Why Does My Neighbor Have Broadband Internet But I Don

Is it illegal for neighbors to steal internet?

i have a wpa2 enterprise key on my router, and thanks for telling me everyone =) oh and also i just found out that midcontinent (my service provider) has been giving me the wrong internet, we are paying for midco max and getting midco dial up

Is it illegal for neighbors to share internet? like if they use the broadband and you use?

If you have their permission, I don't see why that would be illegal. It'd be no different than somebody walking into a place with public wifi.

If it is illegal, than that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Why does my internet slow down during the evening?

According to Microsoft, “local Internet congestion can result in slower-than-normal connection speeds.” When many people are online at the same time, Internet speeds will slow down for those with cable Internet. That’s because when you’re connected with cable, you share a connection with your neighbors. When multiple homes are logged on at the same time, they share bandwidth and speed is reduced.Tasks that require high bandwidth, such as streaming movies, uploading photos or downloading music, are made nearly impossible.Broadband speeds were studied in homes in the United Kingdom. The study found that between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., download speeds decreased by an average of 35%The peak Internet times might vary for your home, depending on where you live, but the results are still the same – delayed Internet.

What does not enough network bandwidth mean?

It means that your internet connection isn't fast/large enough to handle the content you want to download. Think of it like the water pipe to your house. For the sake of an example let's say that in order to flush your new toilet you have to have water coming in at 12 gallons per second but your pipes are only big enough to let 3 gallons of water per second in. You try to flush your toilet but it just drizzles a little bit - nothing moves. Not enough "bandwidth."

It may be that your neighbors are stealing your bandwidth too and reducing the amount of "water" flowing through your "pipes."

Everyone tells me this can't happen but it is, wi fi internet is being used by neighbors?

If you broadcast your SSID and do not set a password, and do not restrict connections by MAC address, this is a standard way of saying, "Anyone is welcome to use my connection." Many people feel that this is a good thing - that everyone should have one router set up this way, and that when they are somewhere else, they are free to use someone else's connection as a quid pro quo. But people who use your open connection are not freeloaders, anymore than someone who comes to your house and sees a sign on the door that says, "back at 1, come and make yourself at home, coffee is in the pot" would be guilty of theft if they came in and poured themselves a cup of coffee. There is no other way to distinguish between a public free wifi like McDonald's sets up and a private one. And it is simple not to broadcast your SSID if you want people to not use your wi-fi even if, for some reason (like you are a ham and are running effective radiated power higher than otherwise legal wi-fi on the channels that overlap with the ham band - but since you are running on your ham ticket you are not allowed to use encryption) you do not want to encrypt your communication.

How to keep people from using your connection:

1. Set your SSID to not broadcast. You will have to know your SSID when setting up a new system. Not too hard. Just type it instead of clicking on it.

2. Restrict your router to only connect to certain MAC addresses. You will have to type a very long address into your router for every device you want to connect. This can be many many devices. A hacker can discern a mac on your net and duplicate it. But people who are looking for an open net to use won't be able to connect.

3. Use wifi encryption. There are two kinds, WEP and WPA. WEP is badly broken, many hacks exist for it, Fastest can break your encryption in less than a minute. DO NOT USE WEP UNLESS YOU ARE FORCED TO, AND UNDERSTAND THAT YOU CAN BE EASILY HACKED IF YOU DO! WPA is vastly improved. WPA is not as good as a wire, if you are concerned about the data, you need to use secondary encryption, ssh, vpn, ssl. If you use WPA use a good, long password.

With WPA (or WPA2) and an unbroadcast SSID you are reasonably safe.

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