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Why Does Ohio Have A Bad Reputation In General

Why does Philadelphia have such a bad reputation?

I wonder why Philly has such a bad reputation. People I know from the northeast all tell me they never want to go to Philly (especially people from NYC)...they all think it's this dumpy, ghetto wasteland. People who have never even been anywhere near Philly all seem to think it's not a good place for tourism or an exciting place to be....kind of like a very inferior version of Manhattan. Why is this the case? Is it bc it's located so close to South Jersey? Is it because the mid-Atlantic region of the USA has a boring reputation? Is it because the PA area has too many pasty white people? Why?

Why Does Ohio Have Such A Bad Reputation?

Nothing. That's why.

Ok, to be fair, Ohio's reputation isn't all that bad. the dings on it are mostly weather and the lack of natural-stuff to go to(like the ocean, or the mountains, etc)

Ohio university reputation?

I'm also an Ohio State grad...I visited Ohio University and Miami as they were on my list of schools that I applied to. I agree that Miami is a bit 'preppy', but it's beautiful there. Ohio University is really pretty and a great school --> so no worries about the education that you would get there.

I will say that you should visit for yourself. A drawback for me for Ohio University was that there is nothing around outside of Athens. And Athens is not a large city, it's a college town. Which is fine but if you would want to go experience a larger atmosphere or bigger city then there's really nowhere to go. It has a reputation of being a big 'party school' due to the fact that it's fairly isolated and there is a large Greek population there (frats and sororities). But you can choose not to take part in that much partying if you want.

You should visit all the schools that you have serious intentions of attending.

Reasons why Cleveland developed a bad reputation?

I'll caution you that some of the material in this thread is ridiculous. E.g., Lake Erie supplies relatively unlimited water compared to the Mississippi River and it's much cleaner.

Here are some key events that helped create a negative image, but you need to research them yourself.

1) Hough riots

2) Cuyahoga River catching on fire; this was major; about the same time there were huge fish kills in Lake Erie that filled the beaches with dead fish due to lack of oxygen

3) Mayor Ralph Perk's hair catching on fire

4) City's financial default under Mayor Dennis Kucinich; this was a big one

5) Cleveland Browns moving to Baltimore

6) National comedians began telling Cleveland jokes, especially after 2 and 3

7) LeBron James leaving the Cavs

8) After events 1-4, national talking heads began to refer to Cleveland as the "Mistake on the Lake," a term originally applied only to the old Municipal Stadium

What is the reptuation of Miami University in Ohio?

Academically they have a good reputation for Education, Business and Nursing majors. Decent IT program but do not bother with the Engineering program, very weak as compared to other Ohio colleges( UC, OSU, UD, Wright State and OU). Greek life is VERY BIG here. Frat houses surround the entire campus and Sororities are only allowed in dorms so there are entire dorms set aside for the sisterhoods. They will say it is only 25% Greek but it doesn't look or feel that way on campus. The Greeks have a big, bad party reputation and have made the news more then a few times.(google it) The crime stats for Oxford have a rather high number of rapes and assaults for the size of population compared to other small, rural college towns like Kent or Athens. Would never have guessed that by the quaint look of the place.

Do some research and visit the campus for yourself. Don't go by 'reputation'. For example: OU has one HUGE party a year yet OSU has a HUGE party at every home football game. In fact a much larger party then OU's Halloween which is attended mostly my out-of-town students. The rest of the year OU students party pretty much the same as every other college student I have ever met.