you will be unable to see that person’s profile or find them on messenger. If they just block you on messenger then you will be able to see their newsfeed, profile and respond to posts but not message them. You will receive an error message if you try to send a chat on messenger such as, “This person is not available right now” or some other error message. Check your messages to see if you have had prior interactions with that user. If you two have sent texts to each other in the past, then it should show in your inbox.Expand the message board, and the photo of that user will display the default. If the picture appears in white outline, then it means you are still in contact with the user.If it appears in black (bold black colour), you’ll see that you are unable to click on that person’s profile – this means that you have been blocked from their contact list.

Why do messages on Facebook Messenger sometimes change from "seen" to "delivered"?

Paul Olaru is correct.  I am not sure what version of Messenger you're using, but "Seen" means the person opened their chat or Messenger to the conversation.  My version of Messenger doesn't have "Delivered" as a status message, but it says "sent" if the message has not yet been opened by the recipient (Apple's iMessages shows "delivered" if the message was sent but not opened, and "read" if it was opened).  In Messenger specifically a "seen" message may have a little circle with a miniature of the recipient's profile picture next to the message to indicate that she's opened it; a "sent" but not opened message has a check-mark next to it.Edit: Combined three answers on merged questions.  This question is very merge-worthy; I rarely go more than a couple days without a new A-to-A on the exact same question.  I won't be answering it in the future, nor any similar question, because there's not much to add.  Hopefully one of these answers will be helpful.Originally Answered: I sent someone a private message on Facebook, and their profile picture icon showed up, indicating that they read it. When I look at the icon next to our last two conversations, it is a white circle with a blue checkmark. Does that indicate that they marked it as unread or deleted the message?It usually means they haven't looked at the latest message in the conversation, whatever that may be.  You got the "seen" icon for any messages that were there the last time they went into the conversation, but if you have sent a new one since then they might not have "seen" it.I've seen numerous questions on Quora asking about the following: If you had a "seen" icon and it changed back to a blue circle without you sending any more messages in between? That I think must be a database glitch—I have attempted several times to recreate such a situation with my computer, phone, and a dummy FB account that I mostly use for testing, and I wasn't able to recreate a situation like that when I experimented with it just now.  I've never seen it in the "wild", either.  And as of today, 20 September 2015, FB aren't marking messages "Delivered" on the desktop chat window either.Whether the other person deletes or marks unread a conversation affects only the way it shows up on their device, not yours.

How do you find out whether your friend blocked you or deactivated their account on Facebook?

Open fb and then messages from your pc and if have you interacted with the person in question then do the following.Open your friends messages.If your friend's profile picture is still visible, but his or her name is greyed out and cannot be clicked to access his or her profile, you have likely been blocked.If, on the other hand, your friend's name isn't clickable, but his or her profile picture is set to the "default" Facebook picture (androgynous white silhouette against light blue backdrop), s/he has probably deleted his or her profile. The only alternative - that s/he blocked you and deleted his or her profile picture - is very unlikely.If your friend's messages bear the name "Facebook User", rather than his or her actual name, s/he has definitely deleted his or her profile.Here are some pictures of whether your friend has deactivated or blocked you in fb-If your friend has deactivated his/her account this kind of picture will be seen in your friends profile picture and you cannot go to his page.2.This are the conditions you can’t do if you are blocking someone in fb.

On Instagram I blocked someone and now I'm trying to unblock them but it keeps saying "user not found" on the app and web, how do I unblock them?

With this I’m assuming the user you blocked has changed their username, hence the error displayed “user not found”.except you have another means of searching for the user, i.e email, phone number….the only way you can easily find the user would be if you have previously saved one of the user’s post to your photo collections.other than this it’s almost if not impossible to get that account, or you could just contact someone that follows that user and they might be able to get you the new username of the said user….or some other social engineering that suits the situation.goodluck.

Yahoo mail inbox?

Yahoo has paid, trained TECHS who can help you with your question or problem. Make certain to go into much detail so they understand what information you need. (Simply copy and paste the question you've asked here into the form and add more details if necessary.)

Here's a link to a Yahoo! Mail Errors and Problems Reporting Form:

Here's a link to a Yahoo E-Mail Help Request Form:

Use this form to report incidents of abuse or harassment.

Customer Service: 1-408-349-1572
Yahoo contact information is:
Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94089

Phone (408) 349-3300
Fax (408) 349-3301

Office Hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST

Beware: I was informed phone calls are not free and can be very costly!

PS: On the very top right-hand corner of your Yahoo Mail screen there is a link to HELP.


If you are experiencing many errors or don't like the new Yahoo Beta Mail, here's a link which will switch you back to Yahoo Classic Mail:
The page will simply say: "Do you really want to opt out?"
Click on: YES!

Why can't I open my yahoo mail?

I have the same problem but I just get the white screen, nothing else. I can log in but I can't see my e-mails at all.