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Why Does My Past Come Back To Me When Im Depressed

Do depressed partners (girlfriend in my case) come back after they break up due to depression?

I haven’t read the other answers, but I can answer this from personal experience.I’ve broken up with someone because I was severely depressed. I also have C-PTSD and that was affecting me a lot. He begged me not to, told me he could help me, but not only had I seen him going down a self-destructive path trying to, but I genuinely felt like there was nothing he could do. It was one of the worst places in my life. Looking back on it now I’m surprised I didn’t attempt suicide.I was working a really bad job that threatened to fire me if I couldn’t come in even though I had the flu and strep (I worked with food and customers) and I remember one night coughing up blood because my throat was bleeding from all the sores and coughing. It was in the middle of winter, I was sitting outside crying, coughing up blood and trying to catch my breath. I broke up with him that night.I was probably thinking about killing my self, I was probably scared. God knows I was hurting. We had been fighting a lot because I wasn’t the person he had been with the past 9 months. He was right, I wasn’t, he didn’t know how to deal with that. So I left him.We ended up getting back together, and we are still together. We grew a lot from the experience. But it was months later. It was in early March that I felt okay enough to be in a relationship again. The only reason it was with him is because even though I left him, he never left me. He never moved on, he stayed by my side as a friend for support and not as a partner which is exactly what I needed. It wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to hold me and kiss me, tell me that he loved me. He never did.Be there for her if you want her back. People with depression try to push everyone away because they’re scared of hurting and losing. But be there for her- as a friend. And remember that she is not obligated to you.

I can't stop being depressed!?

I have been depressed for a long time now. It has gotten better in the past week or 2 but it keeps coming back. I get depressed thinking about how im 19 and my mom is 49 and that someday im not gonna have her any more. She is gonna be 50 next year and it freaks me out knowing she is getting old and before u know it, im gonna be sittin here without her. I hate thinking about these things and i know its not normal. I know im only 19 and thats young and my mom is 49 and still has a good while still to live. But she's in her older years now and it makes me sad. It's a feeling inside me that i have, not necessarily those thoughts but i always have a sick feeling which triggers these thoughts and sadness. I try looking forward to having a good time with her but when i things about doing fun things, i know that one day, those times are gonna be gone too. It feels like time is just flying and days keep going by and before you know it. Im gonna be old looking back on life when i had my mom around and had fun with my brother and sisters. I need some help badly. Sometimes i just feel like i dont wanna go on no more. I always wish the world would end or God would come back before i have to deal with anything. But that is not in my control and more than likely, i am gonna have to deal with losing family. It is very painful. can anyone help!!!! Does the past 30 years feel like they have flown by for you?

Have you ever wished you could go back in time while depressed?

Yes! I used to do this in the mornings after I would wake up, and while I was still laying in bed. I would pick a certain moment in my life, envision time traveling back to it, and then I would play out as many potential scenarios as I could come up with branching out from that one alteration. I could do this for hours. At the time, I didn’t realize that it was linked to depression, although in retrospect it should have been obvious.In the end, I had to acknowledge that it wasn’t terribly productive. Dwelling on the past wasn’t really conducive to being functional in the present, and I eventually figured out that I could learn from my mistakes without beating myself up over them.As with all things depression related, I have had to become adept at recognizing when my thought patterns are taking me a little too close to the edge of the cliff for comfort. But, the more times I manage to walk the path back from the ledge, the easier it becomes to find.It’s a weight off of my shoulders, because I’m no longer so concerned that every little thing I do might be a potential trigger for months of lethargy and self-imposed isolation. And even though I’m still wary of bringing about too much change too quickly, I usually can prod myself to take the plunge on things I think are worthwhile.

What can i do? im really depressed about my last day of high school?


Today was my second to last day of high school, and it finally hit me that I'm graduating during one of my classes and it made me completely depressed.
I just feel so silly, everyone's happy and excited and I'm so sad. I had to stop signing yearbooks today because I couldn't handle it. I had to go to the bathroom and cry there for a little bit.

Tomorrow is the last day though, I don't want to feel like this and make bad memories. What can I do?

I'm not so much scared about moving on to college, im more just incredibly sad that this wonderful, carefree high school life is done. All the moments I took for granted and all the opportunities I missed :( all these amazing people around me; they've shaped my life. Now I'm just going to never see them again? Everything changes just like that?
Then I get confused and frustrated with myself, because if I had the opportunity to go back and redo high school, I definitely wouldn't take it. I hated high school most of the time, I thought I hated the people. I'm pretty sure I still do, so why am I sad over them?? Ugh

Why does my past keep repeating itself ?

cheer up man, you know what they say:
Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle
And this'll help things turn out for the best...

And...always look on the bright side of life...
Always look on the light side of life...

My friends hate me because I'm depressed? What to do?

I would do anything for my 2 best friends. They both loved me, they told me that all the time. I felt really close adn trusting towards them, but then my family is going through some hard times. I have OCD, and had an anorexia 8 months ago, and now its starting to come back, and depression.

They have been being awful to me, like cursing me out, bulling me. Ordering me 2 do things adn ditching me and talking bad to others about me. They say and do the most horrible things just because "I have been acting different, and boring."
I dont want to tell them about my family, my OCD, eating disorder or my depression because they will make fun of it, i know them. I srsly dont know what to do.

I feel so sad becuz I would do anything 4 them. They were my life, and now they are treating me like sh!t just because of whats going on. Because of My OCD, i am very insicure and dont have friends help?

Why do people from your past come back into your life?

This could be a bad and good thing but I tend to outgrow people, especially friends. The thing is - in the past, I never set any standards for friendship. I wasn't too picky, be-friended everyone, and was just a nice girl/doormat. Within the past few years, being around people I wasn't compatible with, somehow allowed me to set my own standards who I am, what I want in friendships/relationships.

I don't mind running into people from the past but I'm apprehensive of starting things again. It makes me feel like I'm going backwards in life... all the growing I went through (after being away from that person), will disappear because they're "present" in my life again. It's like seeing an ex-boyfriend: you wish them well but scared because you don't want to go back to that place in time again - you're a different person and you broke through those cycles that have previously stopped you from growing. I've also noticed that I'm much more protective of myself...i "love" myself in which you don't want to put yourself in any harm physically, emotionally, mentally, especially with girls. (You always have to be careful what guy gets creepy on you). Anyhoo, I ran into an old friend - definitely a friend. (he's an old friend's ex and at that time of their break up, I somehow became his "therapist" - told you i used to be a doormat). Last time I saw him was last year in January. Now more than a year later, we're catching up again. I think I feel so apprehensive because even though he's clearly a friend, he reminds me of the type of guy - i DON'T want to date or be near around. He's a guy in his mid 20's who's a bum - just works w/o an education, drinks/parties all the time, cracks immature jokes,and his goals are "in progress". SORRY! I know... I sound so b*tchy but I just get so turned off with guys like that... they're nice guys but my tolerance in them has gone down nor would I go back to settling for someone like that. Anyhoo, why am I like this? Will I be okay? And maybe he's coming in life for a reason?