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Why Does My Video App In My Toshiba Keeps Crashing

Why does my Toshiba TV keep turning off? How can this be fixed?

The possibilities are too many.It could be a heat issue with the TV setIt could be a software issue with the TV set, for example energy saving settings or active stand by mode.It could be a timer set up in the TV set menu.It could be a faulty power supply.It could be a very unstable mains supply (not very likely, but possible)You can check the user manual for information about +“TV power on control (Active Standby)”+Sometimes the LED’s on the front of the TV indicate may indicate “the issue”:Orange - ON could mean: Active Standby “Programmer timer is set”+ Orange – OFF could mean: Active Standby “Programmer Timer is NOT set”+Maybe you could try to reset your TVIn other words, your question is not answerable without further testing on the actual TV.

Is there a program already on Toshiba laptops for video editing?

i did try google, i always do, but it came up with nothing.
there was no was i couldve searched "windows live movie maker"
i searched "toshiba video edit"

Toshiba laptop, how to put the sticky notes back on?

I have a toshiba laptop and when you buy it it comes with little apps on the front page like a puzzle or sticky notes. I kinda need them for reminders and i dont know how to put them back on thnx for your help.

Zoo Tycoon 2 crashing problem?

yes, i am one of those weirdos who still play ZT2:) its such a fun game, i cant help it. but recently, i have been having some problems. My only game keeps crashing after a few minutes of loading. "Zoo Tycoon 2 executable has stopped working..." I have all the expansions, and downloads, like the radical remakes from aurora designs. my computer is new, tons of space, a windows 10 toshiba. Would my laptop or any certain downloads have anything to do with it? thank you for all your help!:)

Why is my laptop shutting down when playing games while plugged?

There may be the following reasons:Dirty fan and overheatingHardware failure, especially on computers that have been refurbished, if your have recently added any new hardware, this is the time to remove it to see if the shut-down issue goes away. Wrong charger voltage: If you are a gamer and your computer shuts-down while you are playing a game at the usual performance setting, chances are it's your power source. Many games require chargers with higher voltage capacities, with the preferred voltage from 100w to 240w. However most computer users don’t realize this and instead use chargers that are 90 watts or less. Games are one of the most resource consuming things you can do on a laptop, especially since they almost always make your fans run at top speed. Don’t forget – a vacuum cleaner hose does a great job at cleaning those laptop vents. My laptop shut down suddenly with 60% battery remaining. -  You may find more information here.

Why is my laptop shutting down every time I Play a game?

See the reason for this is definitely not your battery being dead. When a normal battery gets fully charged, the computer automatically makes the connection direct. This is just happening all the time in your case.One problem can be that your Graphics memory is going out of range else your RAM is going out of range. This can be confirmed if you see a blue screen showing memory dump.The second reason can be overheating. You said you have a Dell laptop. So, when you start your system, go to the Dell System test and do a stress test. Then you'll know what is the max level of heat your laptop is reaching. If it goes over 95 degree C, you must contact Dell.I don't see any third reason behind this.