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Why Does Nostalgia Always Feel Like Morning Sickness

What are songs that always spark a sense of happy nostalgia in you?

I’m young (17 Years) so what I consider nostalgia might just be yesterday’s pop for you. But there are certain songs that always gives me goosebumps because of Nostalgia.Taylor Swift - Back To December. “Speak Now” was the first Taylor Swift I heard back in like 2010. And this song has since been one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. Ok now I do admit being a Taylor fan back then and if there’s a song that deserves the credit it’s this one.Sleeping With Sirens - If You Can’t Hang - Now this is the song that made me fall in love with Rock music. Just whenever that line comes “I met a girl at seventeen” it’s just instant chills of nostalgia. If I owe my exposure to rock to a song it’s this song that I heard in 2011.Default - The Memory Will Never Die I don’t exactly know when I heard this song - it must be around 2010 watching old WrestleMania and this song was in a background for a teaser of Kane vs Undertaker match and this songs screams nostalgia for me.Mumford And Sons - The Cave - My reason for hearing this song was partly because it’s music video was shot in India but even without the music video this song just reminds me of the easy 2011 I had.There are many more but these are the few selected nostalgia’s pressure points.

I feel like having morning sickness, but I’m on my period. Is it possible that I might be pregnant?

When I was on my period, I frequently went to nauseous spells. I mean, I'm bleeding, my hormones are going crazy, and my body doesn't know exactly what it does/doesn't want.Nausea is normal with a period.

How can you stop feeling homesick in hostel?

I totally understand you buddy! Being the only child I never lived away from my family more than two days , I survived 4 years of hostel life and best thing is I never had so much fun before! I am from a small town where I always knew that I have to live my home if I need to do something in my life, at least for education. So First thing you should do is keep reminding yourself why are you in hostel. Second thing is make friends. I have created a army of friends in these 4 years and have them for lifetime! Go explore the new city with your friends, specially if any of your friend is local, he\she can guide you to the best places in that city! And the most important, Keep yourself busy, if you are a student then STUDY, if you are working work hard,but don't ever tell or show your family that you are homesick. That hurts them more that it does to you. Call them daily and show them that you are enjoying your new life, it is the only thing they want to hear from you!Few of my Lifetime friends!<3

What exactly does nostalgia mean?

i thought it was when you shoot your load in a girls nose
but apparently im way off

What is reason for afternoon sickness during pregnancy?

Many people are confused with the term 'Morning Sickness'. Afternoon sickness and Evening sickness generally refer to Morning Sickness. Doctors say, the term 'morning sickness' itself is misleading. Though it is called Morning Sickness, it can be afternoon or evening sickness, it is not only during morning hours that a pregnant woman feels sickness, it can be any time in the day. Also, technically the term morning sickness during pregnancy refers to nausea and vomiting, for some pregnant ladies the sickness will be severe in the morning, and some mommies to be will be facing the same in the afternoon and evening times, Morning sickness can strike at any time and last throughout the day, also the symptoms vary from person to person. Though there are several reasons for morning sickness, the primary reason is said to be hormonal imbalance during pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting are mainly associated with the rapid rise in hCG levels during early pregnancy. Estrogen, another pregnancy hormone, has its role in Morning sickness.History of nausea and vomiting while using contraceptive pills, history of motion sickness, history of migraine, carrying twins or multiples, sensitivity to smells, sensitive digestive system are some more reasons for Morning/Afternoon/Evening sickness during pregnancy. Genetic history could also be the reason for this condition, i.e., if your mother or sisters had a history of nausea and vomiting during their pregnancies, there are chances that it might affect you as well.A research found that there are 50% chances that a woman with a baby girl in her womb faces nausea and vomiting during her first trimester.It is very common that a pregnant woman feels discomfort to some aromas, even researchers are not sure if it is due to estrogen imbalance.

What does nausea feel like?

I can only explain how I feel when I'm nauseated. My stomach muscles tighten up on the outside while my stomach starts rolling on the inside. I feel light headed and sick like I have the flu. Sometimes I may throw up. I will have burning throat sensations due to partially digested food and bile coming up my throat. Other times I take deep breaths and let them out slowly. This keeps me from throwing up. But there are times that I have suffered the nausea so long that I will make myself throw up. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn't. The cause of nausea is the increased activity of the stomach and more than normal smooth muscle contractions of the stomach.

Why do I throw up when I feel intense emotions?

Disclaimer: I am no expert and you should consult a doctor.However, I can explain - why the above phenomenon happens.Its due to evolution. Evolutionary psychology - more precisely.Human mind is 'wired' in a way, thanks to the long evolution process to 'expel' anything that is bad for it (the body). It's involuntary, happens automatically. This is a quick relex process to stop (& expel , if required) any 'poisonous/unwanted' substance we 'encountered' unintentionally.So, since its a reaction of the body and linked to survival - its strongly connected to 'emotions'- as most reflexes are.Eg: you eat something distasteful ->  emotion of disgust is produced -> you vomit to expel it.But sometimes these emotions can be triggered by 'events' alone, without eating anything. But since the signal to brain is similar (emotion) - it gives a similar reaction - vomit !Thus, emotions (reaction to some events of fear, disgust,etc) - can lead to vomitting.Its normal if this is infrequent.But in your case - your brain is probably 'over-sensitive' & thus, over-reacts. (Remember: I am no expert.)I would thus, advise you to consult a qualified doctor.:)